[Arc 1] Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Hidden Troubles & Relief

Inside one of the small huts that posed as student living there was an elderly teacher meeting with a sixteen year-old. He was dressed in a silver robe with the character for Chu on the back. (楚) If Chu Shen was here he would recognize him as one of the arrogant Dragon Stage students.

Chu Liang cupped his hands and bowed slightly. “My thanks for notifying me.”

“Your welcome. Be careful though, you are not the only one going to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. I believe your older brother Chu Goto is going as well.”

“Thank you for the information teacher, I will take my leave.”

“As you wish student.”

Chu Liang kept a peaceful smile on his face until the teacher was gone. After that his face suddenly transformed into a hideous expression. ‘With the most talented kids going to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion I am sure that guy will be there.’

‘If he gets a powerful treasure now then when the freshmen competition happens next month I am sure to lose. I can’t throw away the face of the main sect to a branch member.’

“Arrrrgh” Chu Liang howled in despair. He truly couldn’t stand this situation. Him, a proud talent of the Chu Sect, would be brought to despair by a mere branch member. While he wasn’t a superior talent he could not be called average in the Chu Sect.

Thinking back on the teacher’s words he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Hmm. If I can get a proper weapon and armor then my power would increase greatly. However if I could do so, so could Chu Shen and with his powers it’s even more likely.’

‘The only way I can get ahead of him is by making sure he gains no treasures in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.’ Chu Liang frowned as he followed this line of reasoning. ‘But I don’t have the strength. With his talent I am sure they let him pick out some good techniques from the library, not to mention he’s at the peak of the Dragon Stage while I am at the 8th level.’

‘However..’ He smiled as a sudden thought occurred. ‘If I have my brother help me we could suppress him so that he gains nothing. After all, older brother Chu Goto is in the Martial Practitioner Stage. With his cultivation level he can suppress Chu Shen to death!’

After he thought of this he pulled out a sound transmission talisman. “Hey older brother, I have slight problem I think you can help me with. See here’s the deal……..”


Chu Shen stretched out his back. “Ahhh, that felt good.”


He glanced at the door. He had just finished cultivating for three hours straight though it seemed he had reached a bottleneck and couldn’t advance any faster. Soon he would have to go into secluded cultivation and attack one of his meridians to fully reach the Martial Realm. Getting up he opened his door.

It was Master Lang. “Chu Shen, I received a letter from your dad.”

Chu Shen wasn’t surprised. His dad had often worried about him and cared for him deeply when he was at home. Honestly he was surprised that his dad had not sent a letter before.

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“Oh? Thank you Master Lang, should I read it now?”

“Yes, after this we will be heading directly to the Heavenly Treasure Palace and I don’t think you want other people prying into your personal life.”

“You are right as always Master Lang.”

After handing over the envelope Master Lang left immediately saying, “Alright Chu Shen, go ahead and open it. I will leave you to your privacy. If afterwards you wish to share it with me you may.”

Nodding in agreement Chu Shen shut the door and opened the envelope. Upon opening it there was nothing there. The only thing there was some writing at the top. It said ‘Blood Confirmation’ and below it was a black square.

Chu Shen bit his thumb and placed it on square. Afterwards black symbols and characters appeared. All of this was due to a mystical art called Blood Messaging. Until blood related to the writer of the message dripped upon the black square on the message, the writing would not appear.

The message read as follows.

‘Dear son, I hope you are doing well in the Chu Sect’s school. I have heard rumors about you and your cultivation speed. It seems I must find that wandering cultivator to fully express my gratitude. However, something has come up. As you know I planned on waiting to rescue your mother until five years from now so that you can join me but I did not. You see, I started investigating the matter and found an opportunity. I was able to successfully save your mother from her captives but in return we must go into hiding. I will not be able to contact you nor you me. So I hope you can continue to grow stronger. In five years I will meet you on the steps of the Majestic Sword Academy. Grow stronger son, we shall both depend upon you.’

Chu Shen was shocked and started to cry. After ten minutes he recovered. He gathered himself together. It seemed as though he must indeed become stronger, strong enough to protect both his parents. After recomposing himself he walked out the door to Master Lang.

Master Lang said not a word after looking at Chu Shen’s red, puffy eyes. “Chu Shen, are you ready to go?” He pondered for a second. Over the past five days he had done some physical exercises and sparred twice inside the Voids Hand. Indeed he had successfully remastered his physical strength. Now he no longer shattered his cups when he went to drink.

“Yes Master Lang, I am ready. Let us set out for the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion


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