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[Arc 3] Chapter 76

Chapter 76


Chu Shen flew backwards as a black hairy arm retracted. Lucas punched the ape in the back, making it stumble backwards. Reaching back it grabbed his hand and threw him away into a tree over 100 meters away. Lucas rolled to a stop but instead of rushing back to help he stood there watching.

The ape snorted as a black flame appeared around its body. The black flame lumped together in the ape’s palms, forming a flaming glove over it. Suddenly the ape punched forward towards Chu Shen who had just gotten up.

A gloved fist made of Qi surged towards him. If he didn’t block it then Chu Shen would certainly suffer.

Suddenly a gray glow appeared around him in the form of armor. The Qi formed into a full body armor with sharp edges and spikes sticking out of the joints and forehead.

The fist hit the armor and seemed to sink into it. The gray armor suddenly became realistic where the fist hit, like it was true armor and not a martial art.

Chu Shen suddenly blurred and disappeared. The ape quickly turned around, looking for it’s foe. A hammer struck the ape on the side of the head sending it smashing into the ground, completely ignoring it’s black flame armor.

The ape only had a slight discoloration on its skull from the strong hit but unexpectedly it didn’t get up. As it laid there a gray liquid slowly oozed out from its ears.

Chu Shen nodded as he looked at the result of his training. For the past month both him and Lucas had been coming into the forest and finding strong beasts like this to fight.

Everyday they would try out new inventions and martial arts, trying to perfect their understanding. So far, Chu Shen had been able to advance to the first stage of the Song of The Universe, The Stars Dance, Comet Travels Through, and Cancellation Armor.

The stars dance was about short precise movements making it a great dodging technique while comet travels through was about fast straight movements. It was best used to close the distance between opponents which was how he used it against the shadow flame ape.

Song of The Universe was also used in his hammer blow. Using his Qi to pass vibrations through his hammer he liquified the apes brain, killing it with one blow. Unfortunately until he reached another stage this only worked on bare skin.

He practiced his Void King technique as well, breaking through to the nineteenth circulation. Now his skin was as tough as black iron, letting him take medium strength blows head on of those at the same level as him and getting away with only a bruise.

He was now as strong as a Martial Student level 9 as a Martial Student level 4. His strength had increased from 30,000 pounds to 35,000 since he broke through to level 4 and he had increased his strength by using the Void King technique. He increased it by 1955 to 36,955 pounds.

While this may not seem like a lot remember that a level 1 Martial Student only had 20,000 pounds of force. Not the 30,000 that he had when he broke through. At the same stage most cultivators would have 25,000 pounds of force. This mean he had almost 40% more strength than other cultivators.

Lucas on the other hand had definitely grown a lot as well. While they were not able to kill a primordial beast every day they did kill a lot of them. Most of the primordial beasts were class 4 with a couple being class 3 beasts that attacked them.

Of course, Lucas was able to avoid a vast majority of class 3 beasts with his tracking program but occasionally there was exceptions. Most beasts had exceptional senses so if the beasts wanted to track them down the most they could do was keep ahead of the beasts.

Instead of avoiding such determined beasts, Chu Shen and Lucas would kill them. Using the money earned from the pelts, beast cores, and meat they were able to pay for their hotel and daily expenses.

However the most important thing was that using the money they were able to buy more raw materials for the fabber. Lucas was overjoyed when they were finally able to create a laser pistol.

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But the one thing that truly surprised Chu Shen was when Lucas asked Chu Shen to teach him about inscriptions. It turns out he was a natural. To inscribe inscriptions one needed to channel energy into the ink as they made a pattern on the object.

One needed to fluctuate the energy as they inscribed in order to create the perfect inscription. It required intense concentration to accomplish. For Lucas however it was easy. Chu Shen was shocked at how easy it was to grasp what he had been trying to master for seven years.

Shaking his head wryly Chu Shen could only attribute it to karma. It was just like how shocked Lucas was when he himself mastered engineering to Lucas’ level in a year.

He could read energy levels using his scanners and then replicate them using his body as a circuit. Channelling electricity to replicate Qi he could energize the inscription ink. Of course he could also replicate the inscription drawing exactly.

They hunted down lightning frogs, a class 3 beast with a lightning affinity. Plugging the beast cores into the modified channelling inscription several at a time Chu Shen and Lucas would take a day off to recharge Lucas each week.

Chu Shen would reflect on improvements he could make to his martial arts. Lucas also would have the fabber make several things while he recharged. By now Lucas was very satisfied with how everything was going.

Lucas and Chu Shen headed back to the hotel with the corpse of the shadow flame ape in their spatial ring. Corpses of several class 3 wind wolves were also stored.

After selling the corpses they quickly went back to the hotel. Lucas had been talking to Chu Shen about an idea he had. Once there Lucas got to work using a model pistol. The pistol had a very weird powersource.

Instead of a powercell there was instead a round slot as though it was meant for something else………

Taking out the round indent from the pistol, Lucas also took out some inscription ink. Drawing a modified amplification and channelling inscription on it took a while. About half an hour before it succeeded.

Finally Lucas put it back. Chu Shen on the other hand was almost done with his version as well. After another ten minutes he finished with his. He wiped sweat off his brow.

“Lucas you monster. I spent eight years learning this from my master and you somehow still beat me. You’re like a machine, you never even mess up the inscription.” Chu Shen shook his head.

“How apt your words are chap. Anyway let’s get to work my good boy.” Lucas said in a British accent. Chu Shen punched him lightly in the arm.

Shrugging it off he picked up the shadow flame ape beast core. He plugged it into the inscripted socket which he had put back in the pistol. Chu Shen did the same with a stone frog core.

“So what do we do now?” Chu Shen asked.

“Now we test it out. But……. We can’t exactly fire it in our room.” Lucas shrugged helplessly. “We could try it out on the outskirts of the forest but it is late.”

“Well I can’t stand the cliffhanger, can you?” Chu Shen asked.

Lucas nodded. “ It won’t take too long.”

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Authors Note: I learned about the fourth wall about a week ago and I already cracked it.


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