[Arc 4] Chapter 130

Chapter 130

New Realms, Old Friends


Chu Shen and Lucas waited for a while inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. After a little while, they suddenly disappeared before reappearing in a large open space.

Lucas sat down and sighed. “Ugh. Having to be on guard all the time just in case we have to move….SO FRUSTRATING!”

Chu Shen sighed as well. “I know, but at least we get to meet some new people every time. Like the twins. I liked Aslo a lot.”

Lucas nodded. “Yeah, Aslo wasn’t too bad. His sister wasn’t that bad to look at either.” He leaned back. “I guess we have met some good people. Except that leg destroying dude. He did make up for it I suppose, but it still sucked.”

Chu Shen sighed. “Come on, just let it go, alright?”

Lucas shook his head. “Nope.”

“Fine. We should at least take a look around, right?” Chu Shen got up and did exactly that. He saw blue grass growing wildly all around him. Buildings made of a white material could be seen. Scorch marks covered the buildings though, and most of them had sections falling in.

Lucas shook his head. “I really don’t like this. I know those kids should be alright, they have far more power than those other sects do. I just can’t stop worrying about them though. How about this, I still have the Chains of Transportation  with a charm connected to the first hunting area we were at. Why don’t I go there and check up on them before coming back?”

Chu Shen smiled. “Great idea. I also have a charm there as well. Why don’t we both go back?”

Lucas nodded. “Sure.”

With a thought, a metal chain appeared around their arms. Reaching down, they touched the ground with the chain. As they did, they both channeled energy into the chain. A small charm appeared around it, with the Chinese symbol for 3 (三) on it.  The first charm led to the Black Night Sect. The second led to the first magic beast hunting zone. The third now led to this open field.

Chu Shen looked at Lucas. “So, are you ready to go back?”

Lucas smiled. “Of course.”

They channeled energy into the “2 ( 二)” charm and disappeared.

What they didn’t know about was the large metal behemoth that appeared five minutes later. It looked like a huge man covered in metal scales. A harsh hissing sound impossible to replicate with the human voice came from the metal creature. It paused for a second before hissing something else.

In a flash of blue light, the creature disappeared from the area.


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Chu Shen and Lucas reappeared in the first magic beast hunting zone. Lucas suddenly smacked his head. “You know, I forgot to get the coordinates to teleport us there.”

Chu Shen sighed. “Well, it would also be suspicious if we just appeared out of nowhere.”

Lucas smiled. “Luckily, I still have my spaceship. It has stealth systems on it as well, the true kind. It can jump into hyperspace and it’s cut off completely from this world.”

Chu Shen gestured forward. “Be my guest.”

Immediately, a large teardrop shaped craft appeared in front of Lucas and Chu Shen. It had no outer hatches or viewports and was 928 ft (300 meters) long, with the wide end measuring 246 ft (75 meters). It appeared to be completely solid. Chu Shen looked at it in confusion. “Just how are we supposed to get into this thing?”

Lucas grinned at him. “You walk through the wall of the ship of course. This thing is made of nanites coated in Durasteel X, the strongest material we had in my universe. The weapons it has are limited, only a couple stealth missiles which I made on the side. The power is broadcast from the anti-matter generator I have. Most of the space on it is for the hyperspace system and gravity drive. The rest is used for cabins, missile storage, the weapon vault, food, and a simulation room.”

Chu Shen waved his hand. “I don’t need a step by step breakdown right now, all I need is to check up on those kids.”

Lucas sighed. “Fine. Have it your way.” Lucas approached the ship and touched his hand to the outer hull. The ship’s hull seemed to sink around his hand, enveloping it in liquid metal. Lucas continued walking forward until his entire body seemed to become one with the ship before disappearing inside.

Chu Shen shrugged and then walked inside himself. It was like being enveloped in metal putty. It gave at his touch. Eventually he found himself standing on a metal walkway inside the ship. Lucas faced him with a smile. “Let’s go then.”

The black ship’s surface rippled before it suddenly seemed to disappear. This was its cloaking mechanism. Its gravity drives activated as it flew at subsonic speeds towards White Lotus City. They didn’t want to attract any trouble with sonic booms, so they avoided going faster than the speed of sound. Two hours later, they had arrived. Chu Shen and Lucas landed outside the city before walking inside after storing the ship inside Lucas’ pocket dimension.

Once inside, they saw people putting up signs. The signs said, ‘Void Sect Registration Now Open. Only Accepting Those with Rank 3 Mage Talent or Lower.’

