[Arc 4] Chapter 125

Chapter 125

I’m Training Too!


While the kids had definitely been training, it was Chu Shen’s turn as well. Master Ti Wu finally had some time to whip Chu Shen into shape without him being distracted by learning technology or practicing forging. He was certainly not going to let this chance go to waste.

Chu Shen spent the first month practicing the <Stellar Flame> by forging the items to sell at the store. Lucas took over selling items to the hunting store since the fabber could create weapons with inscriptions.

All he needed was Chu Shen to demonstrate an inscription once and for him to be given the necessary materials. If all that was accomplished, then Lucas could make an infinite amount of weapons exactly alike in every way. That was the power of industrialization.

Chu Shen was able to master the first stage of <Stellar Flame: Flame Blower>  and move onto the second stage, <Stellar Flame: Flame Body>. This was when one was able to emit flames from any part of their body. Chu Shen was able to do so, though it was tricky trying to heat up ore with your spine.

Chu Shen spent the other 11 months cultivating and whole heartedly training his martial arts to the new stage. Chu Shen was able to completely master the second stages for all of his martial arts in this time. He was able to start on the third stage for them but wasn’t able to actually master them, making him only capable of using the second stage for now on all his martial arts. As a matter of fact, the movement technique <Comet Travels Through> only had three stages.

Here is a list and description of all the different advancements Chu Shen made with his martial arts.

<Stellar Flame: Flame Blower> (One can shoot streams of fire from their palms), <Stellar Flame: Flame Body> (One can emit fire from any part of their body), <Stellar Flame: Sun Formation> (One forms a miniature Sun with fire).


<Comet Travels Through: Booming Step> (One breaks the sound barrier creating a sonic boom), <Comet Travels Through: Dust Trail> (Dust can be raised from one’s passage even over solid rock), <Comet Travels Through: Vapor Trail> (One moves so fast that vapor forms behind them from atmospheric water evaporating).


<Song of the Universe: Celestial Weapon> (One can vibrate their weapon and pass through body shields) <Song of the Universe: Solar Vibrations> (One can vibrate their Qi and cause internal damage), <Song of the Universe: Void Vibrations> (One can cause the air itself to vibrate, turning it into a devastating weapon).


<Stars Dance: Light Step> (One can solidify their Qi beneath their feet and create a step in midair), <Stars Dance: Stars Light> (One can create a bright flash of light and blind their opponent), <Stars Dance: Celestial Twin> (One can create a reflection of themselves off their Qi). 


<Cancellation Armor: Phantom> (One can create a translucent appearance of armor around themselves. Amplifies nullification abilities), <Cancellation Armor: Manifest> (One can create armor that looks completely real. Amplifies nullification abilities), <Cancellation Armor: Reality> (One can create armor out of Qi that exists in reality. Enhances nullification abilities). <Universe Shield: Phantom>, <Universe Shield: Manifest>, <Universe Shield: Reality>. Other than one being a shield and the other armor, there was no difference in these martial art techniques stages.

Chu Shen may have mastered all these techniques, but using them in combat was different. He had used them against beasts in the forest and sparring but a true life and death fight with a human opponent was different. It was more….intense. Until Chu Shen could use them proficiently in combat, he could really only be considered as having learned the technique and no mastering it yet.

As for cultivation. <Voids Child> had one stage called the <Voids Child: Mortal Stage>. This would last all the way until one could become a Natural Realm Cultivator. It was impossible for Chu Shen to master the first stage of his cultivation technique right now.

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Chu Shen not only practiced his martial arts, he also cultivated as well. Since the kids were constantly hunting magical beasts, beast cores were plenty. Chu Shen actually took half of them for his cultivation and the rest were sold in town. Chu Shen had used hundreds of beast cores to rapidly his cultivation in the past year.

No longer was he a Martial Practitioner Level 9, or a Peak Rank 3 mage. Instead he was a Martial Army Level 2, the equivalent of a Rank 6 mage. Chu Shen also became a Rank 4 warrior during this time, which delighted Master Ti Wu to no end. Don’t forget his Void King technique though.

