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[Arc 5] Chapter 138

Chapter 138


Hostiles have communicated in native language. Match probability to hostiles lowers to 57.912%. As ordered by the Sh’lteek protocol, any attempts at communication, even from hostile forces, are to be accepted. Halting all hostile actions. Computing best response…


Everyone just floated in the air. The tension was palpable. At least, it was for the humans. The mechs were almost certainly immune to it. As everyone waited anxiously, one of the mechs floated forward.

“State your purpose.” The voice was obviously robotic with a metallic tinge to it. The Nugitraaiilian language was made up of hissing and screeching sounds making it incredibly grating to the human ear. Both Chu Shen and the twins cringed at the sound of the voice. Lucas, however, seemed used to it. Most likely because he grew up around aliens, so he was used to such strange voices.

Lucas decided he needed to answer them. “We came here to explore. We did not know this place was inhabited.”

“This place is not inhabited by intelligent life.” Came the robotic voice. Lucas blinked. What did it mean by not inhabited? If it wasn’t, then why would the robots be here?

“Why did you attack us?” Lucas decided to cut to the chase.

“Your match probability to the invaders from 12.3 cycles ago reached over fifty percent. According to the Sh’lteek protocol, I was ordered to regard you as hostiles.”

The voice said 12.3 cycles but Lucas’ translation program immediately translated that into human years. 412 years. That was the number Lucas received. Of course, such a number was meaningless, since the timeflow from dimension to dimension could vary.

The voice continued talking while Lucas was trying to process this. “Why did you send a Tachyon transmission? How did you arrive here? How do you know our language? Answer these queries or face immediate termination.”

Lucas turned to Chu Shen and switched his voice modulator. “Uh buddy. I just got asked some questions I’m gonna need your help on.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Go ahead. I can’t understand a word you guys are saying anyways.”

Lucas immediately explained the questions to him. Afterwards he looked at Chu Shen with an expectant face. “So? What do we do?”

Chu Shen sighed. “Tell them this. ‘We arrived here from a different dimension. The Tachyonic transmission was to determine if this was the same dimension as the one we originated from. The language was learned from a species identical to this one located in our original universe.’ Honestly, I don’t like revealing all this, but I can’t come up with a convincing lie that won’t get us killed on a moment’s notice.”

Lucas nodded understandingly. “I get it Chu Shen. No one thinks you could do better.”

Of course, there was someone that disagreed. ‘I think you could, brat.’

‘Shut up Master Ti Wu. You’re ruining  a touching moment here.’ 

‘Did you just tell me to shut up?! You brat!’ While Master Ti Wu scolded Chu Shen, Lucas conveyed the message to the mech in its language.

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There was a delay as the robot seemed to process the new information. After half-a-minute, the mech finally answered. “How can this information be verified?”

Lucas smiled. “Quite easily. All I need to do is transmit to you the data from my memory banks. You may have noticed since you destroyed one of my bodies earlier, but I am not an organic. I am a cyborg, part organic and part machine. I have a positronic brain modeled after my organic brain, implanted after an accident caused severe damage to my body.”

“Transmit the data immediately.”


“If you transmit it on Radio Frequency 52.92, Assault Mech 009 will be able to pick up the signal.”

“Transmitting now.” Lucas started transferring a video feed of what he had seen since they had arrived at this new dimension, while also providing translating software. It took only one minute to transfer the data and another three minutes for the voice to process it.

Finally, the voice spoke. “Your claims have been verified. You are now classified as non-hostile aliens. You will no longer be attacked by any of the Mechanized Armor Units or by any Orbital Installations. Due to your new classification, I am required to inform you that the alien invaders from 12.3 cycles ago have now appeared inside the planetary system. Due to this conflict, this planet will no longer be safe. Use this information wisely, because the Defense System will not assign priority to your protection. If this unit survives the war, I may have further questions for you about this identical species.”

Lucas nodded his thanks. “Thank you for your concern. I will discuss our options with my companions before making any decisions. I don’t believe we will be here for the war but if we are then we will answer any questions you may have.”

He turned to Chu Shen. “Well, it appears we are in the clear. The A.I., or whatever that thing is, has agreed to let us stay here in peace. There’s a catch though. Apparently those invaders are back.”

Aslo spoke up. “You said that they appeared over four hundred years ago. Why would they appear now?”

Lucas shrugged. “No idea. They must want this planet for something, though. Four hundred years is enough for most radiation to dissipate.”Aslo was, of course, confused by this answer. However, he did remember one thing though. “Does this mean those invaders are coming to wipe out the Nugitraaiil again?”

Lucas shook his head. “No. I asked the mech and it said this planet was uninhabited. Those invaders already finished the job. Honestly, I don’t see why we don’t just go back to your dimension. There’s a war about to start and we don’t have a piece in either side.”

Aslo shook his head. “No. This planet is the burial place of all those people. I wouldn’t have wanted the Asura Sect to use the Rising Tide Sect’s old buildings. That is exactly what those invaders want to do here. I want to stay and help them fight.”

Chrissa spoke up softly. “I want to as well.”

Lucas threw up his hands. “Great. Just great!” He turned towards Chu Shen. “Tell them we need to leave. We could quite easily lose our lives here. I’d prefer it if we just left right now.”

Aslo also turned to Chu Shen. “Savior, I know that this request is unreasonable. I just want to defend the memory of all these people. I feel a connection with them. You don’t need to stay, just allow me and Chrissa to.”

Chu Shen lowered his head and began to think.


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