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[Arc 5] Chapter 139

Chapter 139


Chu Shen had to look at things rationally. The Nugitraaiil had already lost this fight once. It had been over four hundred years, enough time for new technologies to develop on both sides. However, with the Nugitraaiil already wiped out, it was questionable if technological research had continued.

Also, their power was limited. The real conflict would happen in space. Up there, Chu Shen and his friends wouldn’t have the ability to influence the conflict. Of course, Lucas could make them spacecraft to get involved, but they would have to train in order to learn how to use them. Without that training, it would be more like suicide then helping.

Even if that happened, it still wouldn’t matter. Their impact on the invasion would be negligible in the end. It was a different situation than before, when he fought the bugs. They used ground troops to conduct war and had no space forces. These invaders had only used space forces so far. Not to mention, this wasn’t their fight. There was absolutely no logical reason for them to risk their lives in order to fight these invaders.

Chu Shen sighed. Of course, logic was exactly that. Logic. They weren’t computers that operated solely on the outcome. They had emotions, and often times those emotions would override logic.

Chu Shen looked up suddenly. Lucas and Aslo waited impatiently for his decision. “Lucas. We’re staying.”

Lucas’ jaw dropped. “What do you mean we’re staying! We can’t stay! The chances of our survival if we do are basically none!”

Chu Shen sighed. “I know that. I can’t abandon my friends though. Aslo and Chrissa are going to be staying here even if we don’t want them to. Plus, I agree with Aslo and Chrissa. We should protect the resting place of the Nugitraaiil and not let it be used by those that killed them.”

Lucas threw up his hands. “I give up. We’re all going to die trying to protect something that an entire species was already wiped out for.”

“That’s what makes it worthwhile,” argued Aslo.

Chu Shen turned to Lucas. “Can you tell the mech that we want to help them?”

Lucas sighed and nodded. “Yeah. I can do that.” The mechs hadn’t flown off. Instead, all of them landed on the ground and seemed to go into sleep mode. They had one knee on the ground and seemed to be bowing to something. The one that had been cut in half, on the other hand, had flown off somewhere else.

He landed next to the one he had been talking to. Going over to it, he tapped it on its leg. A metallic thud could be heard when he did so. The robot stiffened before standing up smoothly. Its head swiveled completely around, probably as part of the boot up service.

Then it turned and looked right at Lucas. “What is it, civilian?” its metallic voice once again sounded out.

Lucas stared right back at the robot. “I have discussed it with my companions as promised. They have decided to not allow the invaders to desecrate the Nugitraaiil burial grounds. The last memories of a species is not to be sullied like this.”

The robot stared at him for a few seconds before replying. “There is an error in your statement. These are not the last memories of the Nugitraaiilian race. While it is true that 99.998% of the population was wiped out by war and the solar flare, 0.002% was saved. They were sent through an experimental interdimensional transportation technology, accidentally discovered in the search for FTL capability. As for their safety after entering the interdimensional event, that is unknown.”

Lucas clenched his fist. “Yes! I knew I was right! It was too much of a coincidence.” Turning back to the robot he nodded. “I am sorry for the assumption. You previously stated that the planet was uninhabited so we assumed they were wiped out by the solar flare. Moving on, how will our request to work with you to defeat the invaders be accepted?”

The robot paused. “It will not be accepted. Civilians cannot become involved in military affairs. You can be recruited as privateers if you wish. According to agreements from the previous war, privateers will be paid in Cores. 12 F’tik Rank Cores for every fighter destroyed, 6 G’tik Rank Cores for every destroyer or cruiser destroyed, 4 H’tik Rank Cores for every battleship or carrier destroyed, and 1 J’tik Rank Core for every Dreadnought destroyed.”

Lucas scratched his head. Alright, these cores sounded like money to him, but what were they exactly? “Can you tell me what these cores are in more detail?”

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“Cores are the source of energy contained inside beasts. By absorbing such energy, one can advance their Tik level.”

Lucas nodded as he listened before freezing. “Is this Tik refer to the ability to manipulate energy around oneself and become stronger? One can unblock channels inside their body to absorb and control more energy. Is that what you mean by Tik?”

“Affirmative, civilian.”

“Were there some of you that could fight without the usage of spaceships? Using only their bodies?”

“Affirmative, civilian. Only two hundred L’tik fought in the war, but they managed to turn the tide many times.”

Lucas turned away slowly. “Okay. That is slightly freaky.” He sat down on the ground for a minute. “So every world we’ve visited so far has cultivation in it. Okay. I can accept that.” He realized something. “Wait. Doesn’t that make my world stunted? It’s something that’s so basic everywhere else, but we don’t even have the concept of it.”

Chu Shen, who had heard everything, came down next to Lucas. “Don’t feel bad though. Even with cultivation, we can only go so far. With technology, anyone can instantly soar to immense heights.”

Lucas nodded. “That’s true. Technology is the way of an empire. Cultivation is the way of a man. One can only go so far cultivating before they can’t take another step. Technology only requires one to make something new. It has no true limits.”

Chu Shen patted him on the back. “Atta boy. Now what got you all depressed? I heard you say every world so far has cultivation in it. We haven’t seen evidence of cultivation here though.”

Lucas pointed at the robot. “It said they would reward us with beast cores for every ship we destroyed. Basically, we can be hired as privateers or mercenaries in the war. This way we can participate.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Alright. Go ahead and tell him that we will join then.”

“Come on Lucas! Hurry up! I want to kick some invader butt instead of talking about all these weird things.” Aslo yelled at Lucas as well.

Lucas nodded. He turned to the robot. “We will agree to becoming privateers in this war.”

“Your applications to become privateers have been accepted. All rules and regulations according to the K’Lish Protocol will be followed, or your license as a privateer will be revoked.”

“Uhh. What are the rules?”

“The rules and regulations will be broadcast on Radio Frequency 52.92 in 37 seconds. Civilian, please be prepared to receive the information.”

Lucas nodded. Turning to Chu Shen he sighed. “I have to face my dreaded enemy once again.”

Chu Shen was confused. “Enemy? Who?”

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As both Chu Shen and Lucas groaned, Aslo smiled. “Alright! So where can we find this dreadful paperwork? We need to destroy him once and for all!”


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