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[Arc 4] Chapter 129

Chapter 129

Conflict Closing

It was a very sad day for the Asura Sect. Indeed, the Void Sect had surrounded them. How unfortunate that they were now so arrogant since they had become one of the power houses of White Lotus City. They refused to believe that it was the Void Sect. They laughed and mocked the kids for trying to act tough.

All of them gathered together to slaughter the insignificant brats that dared to hold them hostage. Their bloodthirsty nature showed as they used their most ruthless attacks on the kids, not showing even a hint of mercy towards their young age. They used their own students as cannon fodder in their fights.

How sad, how truly unfortunate for them. For showing such ruthless nature took the students of the Void Sect back to the days of slaughter. To the day when their families, teachers, and friends were killed by these fiends. Not even ten minutes after they attacked, they were destroyed.

The Asura Sect….. was no more.

As for the Ice Dragon Sect, they were more hesitant and believing than the Asura Sect. Upon hearing their demands, as well as their claims that they were Rank 6 and Rank 7 mages, they were loath to believe it. But what if it was true? As a test, their Rank 6 mage asked for a duel. Immediately, over ten Rank 6 spells flew at him from different places. After seeing that, the Ice Dragon Sect gave up.

While all this was going on, Sarah was still facing down the Golden Palm Sect.


Talgin was stunned by this sudden occurrence. The powerhouse of his sect was trapped inside the <Shadow Coffin> technique. A Rank 6 magic that would cause anyone to panic. What was worse was the fact that it appeared to be a little girl that had cast it. This completely overturned his sense of power. Yes, a little girl could theoretically become a Rank 6 mage. However, who would ever suspect that someone so young could be so powerful?

Usually, students were advised to stay at Rank 2 or Rank 3 in order to gain experience. It was similar to what Chu Shen was doing, actually. So when this little girl was suddenly revealed to actually be a Rank 6 mage….. it threw Talgin for a loop.

“W-w-what!?” He stuttered, pointing at Sarah.

She sighed. “Obviously if you don’t order a surrender, I will have to kill this man. Next I will have to kill you. After that, if no one surrenders,  we will have to start killing people at random.”

Talgin immediately paled. There was more than ten other kids the same age as this little girl outside the Golden Palm Sect. If what they said was true, then they were just as powerful as her, with some being possibly even more powerful. He couldn’t risk his students’ lives.

He immediately shook his head. “Please, let Baldwin go. We surrender. Us adults will stay here. Just please let the students go, they have nothing to do with this.”

Sarah’s face softened at that, but she still shook her head. “Unfortunately, we can’t. However, I can swear on my life that these kids will not be harmed or imprisoned. They will be set free in a little while.”

Talgin sighed in relief. “I thank you for that.”

Afterwards Sarah had everyone of the Golden Palm Sect go towards the center of the town. There, the Ice Dragon Sect was waiting for them. After two minutes, the kids that were sent to the Asura Sect came back. Their clothes were covered in splotches of blood. Their faces were worn, shocked, and filled with anger and sadness.

Not a single person from the Asura Sect followed behind them. Confused, Griffith approached them to ask what had happened. They spoke about things that would haunt them forever. They spoke about the Asura Sect.

The Asura Sect.

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A sect filled with assassins. They had mercilessly trained their kids in the ways of battle since they were four years old. It was unfortunate. The Asura Sect sent out everyone they had from their sect. From their show of force, the Asura Sect knew that their enemies did indeed have some powerhouses.

They sent out the kids as cannon fodder, using their young lives without hesitation to identify the supposedly few strong mages that were threatening them. These kids were only Rank 3 or Rank 4 assassins. That didn’t stop them from attacking with all their might. The defending Void Sect members tried to stop them through less destructive means.

Unfortunately, when you have enough wolves, even a lion can fall. The Asura Sect focused on a single kid with over forty of their cannon fodder. His name was Thomas. He was able to block ten, twenty, even twenty three at one time, but there were too many. Others tried coming to his rescue, but just as his mana shield broke, a Rank 5 assassin appeared out of the shadows and sliced his head directly in half.

It was the first loss the kids had suffered since that horrible night.

It brought forth a rage in them that was unbelievable. Suddenly, spells started spewing forth, lighting up the night. Warrior techniques lashed out when they didn’t have enough time to chant.

It was a slaughter. Not a single person lived through it.

Most of these kids became terrified of themselves. The reason they came was to exact revenge. It was to destroy those that wanted to kill them. They expected fighting. However, looking at the aftermath, seeing the dead bodies that littered the ground; it just didn’t seem like it was worth it. Sadness over the slaughter that had happened, anger at the fact they were forced to kill kids, shock at doing such horrible things, all was visible on their faces.

As the other kids listened to their experience, they rushed over to the Asura Sect to see for themselves. The ground was ripped to shreds. Fire still burned. Icicles could be seen sticking out of still warm flesh. Griffith was saddened immensely at the sight.

If he had known that such a thing would happen, he would have never tried to do this. The teachers would have come by themselves and wiped out the Asura Sect. It would have at least spared these kids the horror of war for a little longer.

After that, they returned to the square. Some of the teachers had remained behind to watch over their prisoners. Upon returning, Griffith gathered up the students. When he asked them what they wanted to do, a unanimous decision was made.

Griffith stood in front of the group of captives. Clearing his throat, he started to speak with them. “Ahem. Tonight, the former Rising Tide Sect took revenge on the three sects that tried to destroy us. Luckily, both of your sects had the sense to surrender. Unfortunately, the Asura Sect did not. They fought to the end, and we do not believe there is a single surviving member inside White Lotus City.”

“It is something that we all regret doing. If we could, we would prefer to not have to do such a thing again. That is why we have decided to let you all go. None of you will be killed or imprisoned. You are all free. However, we would like to never hear of the Ice Dragon or Golden Palm sects ever again. If we do, then there will be consequences.”

Among the people imprisoned there in the circle, there were some that had killed someone close to the Void Sect disciples. However, after seeing such bloodshed with the Asura Sect, the kids didn’t have the stomach to simply slaughter them.

Everyone started to leave, with the teachers of the now disbanded sects rounding up their students. Some of the students left for their homes inside White Lotus City. To them, it was more important to stay with their families than to follow their sect to places unknown.

The powerhouses of the disbanded sects and the sect leaders left separately. The teachers of the Void Sect assassinated them when they did. It was better to not leave anyone that could be a threat to the Void Sect. Of course, they did not tell their students about this.

Eventually, White Lotus City was left in peace.


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