Chu Shen was surprised by that. They had been gone for less than three hours and they already had everything sorted out? Lucas and Chu Shen exchanged confused glances. Chu Shen approached one of the men putting up the sign. “Uh, excuse me sir. Where is the Void Sect at?”

The man saw Chu Shen and smiled. “It’s not a surprise that you don’t know about them. They only appeared two days ago. They wiped out the Asura Sect and ran the Ice Dragon and Golden Palm Sects off as well. They’re down the road at the center of town. You can’t miss it.”

Chu Shen thanked the man and then they quickly ran towards the Void Sect. While they did, Lucas and Chu Shen started to debate as to why two days had already gone by when it had only been three hours for them. Master Ti Wu put an end to it though.

‘Enough bickering, you brat. Each realm has a different passage of time compared to the others. You can’t expect them all to have the same passage of time. One minute in one could be a million years in another. It’s all relative to the one you want to compare it to.’

Eventually, they reached the new Void Sect. Going up to the sect, they encountered some of the students. Recognizing their saviors, they were brought to Griffith immediately. There, Chu Shen and Lucas were brought up to speed on all the things that had happened in the two days they were gone. Chu Shen and Lucas were surprised at how smoothly everything went.

After the takeover, all of the townsfolk showed a surprising amount of acceptance. They had suffered under the brutality of the Asura Sect for a while now, and they were all too happy to see them disappear. The fights that had occurred didn’t damage most of the infrastructure of the sects as well so taking over their facilities went nicely.

Chu Shen and Lucas were both relieved by the fact that none of the kids were hurt badly. Except Thomas. They both felt some guilt towards that, since they were sure they could have saved him if they had been there. Griffith gave them some alone time after that.

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After about ten minutes, Lucas turned back to Chu Shen. “I don’t think they need us anymore. They’re already established pretty well here. We don’t need anything else from this realm and it would be kind of weird staying in the sect we established.”

Chu Shen nodded as well. “I would say it’s time to go back to that new realm we saw.”

Just as they were deciding to leave, the door flung open. There in the doorway stood a kid who was not a kid. Fifteen year old Aslo had a face that could be called an adult’s. His eyes were fierce, his cheeks scarred. The only thing that took away from his adult features was the baby fat still visible on his face.

He stared at Chu Shen and Lucas. Suddenly, he fell to his knees and bowed to them. “Thank you, thank you. Thanks to you, I have avenged my mother’s death.”

Chu Shen reached down and grabbed his shoulder, pulling Aslo up from the ground. “Please Aslo, don’t do this. We did it because you are a friend. You don’t have to act like this.”

Aslo shook his head. “No, I have to. You are the one that granted me the chance to put my mom’s spirit at peace.”

Lucas slapped him on the back. “Anything for a friend. Anyways Aslo, I’m glad you stopped by. Nice to see you before we leave.”

Aslo immediately focused on Lucas. “Please take us with you!”

Lucas looked confused. “Us?” As he spoke Chrissa stepped through the open doorway.

Aslo nodded. “Yeah. We talked it over and decided that in order to repay you we would like to go with you to wherever it is you decide to go.”

Lucas turned to Chu Shen. “Please, oh pretty please! We need more than just stinking boys. A girl or two would be nice.”

Chu Shen looked at Aslo seriously. “Where we plan on going is far beyond your imagination. It will be extremely far away from here and you will only be able to visit here every once in awhile.”

Aslo and Chrissa both nodded, not a hint of hesitation showing. Chu Shen sighed. “Fine. It was a choice made of your own free will so I have no objection.”

Lucas immediately took out two sets of Chains of Transportation before giving them to Aslo and Chrissa. He gave them a brief explanation before having them wear it. Afterwards they departed the city. In order to not surprise Aslo and Chrissa Lucas avoided using the spaceship and teleported them all to the first magic beast hunting zone.

Now that he had the coordinates, teleporting them between such distances was negligible. Teleportation was a rare power and considered a Rank 4 Space Magic. However, it wasn’t too uncommon so it wasn’t as surprising as a giant spaceship flying them there.

He guided them on how to make the charms before sending them into his pocket dimension. Inside there, Aslo and Chrissa would go with him when they teleported back to their next realm.

Lucas, Chu Shen, Aslo, and Chrissa disappeared from their world in less than a second.


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[End Arc 4: Magician’s World]


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