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[Arc 4] Chapter 127

Chapter 127

Too Early

Chu Shen found Lucas after he left Lidia in her room. They had some small talk and they even went inside Lucas’ pocket dimension to look around. Chu Shen had been so busy because of Master Ti Wu’s grueling training that he hadn’t had the time to talk to Lucas. He marveled at how much Lucas had gotten done.

“So Lucas, did you really manage to build all this?” Chu Shen marveled at the fusion bottle as the sound of plasma crackling came from it.

Lucas did a pose. “Of course I did. Otherwise, wouldn’t others call me simply a useless sidekick?”

Chu Shen looked confused. “Who would call you that?”

“All the teachers.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that, mister bodyguard.”

“…..Mention it again, and I’m teleporting you to the moon.”

“Sheesh. Anyways Lucas, how did you even get the materials? It seems like you built a lot of things that require some pretty rare stuff.” Chu Shen pointed at the laser cannon in the background.

Lucas shrugged. “The cradle-free fabricator really helped as far as making the bigger things. To be honest though, the real credit goes to the ARD.”

“What’s the ARD?” Chu Shen was confused at this.

Lucas immediately pounced on the opportunity to show off. “A.R.D. stands for Atomic Reassembling Device. Essentially it’s a device that can deconstruct items at it’s atomic level and then reassemble them in any form. For example, taking graphite and turning it into diamonds. All it requires is reassembling the way the carbon atoms are bonded to each other.

“Reassembling items like that is it’s most basic form. What it really does is it can rearrange the electrons, protons, and neutrons inside the atom’s nucleus and electron cloud. By adding more of these subatomic particles to oxygen, one can turn pure oxygen into pure iron. Of course, a room full of oxygen would only turn into a fistful of iron because of how much denser it is.

“There was a lot of rare materials that I had to find before I could even get started with making it. I spent three months just trying to track them all down. After that, I was able to make a ton of stuff without having to leave the dimension. Though I did have to go out every once in awhile and dig up mountains of dirt so that the ARD could transmute them.”

Lucas adopted a pained look at this point. “The only downside is the massive amount of power it drains to do something like that. It’s the reason that I had to make the antimatter generator. Otherwise I would have to use over a hundred Rank 7 beast cores just to power the thing.”

Chu Shen froze. One….. hundred. One hundred. One hundred beast cores!!!! Even if they were Rank 2 beast cores that was an insane amount! Lucas wasn’t talking about such low rank cores but Rank 7 cores?!!!! THIS WAS OUTRAGEOUS! It was like saying ‘I need all of the energy from one hundred Martial Kings’, all of which was needed to power one device!

Lucas saw Chu Shen’s shocked look and rolled his eyes. “Honestly Chu Shen, you should know how much energy is needed to split atoms into their subatomic particles and then fuse them to create the atom needed. Most of the energy goes towards containment. I have to be able to contain the energy of several hundred nuclear bombs inside the ARD from splitting the atoms and then harness that energy to fuse them together. Since some of the energy is lost in the transfer I also have to supply that energy.”

Chu Shen smiled. “You know, I remembered that we really are nerds. Wanna talk about hyperphysics calculations again?”

Lucas smiled back. “Nah. How about we just talk about the calculations I had to do in order to get all this together.”

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“Sure. Let’s just get back to the kids first.”

“Honestly, you should stop calling them kids. They’re far more mature than most adults at this point.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “They’re all still five foot at the most. I just can’t help calling them kids even if they do have scars over their faces.”

Lucas shook his head sadly. “It is unfortunate that they had to deal with wild animals day in and day out for so long. Those scars are what made them who they are today though. They’ll soon be able to live without the threat of being killed and will be able to establish the Void Sect, just like they promised.”

Chu Shen and Lucas had approached the teachers soon after they started training at the hunting zone. Chu Shen had asked them to rename the Rising Tide Sect to Void Sect. They happily agreed saying that it was only thanks to Chu Shen that they were able to surpass their former glory. To them it was the representation of a new start, a new age for the Rising Tide, no. A new age for the Void Sect.

Chu Shen smiled. “Yeah, Master Ti Wu should be happy about that.”

Lucas shrugged. “I still think you’re crazy, talking to a ghost.”

Master Ti Wu appeared in his soul form. “What ghost! I’m still alive you brat!” Lucas didn’t respond. Unfortunately, Lucas couldn’t see Master Ti Wu. A soul form can only be perceived by another soul. Lucas didn’t have a soul, or at least, not a soul in the form martial artists knew of. As a result, he couldn’t see Master Ti Wu. As for hearing….. Lucas was just being a jerk.

Currently they were inside a small house Lucas had built after coming out from his pocket dimension. A knock came from the front door. Chu Shen looked over curiously while Lucas didn’t seem surprised at all. His sensors had detected their visitor for some time now.

Chu Shen got up and answered the door. It was Griffith. He bowed to Chu Shen. “Savior, it’s time for us to leave. The army is ready. Everyone has horses like you asked and we are ready to destroy all the cabins.”

Chu Shen and Lucas exchanged a glance. They were ready as well. “Thank you Griffith. We’ll go ahead and join you in a second.” He started to close the door before suddenly turning back to Griffith. “Is Lidia ready to go as well?”

Griffith nodded. “She seems to have a headache but is okay other than that. I heard that you gave her something to cause it?”

Chu Shen nodded. “Yes but it is a private affair between me and her. She will share it when she feels ready. Goodbye Griffith.”

He closed the door and turned to Lucas. “So you ready to go?”

Lucas nodded. “Everything’s already in my pocket dimension. I can teleport the satellites and other….equipment into it anytime I want.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Good, let’s go.”

Chu Shen and Lucas left with Griffith and the others. They rode at the front, to scout out what was ahead. The others didn’t like putting their saviors in such a dangerous position but they managed to get over it. It took a long time, two weeks actually, to get close to White Lotus City.

They were ten minutes away from the White Lotus City when they stopped. They started getting prepared to fight. Chu Shen had spent the last month forging  hand crafted items for each and every student in his downtime. Unlike before, they didn’t have to pay. He had decided that equipping the students was a good thing and he had the money to spare on materials.

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He wanted the kids to be as prepared as possible and this was one of the only ways he knew how. Chu Shen and Lucas were off the side a bit, talking about where to position the drones. They were just finalizing their plans when a translucent barrier appeared around Chu Shen.

He turned and saw Lucas was also covered in the same barrier. Chu Shen instantly recognized what was happening. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was leaving.

Chu Shen yelled out the door. “GRIFFITH, WE’RE LEAVING! WE LEAVE THE DUTY OF TAKING REVENGE TO YOU!” It would be rude to leave them hanging or have them search everywhere for Chu Shen and Lucas when they would be in a completely different dimension.

Lucas was frantically teleporting all of his work into the pocket dimension. Luckily he already had a program worked out and in less than two seconds everything was secured.

Just like they had appeared, Chu Shen and Lucas vanished into thin air.

A/N: So you guys disappointed by Chu Shen and Lucas ditching their chores? Oh well, don’t you know that your friends don’t help you take out the trash. Why should they be any different. XD


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