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[Arc 5] Chapter 137

Chapter 137


The turrets fired at them, filling the air with bolts of red energy. They were similar to the energy bolts the drone scouts had used, but they seemed to be far more powerful when compared to them. Chu Shen hurriedly created several shields to protect his friends. Using <Stars Dance: Light Step>, Chu Shen ran up to the mech.

He ran like he was running on steps, going up towards the mech’s face. Several hundred energy bolts came at him and his friends in just ten seconds. Most of them were absorbed by his shields, giving his friends time to react before they broke.

Lucas immediately flew up into the air, using fire from his legs. Aslo and Chrissa were able to avoid everything using their proficiency as an Early Stage Martial Emperor.

Chu Shen quickly reached the mech. Swinging his hammer, he smashed it into the shoulder of the robot. A white barrier, just like the one the other robot had before, appeared. It was no match for Chu Shen’s strength.

With a loud BANG, the robot spun around from the impact of the blow. Bolts of energy flew everywhere as the robot swung around. The robot fell down onto the ground. It immediately started grasping around, attempting to pull itself back up.

They weren’t going to let it do that, though. Lucas deployed his sniper drones. They immediately started firing at the joints of its right leg. Wind surged towards the robot, keeping it pinned down on the floor. Flames billowed over the entire mech, causing its exterior to become cherry red.

While this was going on, Chu Shen got busy. Protected by his Qi, he was able to stand directly on the robot’s back while not worrying if he would be caught in the crossfire. Using his hammer, he repeatedly bashed the back of the mech’s head. This continued for half a minute.

Then, a large beam of red energy struck Chu Shen in the back. Chu Shen was flung into the robot, his body shield breaking when he did. Chu Shen screamed and glanced down at his right leg. A five inch hole was bored completely through it. Lucas, who had shot both of the mech’s legs off and was starting on the left arm, immediately became alarmed.

Looking up, he saw three more robots exactly like the one that was fighting them. “Crap. Chrissa! Grab Chu Shen! We need to get out of here!” Chrissa nodded and started chanting. Chu Shen floated upwards on a draft of wind shaped like a brick. He was flown straight to Chrissa. She grabbed him and immediately started running.

Lucas and Aslo sent multiple barrages of fireballs up at the mechs. Lucas pulled out his Beast Cannon and fired the lava projectiles straight at them. The guns mounted on their shoulders fired large red beams just like the one that had hit Chu Shen.

Four of them lanced towards Lucas, cutting off both his legs. One was directed at Aslo who barely managed to dodge it by throwing himself on the ground. There was one more gun that hadn’t fired but supposedly it was cooling down from firing at Chu Shen.

The four arms on one of the robots split open. A glob of blue plasma shot forward towards Lucas. Lucas gritted his teeth before firing a lava projectile straight at it. The both met mid-air and exploded. The plasma vaporized the rocky outside before colliding with the molten inner core. The lava and plasma met in a violent collision before exploding.

The Beast Cannon couldn’t continue firing at full power for long, though. Three more plasma balls shot towards Lucas. Lucas was able to stop two, but the third one made it through. The lava projectiles just didn’t have enough power. Right before the plasma ball hit him, Lucas teleported the Beast Cannon into his pocket dimension. His body outside was vaporized.

“LUCAS! NOOO!” Aslo immediately freaked out. He started chanting a Rank 8 Spell, Apocalyptic Shower. Before he finished it though, Lucas suddenly appeared. “Lucas?” Aslo asked incredulously. “I thought you were dead!”

Lucas shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I may be just slightly immortal. Anyways, we need to leave before you get killed.” Lucas had teleported one of his spare bodies outside, of course.

A turret appeared next to Lucas. It had an X shaped bottom and a blast shield wrapped around the barrel. Lucas activated it and identified the three robots as enemies. The robot they had first attacked wasn’t able to get off the ground so far, so Lucas designated it as a low threat enemy.

The turret swiveled towards the closest mech and unleashed multiple small globs of plasma. Lucas took off running, his jetpack appearing around his back. Flying upwards, he grabbed Aslo around his shoulders and got out of there.

Up ahead, Lucas could see Chrissa flying as well. A miniature hurricane had formed below her legs, propelling her through the air. Aslo had flames appear below his legs, allowing him to break Lucas’ grip and fly as well.

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“Oh great. No one needs a friendly jetpack anymore, do they.” Lucas grumbled. He turned around and glanced back at the turret. As he did, he witnessed the turret disappearing in a flare of red light. The three mechs flew through the air after them. A fourth one also appeared, though it was missing its lower body.

Miniature missiles shot out of the mech’s arms after them. Lucas sighed. “This day is getting better and better.” His sniper drones started to pick them off, one by one. There were over fifty missiles that had been launched at them. The missiles started doing tricks to avoid his shots. They were doing barrel rolls, zig-zags, and every other aerial trick in the book to dodge his fire.

It was pointless, however. The missiles were all destroyed before reaching Lucas, though the last one was way too close for comfort. The mechs, however, were closing fast. They were a lot faster then the last ones that had come after them, and were far more heavily armed. The lasers and energy bolts attenuated too much in the atmosphere to fire at them from a distance, so they were safe for a little while. They were half a mile apart whenever the lasers started back up once again.

Lucas gritted his teeth. It looked as though he was going to have to teleport them into his pocket dimension. Most likely they were going to have to go back to Aslo and Chrissa’s realm once again.

Suddenly he heard Chu Shen say something. “Hey Lucas, do you think it’s possible to talk to the mechs?”

Lucas blinked. “What?”

“Well, I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a Nugitraaiil planet? So maybe these machines are leftovers from that war we saw. Maybe by talking to them in the Nugitraaiilian language we can get them to stop.”

Lucas nodded. “Let me try it then.”

He uploaded the Nugitraaiilian language to his voice modulators before turning around. “Halt. We do not wish to fight.”

The mechs that had been chasing them suddenly stopped. Lucas stopped as well. Did it work?


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