[Arc 1] Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Inside the Pavilion

Heading into the pavilion Chu Shen had no idea what to expect. Inside he found a whole other world.

Looking around Chu Shen found himself on a flat disk of land. It was floating among the stars, there were many buildings on the disk of land. On the side of the buildings were carved names. The buildings were enormous, thousands of feet across with multiple levels. However that was only the buildings on the left. The ones on the right were much smaller.

Looking to his left, Chu Shen saw it said Pagoda of Mortals, beside it was another building. This one said Pagoda of Martial Mortals, and yet another building said Pagoda of Natural World Mortals. Other buildings said Pagoda of Celestial Mortal, Pagoda of Demigods, Pagoda of Lower Gods, Pagoda of Gods, Pagoda of Higher Gods, and finally there was the Pagoda of Universal Gods.

Many of the students were looking around curiously. However, those members of the Chu Sect set off towards the the Pagoda of Mortals and the Pagoda of Martial Mortals. One of them turned towards the students.

“Hey, are you all going to stand there gawking? If you are in the Mortal realms go to the Pagoda of Mortals, if you’re in the Martial realm go to the Pagoda of Martial Mortals. Those are the only ones you can enter anyways, if you don’t believe me you can try and enter a higher pagoda than that, though you’ll regret.”

With that the Chu Sect member turned around and left. As he did he sighed. Now there would be more competition but if he hadn’t said anything his master would have berated him.

Hearing those words the students looked at each other. “Did you hear what they said?” “I don’t believe it they must be trying to fool us.”

With that one of the students headed toward a pagoda at the right. As he opened the door and stepped in his face turned pale and he stumbled backwards. Blood spurt out of his mouth and he fell on the ground groaning.

“Ugggh. There’s a horrible pressure in the building, I think only those at the Emperor Stage could stand up to it.” The person who had warned them had almost reached the Pagoda of Martial Mortals when he saw the scene.

“Haha! That’s the first test of the Pagoda’s. If you can’t even stand up to the pressure how do you expect to pass the test!” With that the man strode into the pagoda.

Chu Shen saw all this and then turned towards the left-most pagoda. He walked into the pagoda. As he did a formless pressure bore down on him. His body grew slightly heavier as it pressed down on him. Chu Shen didn’t even notice it. With his body as strong as it was, how could something so small bother him?

Unfortunately as he walked in he did not notice the two people who were staring at his back.

“That’s him little bro?”

“Yeah that’s him big bro. Will you help me?”

“Of course little bro, that’s what brothers are there for anyways.” Together they walked towards the Pagoda of Mortals.

There was a long hallway filled with doors. Chu Shen opened a door and looked in. There was lots of weapons inside, though they were all swords. Sensing the ripples of energy he could tell it was merely a Low-grade weapon.

Advancing down the hallway other students trickled in. Periodically Chu Shen would open a door and check on the grade of weapons. Once he opened a door with a mark on it. All the other doors had no marking on them, they were all blank. Upon seeing the marked door Chu Shen had become excited to see what it was but inside there was nothing.

Or rather, there was merely scraps of metal and broken weapons. The materials weren’t even high quality. How could the materials used to craft Mortal Weapons be worth anything? Disappointed Chu Shen closed the door.

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Eventually though Chu Shen reached a stair case. Climbing up it the pressure suddenly increased. Of course even this amount could not bother Chu Shen but now he noticed it. ‘Oh, this must be that pressure they were talking about.’

Opening up a door he found there was Mid-grade Mortal weapons inside. Turning back to the staircase Chu Shen climbed up one more level. Opening up the door he nodded. It was indeed High-grade Mortal weapons.

Thinking hard he realized what he truly needed was not weapons since his living steel hammer was better than anything but rather armor. Crafting armor was actually harder than crafting weapons because each armor needed to suit the user perfectly.

As he opened up each door to glance inside suddenly someone grabbed him. A silver colored energy covered his eyes. Withdrawing his hammer he swung it wildly behind him at the assailant. The hammer whistled through the air when suddenly it was stopped.

The person spoke in a deep husky voice, obviously to mask what they sounded like. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just prevent you from getting a weapon. No personal feelings right?”

Chu Shen was tossed inside one of the empty rooms that he had seen before. As he turned around the door was shut. A muffled voice came from the outside. “We locked the door with an array but don’t worry. It will unlock ten minutes before the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion leaves. So just sit tight for a couple hours.”

Footsteps echoed as they walked away. Chu Shen was angry that something like this had happened but wasn’t too upset that he had lost. Because of the Qi covering his eyes he knew his opponent was in the Martial realm The current him, no matter how strong his physical body was, couldn’t compare to a Martial realm warrior.

Ti Wu inside the Voids Hand had been ready to make a move if they had truly tried to harm Chu Shen. Since they didn’t harm Chu Shen he didn’t reveal himself. Besides, it was only some Mortal weapons. Chu Shen could always forge some instead of picking them up like rocks at the wayside.
Chu Shen tried the door handle but no matter what it wouldn’t budge. He sighed, seemed like he was truly trapped here. Sitting down Chu Shen started cultivating using the <Voids Child> technique and waited.


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