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Chapter 5 – The Fool Part I

“<Aqua Bullet>”

A large ball of water shot towards the branch, the impact of which instantly breaking it, causing it to fall towards the ground. Seeing this, David was rather pleased with himself. In just a week’s time, he has already improved the effects of his spells greatly. Initially, he had found that aside from an affinity with ice magic, he was also capable of using fire magic to a decent level, while his water, earth and wind magic usage was quite poor. He found that it was rather difficult to construct a solid image of exactly what he wanted in his mind.

Right now, he has managed to train himself to form a clear image for the basic spells <Aqua Bullet>, <Gust Sphere> and <Rock Bullet>, although not on the level of a prodigy of magic, it does reflect on his affinity for magic.

“Dae! You here?” David could hear Helaine looking for him at the front of the house. It was very fortunate that his family was relatively rich, so they could afford to buy a house on a mountain near the seaside. This offered him the perfect place to practice his magic without anyone seeing him.

“Yeah, I’m in the backyard. Let yourself in, I’m going to take a shower real quick then get changed.”

If anyone that weren’t familiar with them saw this scene, they would surely mistakenly assume that the two of them were an item, but for them, this was already a daily occurrence. If it wasn’t Helaine that came over for David, it would be David going over to her house to find her. They truly treasured each other.

It was lunch time, and David was bored out of his mind in the Common Room. Registration and the first three lesson had passed by quickly for David. It always felt this way considering how he found the topics he was studying quite easy.

“Ya there! Who da **** do ya think ya are?”

“It appears like there was another idiot here.” Was what David thought to himself.

“Listen to moi, ya faggot!” David narrowly dodged a pen stand that was suddenly launched at him. He looked up. The loud idiot shouting was Enzo. He was a relatively new student in David’s year that only enrolled last month, standing at 198 cm, he towered over most of the people in the year.

“Ya listenin’ now?” Enzo glared at him. it was obvious that he was furious for some reason. David had no idea of the reason, he didn’t think they got off the wrong foot, in fact as far as David could recall, they hadn’t interacted much at all, mostly because David thought that Enzo had seemed like a relatively troublesome person.

“What do you want, Enzo?” David asked.

“What’d ya think *****? Get da **** away from her.”

“What?” David was confused, he had completely no idea of what Enzo was talking about. He didn’t think that he was close with girls that was on good terms with Enzo, certainly not his girlfriend or anything.

“You heard the man. You understand punk?” The one who said this was Alessio, one of Enzo’s cronies and one of the students that enrolled with Enzo. Apparently Alessio has been Enzo’s lapdog in his old school, like how his father works for Enzo’s father. There were rumours that Enzo’s father had ties with the Italian mafia, but David couldn’t really care less.

“Get da **** away from moi gal.” Enzo walked closer.

“Can you just answer the damn question? Who are you even talking about? I barely know Cassia.” David was annoyed now, Enzo had come off as a muscle head, but David didn’t expect that he would be so hard to talk to. He and Cassia, who is Enzo’s girlfriend, never even talked to each other despite being in the same school for 3 years.

“Stop acting, I’m talkin’ ‘bout that slutty brunette. Ya lil piece of…”

“Are you talking about Helly?” David glared at him. David thought Enzo was a troublesome person and so avoided him, but he wouldn’t let him go if he insulted Helaine, who had been with him through thick and thin.

“So what?” Enzo reached out his hand towards David, but right before he made contact with the scruff of David’s collar, his arm was grabbed and twisted, then before he knew what was going on he had hit his face onto the table.

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“Enzo! Are you okay?” Alessio quickly helped Enzo up.

“YA DARE TO TAKE DIS OUTSIDE?” Enzo’s face flushed red. Being very muscular himself and often intimidated other people with his build, he didn’t expect himself to be humiliated by David, who was a good 18 cm shorter than him.

“Heh, why not?” David agreed. He could tell that this was the best course of action to take, he could tell that Enzo wouldn’t let him off if he just said no.

The other people in the common room started to look at them, and when they heard David’s reply they gasped. Enzo interpreted this as them thinking that David was foolish to agree to this. However, unbeknownst to him, since he was relatively new to the school, David was one of the people you don’t want to pick a fight with. Although he acts calm and civilized, everyone knew that David didn’t have a particularly good temper. Furthermore, it’s also a widespread rumor that David had single handedly beaten up a gang of 5 armed robbers that had targeted him.

David walked out the building to the back of the school. Enzo and Alessio, alongside the crowd, soon followed.

