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[Arc 4] Chapter 126

Chapter 126



Before everyone left for White Lotus city, Chu Shen got a message from Master Ti Wu. ‘Hey brat.’

‘Yes Master Ti Wu?


‘Remember how I said that I could probably change one of their souls to gain soul sense?’




‘Well I think I can do it now. I can change it now and give them a technique that can allow them to change other people.’


Chu Shen immediately became elated. ‘Great, so how do we do it?’


‘We? There is no we. I’ll be doing all the work. All you have to do is find the right guy for me to change.’

Chu Shen paused at that. Who did he want to help? No, it wasn’t a question of who did he want to help but he did he think could be trusted? What he envisioned for this was that the person who had their soul changed would be able to help open other people’s meridians just like he was doing now.

Such a power was dangerous in the wrong hands since one could create an army very easily in this world. Kind of like what Chu Shen was doing now. It was just too dangerous to give to everyone. It would be better to give it to only one person and only allow them to pass it down to only one person as well.

Chu Shen hadn’t actually thought of all this though. It was Master Ti Wu who had explained all this to him before. With what Master Ti Wu had said, Chu Shen realized he couldn’t be casual in selecting someone to pass it down to. Eventually Chu Shen realized it had to be a teacher. The kids were just too immature at this point to trust with something this big.

Chu Shen thought pretty hard on this and consulted with Lucas and Master Ti Wu before eventually settling on the teacher Lidia. She was a very kind and caring teacher. She was the one that looked after the little girl that didn’t want to train. That little girl had practically became Lidia’s daughter.

Lidia was not the leader of the group, Griffith was. Griffith was someone that was very respected. He was a good speaker, listener, confident, and respected everyone. Lidia was the one that was his adviser. It was Griffith that proposed the idea to train the kids at the hunting zones. Everyone asked his opinion after that and eventually he became the focus of the group. When it came time to chose a leader (Chu Shen and Lucas were exempt from this), it was Griffith that won their vote.

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Griffith would probably make a good choice for the soul modification. Unfortunately, he was too public. Lidia was more behind the scenes. With that, there would be less chance of her getting kidnapped or assassinated. Finally, Chu Shen decided on Lidia.

Chu Shen approached Lidia about giving her the ability to increase a mages rank. Immediately she became excited. Such an ability was simply too mystical. Who wouldn’t want it? Lidia agreed to it.

“So what do I need to do to gain this ability?” Lidia asked questioningly. She looked to be in her mid-40’s if she was a mortal. She probably still had another two hundred years left since she was a Rank 8 mage.

Chu Shen started to answer before hesitating. ‘Uh, Master Ti Wu. What does she have to do?’


Master Ti Wu sighed. ‘She has to endure some pain. Besides that, nothing else.’


 Chu Shen turned back to Lidia who was still waiting for an answer. “Well Lidia, I’m afraid it’s going to be painful. Other than that, there shouldn’t be an issue.”

Lidia sighed in relief. “Good. If there was a chance of dying I’m afraid I would have had to refuse. I don’t want Clementine to have to go through the pain of losing a family member again.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Don’t worry. Everyone is so strong, I’m sure nothing can stop them. After you receive the ability to change one’s talent, we’ll be moving to destroy those sects still in White Lotus City.”

Lidia smiled. “Good. Well, we are only killing the sect members right?”

Chu Shen nodded. “These kids have experienced the pain of losing someone. I am sure that none of them actually want someone else to experience that. They’ve been having group exercises to train them for war and had a good talking to by Su Gagi. It’s been drilled into them pretty hard that we are trying to destroy the sects and not the people. Anyways, we should get started with the whole ability thing.”

“Yes let’s.” Lidia immediately became excited.

“Alright go ahead and sit down.” Chu Shen motioned at the chair right in front of him. Right now they were in Lidia’s cabin sitting at her table with Lidia sitting across from him. Lidia came to the other side of table and sat in the chair he had pointed to.

‘Master Ti Wu, it’s time.’


‘I know that brat.’ Master Ti Wu sounded a bit grumpy. His soul form came out. A bluish green energy formed on his hands. It was his spiritual Qi. The Qi floated out of Master Ti Wu’s hand to form a circle with complex writings and symbols inside it. Master Ti Wu pointed at Lidia and immediately the bluish green energy flew towards her.

It went straight into Lidia’s forehead, completely passing through her skin like a ghost. For a second nothing happened. Then bluish green lines appeared all over Lidia’s face. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” When the lines appeared, Lidia’s face immediately twisted up in agony.

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Master Ti Wu’s face was wrinkled in concentration. ‘Brat! Tell her to stop resisting and accept the change! If she cannot, she might die!’


Immediately Chu Shen followed his advice. He grabbed Lidia’s shoulder and squeezed it hard enough that red marks appeared. “LIDIA! STOP RESISTING! IF YOU CAN’T THEN YOU MIGHT DIE!”

“UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” Lidia howled with agony. Then suddenly, she went limp. Concerned, Chu Shen looked at Master Ti Wu. He looked exhausted.

Master Ti Wu still had enough energy to talk though. “Don’t worry brat, she can’t hear us now. Currently her soul is going through a metamorphosis caused by my soul imprint. She’ll be fine.

“I also gave her the art to copy my soul imprint down a little bit at a time so there won’t be as much pain for the next person, more like an itch than being skinned alive. With this she can pass it down to one more person over a period a year. If that person has a bad personality she can destroy the partial imprint with a thought. There can only be two full imprints at any given time and only the full imprint can allow a soul to gain soul sense.”

Chu Shen nodded. “As expected of Master Ti Wu. You are quite thorough.”

Master Ti Wu puffed up a bit. “Of course. How could an elder of the Void Sect not be thorough? Anyways, you should probably go lay her down on the bed.”

“Wait Master Ti Wu. Was it possible for her to die?” Chu Shen was worried since he had told Lidia that there wasn’t a chance she was going to die and yet Master Ti Wu said she could.

“Hmph. Of course not. Well, there was a possibility but only if I tried to force it. I would have stopped before she was actually in danger of dying. However, I remembered her saying that she couldn’t die because of Clementine. Me having you say that she could die  allowed her to quickly adapt to my soul imprint. If not, we could have been here for another hour.”

Chu Shen was relieved to hear that. He obeyed Master Ti Wu and put Lidia on her bed. Then he left to find the teachers and Lucas. They would be able to leave in order to take revenge tomorrow morning.


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