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[Arc 4] Chapter 128

Chapter 128


Griffith heard Chu Shen yelling. Immediately he started running towards the savior’s voice. Upon arriving he saw their horses but neither of the saviors were there. The words the savior had been shouting finally registered with Griffith. He turned towards their horses and kowtowed. “I will not disappoint you saviors! We will get our revenge!”

Griffith collected the horses the saviors left behind and then turned back towards his group. Everyone was strapping on gear, eating a quick snack, or chatting with their comrades. They were getting ready for war.

Griffith let go of the two horses and faced his soldiers. “Everyone, can I have your attention!” Immediately faces swiveled towards Griffith.

“The two saviors have left us!” Immediately there was some concern on everyone’s faces. Why would their saviors leave them now? “They have told us before that they may leave at any time. They left now with barely a warning. Where they have gone, I do not know.

“I can say this though! I am glad they have left now.” That shocked everyone. “This is a private affair! We have come to get revenge for our loved ones that were slain! The saviors gave us this chance! But I do not wish for them to see such violence! Remember what they asked us though, take pity on them! Kill only those that you saw killing! Everyone else, is to be spared! Now, mount up! We leave in five minutes!”

Everyone immediately became busy, throwing their food on the ground and helping their comrades finish putting on their armor. Five minutes later, everyone was ready.


Talgin leaned back in his chair and sighed. So many things were going wrong. He, the leader of the Golden Palm Sect, was about to lose his Sect. He had worked together with the Asura and Ice Dragon Sect to destroy the Rising Tide Sect.  He had never liked conflict but those kids….. They would have ruined everything if they had a chance to grow.

Back then, he had been forced to take action. It seemed like it was all in vain though. The Asura Sect had been growing more powerful with each day. Their training methods were cruel and inhumane. They found that if the body was conditioned for extreme pain, then the chances of becoming a high ranking warrior was practically guaranteed.

They had learned this method three years ago and the results were finally starting to show. Very quickly, high ranking assassins started to appear in the Asura’s ranks. The Ice Dragon Sect had realized this and immediately decided to go with the flow. They became a partner with the Asura Sect. The Ice Dragon Sect was filled mages and filled the gap of the Asura Sect by being able to provide long range support.

The Golden Palm Sect was a combination of warrior and mage adventurers. They were one of the strongest powers in White Lotus City, second only to the Rising Tide Sect. With the Rising Tide Sect gone they were the strongest power.

Unfortunately, the Asura and White Dragon Sect, when combined, were just as powerful. With the rise of the Asura Sect’s strength, they eventually became outmatched. The Asura Sect had been taking little chunks off the Golden Palm Sect and it was slowly killing them. Currently they only had half the resources they had before.  Talgin sighed. ‘Will I really have to join them? I don’t want to, the Asura Sect is only filled with murderers. Unfortunately, if I don’t then we’ll be the next Rising Tide Sect.’



Talgin stiffened. Was it the Asura Sect?! Did they really wish to fight with them now!? If they did, they would have to suffer major casualties. Would they really do that?! As if in answer, more explosions came from outside.



Talgin immediately cleared his head. Either way, whether it was the Asura Sect or not, they were under attack. He rushed towards a cabinet on his right. In less than ten seconds he was clothed in armor. A spear was cradled in his right arm and a sword was strapped to his back. Several knife handles could be seen sticking out of places in his armor. This was the speed of a Rank 5 warrior.

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Talgin wasn’t a frontline warrior. They had three Rank 6 mages but two had faked their deaths. The leaders of the other sects knew about them though the public was kept in the dark. A powerful surge of mana notified Talgin that their Rank 6 mage was going into battle.

Quickly, Talgin started running towards the explosions, the sound of them had never stopped. He flung open a door and appeared on a balcony on the second story. He stopped, frozen by the scene below him.

“What is this?!”


Team 4 stood outside the Golden Palm Sect, hands on their weapons. They, along with Teams 9 and 11 would be in charge of destroying the Golden Palm Sect. The actual plan was to force the Golden Palm sect into surrendering. Then the people who surrendered would be brought into the main square. Similar plans for the Asura and Ice Dragon Sect were being carried out.

After everyone was in the square, members of the sects that had killed someone from the Rising Tide Sect would be executed. Everyone else would be set free, regardless of their strength. After all, even if a Rank 8 adventurer attacked them, they already had 2 Rank 8 mages. They would simply be courting death to attack the Void Sect again.

George and Sam started first. George cast the Rank 4 spell <Earth Eruption> while Sam cast the Rank 6 spell <Lightning Storm>. The earth seemed to explode in a giant circle around the entire Golden Palm Sect, forming a forty foot deep and twenty foot wide trench. Large explosions went off as Lightning continuously struck the ground just beyond the trench George had made.

The guards trembled at the power being displayed in front of them. Numerous students and guards ran from their residents in the sect only to stare slack jawed at the lightning surging down from the sky. It looked like an angry thunder god was striking them down.

A man in golden robes strolled out from the sect. The teams were spaced out evenly around the entire sect. The man frowned. “What is the meaning of this?! Asura Sect, Ice Dragon Sect! Are you trying to confuse us by sending kids while launching spells from a distance!”

One of the kids stepped forwards. It was one from Team 9 with the wind attribute. Using the Rank 1 spell of <Voice Projection>, everyone in the Golden Palm Sect could clearly hear his voice.

“We are students of the former Raging Tide Sect. There are nine Rank 7 Mages here and six Rank 6 Mages as well. We would like for you to peacefully surrender. If you do not and try to flee or fight the penalty will be…… DEATH!”

Upon the word death being uttered, a chilly aura seemed to encompass the entire sect. The teams of kids did not flinch at the word and instead stared coldly at the enemies. The only thing that could soften their hardened hearts was the scared young faces of the students from the Golden Palm Sect. If not for that, it was quite possible they would have disregarded the savior’s plea for the innocent.

The golden robed man seemed shocked before suddenly laughing uproariously. “You, you really think that I would believe that you brats could suddenly become so powerful!? This is the first time in my hundred years of life that I have been threatened by a group of brats.”

None of the kids spoke. Instead they stood there, staring at the man. He smirked before uttering two words. “Golden Wall.” Immediately a large barrier appeared around the entire sect. The barrier was gold and was incomparably thick. A Rank 6 magic that was cast instantly. It seemed as though this golden robed man was truly skilled.

The golden robed man, now that he was hidden from view, no longer looked so confident. He turned and looked upwards at Talgin. “Master, what do we do! I don’t believe those brats are as strong as they say but whoever is backing them up is truly powerful. Those lightning strikes are on par with my <Gold Shower>. At the very least they are a Rank 6 mage.”

Talgin, who had been stunned by the lightning surrounding them, came to his senses. “I don’t know. This could very well be a ploy by the Asura Sect. Baldwin, you need to be careful. Take Galgor and Waldo with you to clear a route underground. With their earth magic it should be easy to make a tunnel for the kids to escape. Us teachers will stay here and defend them.”

Baldwin nodded. “Yes Talgin, I wi-”

He was suddenly cut off as a black coffin materialized around him, cutting Baldwin off from the rest of the world. A young girl appeared out of the shadows with a crossbow mounted on her arm. She pointed her crossbow at Talgin.

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 “Order the surrender or you and this man die.”


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