As soon as Enzo reached where David was, the crowd encircled them. In Enzo’s eyes, David seemed vastly unprepared. His hands were hanging by his sides, he seemed to be full of openings. Enzo smirked, during the last few minutes he managed to convince himself that David was just lucky earlier.

He charged towards David, swinging his fist wildly. It didn’t make contact. He swung again, once again it missed.

David easily sidestepped all of Enzo’s punches. The speed of it was nothing compared to the high orc he had fought a few days ago. Additionally, his body had also been strengthened after becoming Lucifer’s host. David was not threatened at all.

After 5 more swings, Enzo took a step back.

“You done?” David asked sarcastically. Enzo hadn’t been able to even graze him a tiny bit, and it was clear that this frustrated Enzo to no end.

This provocation added fuel to the fire in Enzo, “Alessio, give it to moi.”

“Boss, are you sure about it? We’re at…”

“Just ******* give it to moi!” Enzo shouted, causing Alessio to jump up. He reached into his jacket and pulled out something that a normal student shouldn’t have.

It was a black Beretta 90two. When Enzo saw it, his face twisted into a dark smile. It was as if all logic had left him. He grabbed the gun from Alessio and pointed it towards David.

“Just fuc…” Enzo was shocked by David’s actions.

David had lunged towards him and before Enzo had finished his sentence, landed an uppercut below his chin. Then David kicked the side of his head. He attempted to defend himself by raising his arms up instinctively. David grabbed the left hand that held the gun with his own left hand, then used a palm strike towards the back of the elbow.



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It was as if everyone heard the shattering of Enzo’s bones alongside his screams. The gun dropped to the floor. Many of the crowd were wide in shock. They didn’t expect the situation to turn like this. They had expected them to go at each other like high school students, but what they saw was David being completely unscathed, Enzo pulling out a gun, and David breaking Enzo’s arm with one palm strike.

Enzo fell down onto the floor. It seemed like he had fainted from the pain.

David glanced down at Enzo, disinterested. It seems like he should have hold himself back just a little bit.

“David, he’s being influenced by something.” Lucifer suddenly said. “It’s trying to escape now.”

David looked down, and true enough a small worm-like creature had crawled out of the back of Enzo’s scruff and was crawling away. Instead of catching it immediately, David decided to keep an eye out of it and silently made a note to capture it once it was out of sight of other people.

“Dae! Are you okay? I just heard about what was going on here!” David immediately raised his head up to see who it was. Expectedly, it was Helaine that rushed towards David, and due to this, he had lost sight of the strange creature.

“Don’t worry too much about it, the aura radiating from its body might be weak, but I can still manage to trace it to where it is.” Lucifer said. It seems like he could tell that David was going to have hard time getting away from this one.

“Thanks.” said Helaine as she nudged David with her shoulder. They were sitting side by side on the roof of the sports hall. It was time for after-school activities, she was supposed to be in cheerleading practice, but she didn’t feel like going right now.

David reached over and caressed her head with his right hand, which she wasn’t leaning on, “Once again I overreacted didn’t I?”

Now that David had time to calm down a bit, he did feel like he might have gone overboard, despite his foe holding a gun in his face. He probably could have held back a bit and subjugated Enzo without breaking his arm, instead knocking him down and disarming him might have been the more appropriate reaction. That would have also allowed him to question him to see if he knows anything about that strange black creature. Right now, Enzo had fainted from pain and was delivered to the hospital, so there was no way David could question him within a suitable time frame.

Helaine looked up at David, “The fact that you got angry for me… It makes me happy you know?”

“I did promise that I’ll protect you from everything.” David replied. It was a cliche line, but when he made the promise to her, both of them were really young.

Helaine quickly turned her head away to hide her face, she was blushing redder than the sun itself, “Stop saying that, people will misunderstand!”

“Heh will they?” David chuckled, he did mean everything he said, but there were times where he just didn’t consider how other people will react upon hearing his conversations with her.

“Humph. I going to practice now.” Helaine stood up and elegantly walked to the stairs of the roof.

“That’s a nice relationship isn’t it?” Lucifer suddenly asked.

“Yeah, she’s one of the few people I would give my life to protect.” David meant everything he said. To him, Helaine was an irreplaceable existence. “But what’s more important here is where the trace of magic leads to.”

“Back mountains, the magic trace seemed to have stopped for a while now, probably with another magician or something.”

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“Then let’s go. Although I do wonder what is it with these magicians. And honestly what did Enzo get himself into?”


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