[Arc 2] Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Tournament 1st Day (2)

While Chu Shen sat down, 2 rows behind him a human figure looking at him. Human, except for the gray scales and cat like eyes.

“Ssso. What do you thinksss.” The gray scaled figure leaned over and whispered to the blackish-purple scaled figure next to him. A forked tongue flicked out as he talked.

“Hisss robot isss ssstrong in clossse quartersss. Defenssse isss ssstrong asss well. Hisss long range fire isss weak if not given time to charge.”

“Agreed. Ssso, keep at long range and dodge hisss burssstsss of firepower?” The gray scaled figure questioned.

“Yesss. Take to the ssskiesss, it will accomplisssh both. I sssaw no hint of flight capability but be careful.”

“For the glory of the empire!” The gray scaled figure saluted the other with one clawed hand on his left shoulder.

“For the glory of the empire!” The blackish-purple figure saluted back.

Unknown to Chu Shen, these scaled figures that were discussing strategies to beat him were the lizard folk from the Nugitraaiil empire. It was not just idle wondering. The Robo Games had released a bracket for betting and Chu Shen would be contestant number 3, the gray scaled Nugitraaiil’s, opponent if he won his next fight.

His number was called shortly after Chu Shen had sat down. The gray Nugitraaiil smiled, exposing razor sharp teeth.

Fighting was what they lived for after all.


Chu Shen sat back and observed the other 15 fights. All of them were interesting and definitely unique. 11 of the 32 contestants chose to use humanoid robots including him. Other strange robots like the drone swarm were used as well.

What he did notice was that of the 32 contestants, 27 had flight capabilities. The other fights took a little over three and a half hours. It might seem like a long time until you consider the fact that there was 15 fights and each took about 14 minutes.

Finally it was time for the second round. They would first determine the top 8, then the top 4. After that the losing 16 contestants would also fight for the top 8, then top 4. The next day the specific ranks would be fought out. Finally the challenges would commence. With that, the Robo Games would end.

Chu Shen was called up. “Alright, let’s go ahead and get the next stage of the games going! In the first arena is numbers 28 and 3. In the second arena is numbers Take your positions.”

Soon the robots were on the stadiums floor. This time was different though. The arena was cut in half with a solid wall cutting the arena in two. To save on time, after the original fights, there would now be two fights at the same time.

Chu Shen faced his opponent, a large rectangular robot. It had no limbs or protruding parts, it looked just like a box. He remembered it from it’s fight earlier. It had used nanites to form various weapons all over it’s chassis.

The opponent had never breached it’s shields, which were very strong. The robot, called Drethgaalos, was fast and could hover about five meters off the ground.

The announcers introduced the robot’s names in both arenas before they counted down with the crowd.

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Chu Shen activated his shields and stayed back for a couple seconds, to see what the Drethgaalos would do. The robot also activated it’s shields before the bottom part of it pulsed blue.

Immediately it shot upwards, far higher then it did before. Fifteen beams of red energy shot downwards as lasers grew from the side of the Drethgaalos. The energy beams though were half as big as the Sea God’s Wrath.

It hit Chu Shen but he quickly moved out of the way, avoiding a disastrous buildup of heat. Blue bursts of pure energy streaked towards him as an energy cannon popped out on the underside of the robot.

Chu Shen returned fire as he kept weaving and dodging. The both did the same. It was a basic stalemate often found in the Robo Games. Two robots firing at each other while dodging.

An icon lit up on his HUD. Pointing his left hand he fired the energy burst cannon at the flying robot. A familiar crackling blue ball of energy shot towards the Drethgaalos.

But it didn’t hit it. The second the barrel of the energy burst cannon lit up, the Drethgaalos immediately flew towards the ground. The ball of energy barely missed the robot but miss it did.

Chu Shen cursed at the slowness of the robots processor. He saw the Drethgaalos start to drop and immediately tried to correct it. However the robot was a touch too slow, causing it to miss by a hairs breadth.

The first layer of both shields was starting to fail. While the power of the enemies lasers was lacking, they were like piranhas. Slowly devouring his shields one bite at a time.

Sighing he decided it was time. He activated another icon on his HUD along with his hammer’s kinetic generator. Then for the first time he activated the oscillator. Finally he flicked the dial controlling the Titan Hydraulics to 100.

Running towards the flying robot he gave up on shooting at it.


The gray Nugitraaiil smiled, exposing his pointed teeth. By now everything was going according to plan. His shields had barely dropped below 90% while the other robot had taken a lot of hits over the past ten minutes. It’s shields were starting to flicker.

The empire would certainly have a lot of pride in being able to beat one of these humans in their competitions. Suddenly the robot stopped shooting and ran towards him.

Growling in excitement, the Nugitraaiil closed in for the kill. Obviously this was a desperate last ditch effort. As he rained death on the robot, everything suddenly went wrong.

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Chu Shen activated the explosives underneath his feet. As he did he jumped upwards. With a BANG he shot upwards like a bullet. As he passed by the hovering machine, he flipped his robot around and used the explosives again.

Shooting downwards he swung his hammer. Instead of a burst of colors as the hammer struck the shield there was a loud CLANG BANG as the hammer struck the robot’s chassis and completely tore it in two.

As he hurtled towards the ground there was a BOOOM as the two parts promptly blew up. Flipping back around tiny explosions helped slow him down. He landed on the ground, slightly denting it as he fell to his knees from the powerful impact.

“Well… I…. I don’t know what to say. But we all know the result. Contestant number 28 has won!” The announcers were definitely stunned. Other sounds rang out, slightly muffled, from the other arena, at odds from the quiet arena.


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