<Void King: Skin Forging> (One can harden their skin and make it as hard as iron), <Void King: Muscle Tempering> (One’s muscles are tempered, increasing their strength tremendously), <Void King: Bones of Null> (One’s bones become soaked in null Qi, making them tremendously durable). 

Chu Shen previously completed 30 circulations. Now he could complete 39 circulations, one circulation away from mastering the 3rd stage of the <Void King> technique. His strength had also grown tremendously. His strength was now 538 tons of force, incomparable to his previous 60.25 tons. A normal martial artist would only have 290 tons of force so Chu Shen had almost double the strength of a normal martial artist.

Not only that, Chu Shen was also able to use his money to upgrade his hammer and crossbow’s living steel with different materials. They were now comparable to a High-Tier Martial Weapon, greatly suiting Chu Shen’s current combat capabilities.

Chu Shen was not the only one upgrading things though. Lucas had been a very busy boy indeed. Lucas was able to make a pocket dimension. They had such devices on his own world but they needed a massive amount of power to open first and stabilize. After they were stabilized, they didn’t require any power to sustain.

Lucas first made a fusion bottle. A fusion bottle uses magnetic fields and plasma to generate massive amounts of power with no by-products. The downside? The thing was the size of a room. It wasn’t exactly portable. Using the fusion bottle, Lucas was able to power the spatial creation device.

It used tachyons to open up a rift in subspace and then stabilize this rift. Afterwards one could access it with a teleporter tuned to the right frequency which was actually quite power efficient. The size of this subspace was fifteen football fields wide and could be made bigger if there was more power.

To some that might not be significant. To Lucas, this was everything. Now he could create some very highly technical items while not having to worry about hiding it from everyone. The first thing Lucas made was a teleporter inside the subspace. He already had one so that he could access the subspace from normal space but it was as big as a house so it was more convenient to have one in subspace.

With the teleporter, Lucas could teleport anything with a Quantum Transponder whether it was in normal space or subspace. Lucas then used the fabricator to construct a cradle free fabricator. This kind of fabricator could construct items with no size limit because it didn’t have to hold the object internally and could create it on the ground in front of it.

One might ask by this point, how did Lucas get these materials? Well, Lucas had actually planned everything out beforehand. Using the fusion bottle, Lucas was able to boost the range on his mineral scanner. As a result, Lucas was able to find a lot more key materials for his inventions. All he had to do was go out and mine them.

Lucas was able to create a couple things with the cradle free fabricator. For one, he created multiple versions of his body and then left his positronic brain inside the subspace. The subspace controller was inside his main body that he had been using since coming to this realm. With the Quantum comms and transponders, Lucas controlling his body from light years away was a cinch.

Lucas started making pretty much anything that came to mind. Satellites for orbital mapping, tracking, and bombardment were teleported into space. He created a small spaceship but never actually launched it. Turrets hooked up with beast cores were made but never used. Lucas placed positronic brains inside every copy of him and then loaded automating programs on them.

He built an antimatter generator as well which took up over two football fields inside the pocket dimension. Using quantum entanglement, Lucas was able to use the generator to power all of his replacement bodies at once. The antimatter created power far beyond that which his current body could handle. The most he could handle was the equivalent of a Rank 7 beast core. With that, his fake body could use 301 tons.

Lucas’ pride though was the Beast Cannon. Lucas bought sixty Rank 4 beast cores using the money from the weapons he made with the fabricator. There were 20 fire, 20 wind, and 20 earth type cores. He put them inside a cannon and used the [Channeling Inscription] and [Burst Inscription] to combine them all together. Once he fired the cannon, a beam of fire, wind, and rock would be launched at the enemy. It was terrifyingly strong.

So far Lucas and Chu Shen were lucky they weren’t forced to leave by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. It was time to stop tempting luck and finish their mission here.


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