[Arc 3] Chapter 75

Chapter 75
I Like Your Friends

Ignoring Lucas’ lame attempt at a joke, Chu Shen had Lucas take over the fabber. After all Lucas knew what would be most compatible with his body.
Bringing up some prosthetic designs, he quickly modified them to fit his destroyed leg. He also left out the battery, deciding to hook it up to himself.

Finally it was time.

Pulling out the materials, Lucas loaded them into the fabber. With a whir, the fabber booted up its internal systems.

The fabber was separated into three parts. The first was the processor. Here it broke down any materials placed inside and then separated the materials. Then came the preparation center.

Here the materials were prepared. By that, it meant mixing different materials together to get the proper ratio. Sometimes compound materials were needed to make a product so synthesizing the materials together was done inside the fabber.

This time there was nothing that needed to be synthesized so there was minimal preparation needed. The last part was the laser printer. Using the laser printer, or rather the gravity-modulator, the materials would be easily manipulated into shape and bonded together at an atomic level.

The fabber itself was the size of two phone booths laying side by side on the ground. Half was filled with machinery and the other only a frame with a clear material around it.

As the construction of the prosthetic advanced to the laser printer a beam of red light shot out from the frame and hit the floor. It was a laser scanner that took measurements to an atomic scale, coincidentally it was what gave the laser printer its name.

The air seemed to warp slightly in the area as a black sheen tinted with silver shot out of the skeletal frames. With visible speed the prosthetic appeared, just like someone was removing an invisible curtain.

After less than two minutes, the prosthetic was done. Pressing a button on the side, Lucas opened up the laser printer. Grabbing his prosthetic he held it up with an evil grin on his face.

“Haha! I can finally get back my leg! I was slowed down by so much since I lost it!” He sat down on the bed and immediately unwrapped the fake bandage around his leg.

Holding up the stump to his leg, a silver liquid dripped out and attacked itself to the prosthetic. Grabbing some left-over materials from the waste tray of the fabber, he held it up to his leg. The silver liquid engulfed the black iron and lightning steel.

The silver liquid surrounded the small seam between the prosthetic and his ‘real’ leg, obscuring it from view. Reaching his hand down, Lucas put his hand right below the silver liquid. It slipped down and formed several silver pill like objects. The prosthetic was now seamlessly attached to his leg.

Lucas brought his hand up to his mouth and swallowed the silver pills. Chu Shen watched this with idle curiosity. If it had been anyone else they would have been freaked out. However, he had been with Lucas for a month previously and he knew exactly what that silver liquid was.

It was Lucas’ repair system. Nanites. Microscopic robots that could repair his systems. Of course, the nanites needed materials in order to repair the systems which was why he needed the black iron and lightning steel. He also ate the nanites afterwards to recycle them.

Lucas could have also just eaten the materials but to make the prosthetic would have taken a lot longer. So it was better to use the fabber instead. After all, it was specifically designed to create things unlike his nanites which were meant for general repair.

Lucas stood up on his leg. Testing it out gently at first and then harder, he ran around the room in a blur, making a miniature hurricane. “Hehe. It works! I have my legs back!”

He looked at Chu Shen with a large foolish grin on his face, while Chu Shen smiled back. “So now that you are back in full capabilities, let’s go.”

They could continue hunting around here but eventually they would kill all of the prey from overhunting. So instead they were planning on leaving for a mercenary town by edge of the beast forest.

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The beast forests were a stretch of forest inhabited by primordial beasts. Typically when a beast reaches class 9 or 10 it becomes sentient. Or at least, capable of thinking of the bigger picture and communicating.

Beast forests are typically ruled by a class 12-13 beast. Usually these beasts would come to agreement with the surrounding nations. Humans would be allowed into the beast forest but if they died they would not pursue the beasts inside.

It was mutually beneficial because the beasts would become stronger after fighting to the death with humans. At the same time humans would also become stronger after fighting plus they could harvest the beast cores. Not to mention that it culled out the weaker members of beasts.

It was only natural to the beasts that those inferior creatures be culled from the herd. However, the average level of beasts inside the beast forest was typically stages 5-9 with the center of the forest being stronger monsters.

Chu Shen discovered that mercenaries would often hunt inside the forests to gather beast cores. As a result, towns sprung up around the forests. These towns were called mercenary towns. All of this Chu Shen found out after buying an info book for 1 silver bringing their money total to 16 silver.

It was cheap because of how common it was. Only general information was available, along with a basic road map. Studying this Chu Shen found out the closest mercenary town called Letten was over twenty miles away.

Lucas had been told all this information yesterday when he had bought it.

Chu Shen and Lucas left the town until they were a little bit aways. Lucas deployed his jetpack and held out his hand. Chu Shen looked at it like it was a snake.

“What, I’m not going to bite okay?” Lucas asked, looking amused.

“I just want to make sure you aren’t going to suddenly take off again.” Chu Shen said, looking suspiciously at him.

Lucas shrugged before suddenly he jumped forward and grabbed Chu Shen around his waist before he could react.



HAHAHAHAHA. I love your friends disciple. You should try and get more like this. HAHAHAHAHA.” Master Ti Wu sounded inside his head.

“Shut up master.”

“”HAHAHAHAHA”” Both Master Ti Wu and Lucas laughed at Chu Shen as they rapidly flew north.


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