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[Arc 1] Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Pavilion Revealed

Chu Shen and Master Lang found themselves in front of another Thousand Miles Formation. One of the elders was in front of the formation. Upon seeing him Master Lang immediately went up to him and asked him to open the formation.

“This is Chu Shen, one of the students going to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Open the formation for me and him.”

The elder nodded his head at first but then looked sharply at Master Lang. “I am sorry teacher, but you can’t go with this student. Only certain teachers are allowed to go with the students and I am familiar with them all, you are not one of them.”

Master Lang sighed. He then pulled out a badge with a sword carved into it. The sword was golden and above it was five silver daggers. Upon seeing this the elder in charge of the transportation formations immediately drew in a deep breath. This was unexpectedly the principals badge! Seeing this meant the unknown teacher was only second to the principal herself! Inwardly he cursed.

“I see I was wrong. Please forgive me respected teacher, I shall activate the formation right away.” The elder bowed before motioning them to get on the formation platform. After making several hand-signs the formation lit up.

As the formation activated the elder asked a question. “If I may respected teacher, can you tell me your name?”

Master Lang nodded. “I am the new teacher for the advanced artificer class.” With that the formation activated completely and the whirlpool devoured both master and pupil.


When they appeared they were in a small building. Other students were there along with five teachers. Altogether there was a total of 21 students. They were missing four.

After a short while all of the students were here. When they were all gathered a person came in the building from the outside.

“Good, everyone is here.” Unexpectedly it was Chu Tang A.K.A. Stone Face.

“I am Chu Tang, the person in charge of this expedition into the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is numerous amounts of not only weapons but armor and unique artifacts. Upon removing an artifact from its stand you will undergo a test in an illusionary realm. It will at most cause some slight mental damage if you fail the test so don’t be worried.”

“However upon failing once you will be expelled from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and prevented from taking another treasure. Know your limits. If you try and take a treasure meant for a stronger cultivator the test afterwards may kill you instead of just damaging you slightly.”

“Do you understand?” The students all nodded.

“Good, along with you students there will also be another 25 people joining us from the Chu Sect. Don’t cause conflict with them. Follow me outside.”

Everyone left the building to go outside. There they waited for several minutes before another group led by a heroic looking man in a gold robe walked out of the building next to theirs.

“Since we are all here, let us go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion now.” Chu Tang proposed this idea after the two groups met up.

“Yes I agree brother Stone Face.” Upon hearing this Chu Tang’s face twitched a little. Then with a flourish he walked down the path.

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Soon they neared a spot on the ground surrounded by forest. There was nothing special about this spot except for the black sphere hovering above the ground.

The heroic looking man in the golden robe faced the crowd. “Alright everybody, here is the deal. Go in, pick up treasures, then leave. The academy and the Chu Sect will buy any surplus weapons you pick up inside. Also, you will only have four hours before the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion departs. Where? No one knows so make sure to leave before then.”

Meanwhile inside the Voids Hand Ti Wu was staring at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion in shock. “How could this be here.” He muttered. “That senior said he wanted it to travel all the realms but I thought he was kidding! Never did I think to this day I would encounter this here”

They were all handed devices that would beep every fifteen minutes to keep track of time. Then they all waited. None of the students knew what they were waiting for exactly.

Eventually the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion opened up with a grandiose gesture. The black sphere shimmered before suddenly changing shape. Now in its place was a large black pavilion floating in midair.

Leading up to the pavilion was a black staircase and inside was a small doorway. On the other side of the door there was nothing but none of the students doubted that something was on the other side.

“Alright students and fellow disciples. The four hours start now, go quickly now.” Chu Tang reminded them all to hurry up. The young fellows present activated the devices given to them before hurrying up the steps.
Chu Shen approached the doorway. As each student stepped through the doorway they would suddenly disappear. Soon it was Chu Shen’s turn. He stepped through the doorway and like those before him, disappeared from this world.


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