[Arc 3] Chapter 74

Chapter 74
Need a hand?

Chu Shen sat up in bed. “Awwwnnn.” His mouth opened wide as he let out a big yawn and stretched. Looking over he saw Lucas still slumped over in the chair from when he shut down earlier.

Getting up he poked Lucas in the shoulder. He jolted upwards, just like a real human that had been startled awake. ‘The wake-up cycle must be very short.’

Mentioning this to Lucas he quickly shot down Chu Shen’s idea. What he did was not a complete shut-down, more like a power saver mode that induced sleep, so there was never a wake-up cycle.

Chu Shen ate breakfast and very swiftly they left to hunt for some more animals. This time they upgraded to a class 4 beast. Now it was more of a challenge.

This beast was called Scorching Horned Rabbit. Like the Shadow Fox it was weaker than most other class 4 beasts because of its nature. However it was still aggressive and could shoot fireballs and cover itself in a fire Qi body shield.

Lucas and Chu Shen started hunting and found the Scorching Horned Rabbit.
It was a rabbit with a horn on its head ending in a lethal point. They used the same method as the Shadow Fox with Chu Shen distracting the rabbit and Lucas attacking it from behind.

When Chu Shen stepped out the rabbit perked up and looked up at him. A red colored Qi covered the rabbit’s skin. It’s horn also glowed a bright red instead of its pure white from before. It studied Chu Shen for a second. Chu Shen waved his hand in a hello gesture.

Upon the signal Lucas charged out to kill the rabbit. It had started to run towards Chu Shen whenever it must have sensed Lucas. Swinging its head backwards a fireball formed at the tip of its horn and shot towards Lucas.

Not expecting this move, Lucas wasn’t able to dodge it. When the fireball impacted Lucas it burnt through his clothes and left a small burn mark on his synthetic skin.


Of course since his skin was fake, even though it looked completely real, it wouldn’t burn. However, when the fireball hit him it also made a small explosion, launching him backwards into a tree.

It immediately jumped towards Chu Shen with its horn pointed forward, an ominous red glow gathering on its horn. He jumped sideways to dodge the charge. Chu Shen, not giving the rabbit time to launch its fireball, immediately used his crossbow.


It streaked through the air and hit the rabbit in its flank, though its body shield blocked it with a flare of red energy. It still succeeded in knocking the rabbit backwards.

Chu Shen immediately charged forwards swinging his hammer with both hands in an overhand swing. The rabbit jumped upwards, over his swing. It started to form a fireball on its horn but luckily his hammer was still in its weightless form.

Chu Shen swung his hammer upwards and smacked it in the chest. The blow immediately broke its body shield and flung the poor rabbit upwards. This strike dealt heavy damage to the rabbit but not a lethal one.

Lucas had by now gotten up, his face twisted in anger. “I don’t care if you are peter cottontail. But if you hit me with a fireball, you’re dead rabbit!” Immediately he activated the plasma welder and ran up to the rabbit. Waiting for it to land, he immediately slashed at it, cutting it’s head off.

Chu Shen nodded. There was no hesitation at all in killing animals now. Going onwards they killed about fifty of the rabbits before noon. If it wasn’t for Lucas’ tracking system, they never would have found the rabbits.

With it, they could hunt large number of rabbits unlike those poor hunters who had to depend upon tracking or luck to bag a beast like this. Using his storage ring, Chu Shen came back to town for lunch.

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Afterwards they sold the corpses of the bunnies at several different stores, at each one they only sold ten. With that people would be less suspicious. Since the Scorching Horned Bunny was a class 4 beast he received slightly more more at a silver and 20 coppers, with 100 coppers being equal to a silver.

With this they now had sixty silver added with the six silver left over from dinner and breakfast. Finally Chu Shen thought it was time to visit the local blacksmith. He brought Lucas inside who just wandered around looking at the various items.

He himself browsed the shelves but he didn’t find what he was looking for. Going up the counter he called out to the cashier. “Uh excuse me. Could you help me find some metal ore?”

The cashier looked at him blankly. “Uh, you do realize kid that this is a blacksmith shop? We sell weapons not metal.”

Chu Shen grinned sheepishly. “Okay, can you tell me where I can get some then?”

The cashier shook her head. “Fine. There is some over in the Four Materials Shop, it specializes in selling materials to crafters so there should be some over there.”

Chu Shen nodded and immediately headed over to the Four Materials Shop. Inside there was several sections separated by symbols. There was an ink bottle and pen, a hammer, a sword, and a plant. Obviously the symbols meant inscriptions, smithing, cultivating resources, and alchemists respectively.

Chu Shen immediately headed to the smithing section. Inside there was a list of ores with samples in front of each label. There was also purity listed as well going from one star to five star.

He browsed the different types of ore before finding the best ones at a three star purity. It was called black iron, durable but cheap at 1 silver for two pounds. There was also Lightning Steel, steel that was saturated with lightning Qi at forty silver a pound.

Calculating in his head, Lucas helped him make some suggestions as well. Finally they decided. Eight pounds of black iron and one pound of lightning steel totalling forty four silver, bringing their total down to twenty two silver.

As for what to do now, Chu Shen had no idea. Going up to the counter he decided to ask the employee. “Um, excuse me. I wanted to buy some metal, how can I do that exactly?”

“Okay kid, tell me the amount, purity, and name of the material and I will bring it out for you. Then you can inspect and pay for it here.” Chu Shen nodded.

“Alright, can I have eight pounds of black iron and one pound of lightning steel at three star purity.”

“Give me a moment and I will be right out.” Soon she was back out with a package. A small square of silver metal was inside and a slightly large square of black metal.

Chu Shen frowned. Obviously black iron was heavy, resulting in this low amount of black iron. Deciding immediately it would not be enough, he bought another ten pounds, bringing his money down to 17 silver.

Leaving the shop Lucas and Chu Shen left immediately for the hotel. Once there he brought out the fabber. It was time to replace Lucas’ leg.

Lucas grinned. “Well I might not need a hand, but can you give me a leg?”


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