[Arc 4] Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Chu Shen rested for a day at the camp. The next morning he woke up and immediately went to find Lucas. He found out Lucas had gone hunting and would be back soon. After an hour, Lucas came back with several dead primordial beasts.

Chu Shen went up to Lucas. “So Lucas, have we decided to do anything?”

Lucas nodded. “Yeah, since you came back the teachers decided it’s time to move on. We need to go to the town nearby and buy some supplies. After that we head out to the ruins of Garson.”

Chu Shen gave him an inquisitive look. “The ruins of Garson? What is that exactly?”

“Well, apparently there is some ruins nearby. It was a small town that didn’t have powerful mages or warriors. A small family group of Class 4 apes took moved by the town and was harassing the people there. Eventually the townspeople decided to leave since they couldn’t even farm properly.”

“As a result, Garson was abandoned, becoming a ruins. No one goes there because it’s a small farming town and it’s pretty far from other cities. There is simply nothing worth fighting those Class 4 apes for in Garson.”

“It’s about forty more miles from the town we are stopping by. It should take about a week, maybe a week and a half since we’re not trying to move at top speed like before.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, we should get moving.” Not long after, they left to resupply at the closest town. Two weeks later they arrived at the outskirts of Garson. That is, if a rotten wooden fence can be called the outskirts of any town.

Upon nearing Garson, Chu Shen and Lucas went ahead. They encountered over twenty of the apes that the previous citizens of Garson had problems with. However, only nine of these apes were Class 4 apes and these Class 4 apes were all apes in their prime.

The other apes were either old and had regressed to Class 3 apes or were young and had yet to mature. Chu Shen didn’t want to kill them and neither did Lucas. So Lucas and Chu Shen both defeated the Class 4 apes and then let them go. Immediately the apes left, scampering off scared for their lives.

With the problems of the apes solved, the remnants of the Rising Tide Sect flooded into the abandoned town. The teachers, along with Chu Shen and Lucas, used the materials they bought from the town to fix up the various houses.

Boards were nailed into place over holes in the buildings, with a hand being used instead of a hammer since they couldn’t afford to buy one. The town was in surprisingly good condition after being abandoned for ten years. By the end of the day, they had enough houses for all of the kids and the teachers.

The next day, Chu Shen was woken up by Master Ti Wu appearing in his soul form once again. ‘Hey, brat! It’s time for you to get to work here! It’s time for you to start changing these kids lives.’

Chu Shen yawned. “Yawn. What master?”

‘Hey! Keep your voice down, use your soul to communicate. Anyways, it’s time for you to start opening these kids meridians. Also, open those teachers meridians too. They should be able to appreciate the impact a lot more than those kids.’

Chu Shen nodded. ‘Okay master. I’ll start with the adults if that’s alright.’

Master Ti Wu nodded. ‘I was about to suggest that actually. Lucky guess brat, you better get started.’

Chu Shen found Su Gagi afterwards. He was the only teacher Chu Shen actually knew of. After he found him, Chu Shen took him aside, away from everyone else.

He sat down next to Su Gagi and looked him in the eyes. Of course, Chu Shen had to stare almost directly upwards to do so. “Listen Su Gagi, I need to know if I can trust you with a secret. This could get the entire world to hunt you down so I need to know if I can.”

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Su Gagi was visibly startled at this news. He had thought Chu Shen wanted to ask him some questions about warriors again, or maybe mages this time. ‘This must be extremely important for it our savior to say something like this.’

He gave a slight bow to Chu Shen. “You have saved us all so I do not doubt that none of us will betray you. All of the teachers here loved their students, to the point of laying down their lives for them. Anyone that was untrustworthy or was here for benefits has long since fled. Otherwise we would not have stayed with our students when the other sects tried to kill us.”

Chu Shen nodded. That made perfect sense. “Alright then, I believe I can trust you. Now, I have picked up a secret art that can allow me to change someone’s talent. Or rather, to create new mana rivers inside a person.”

What followed was the usual denial, disbelief, and then amazement. After Su Gagi had calmed down, Chu Shen explained what he was going to do. “I am going to send my Qi, I mean mana, into your body. I want you to send your mana along the same path as my mana. Eventually you will encounter a barrier. Force your way past and then you will open up a new mana river.”

Su Gagi nodded, still in shock from this astonishing fact. Inside he felt both hopeful and condescending. How could this method possibly create a new mana river? But at the same time, he wished he could create a new mana river. He himself was only a rank 4 warrior. He didn’t even have one mana river.

Chu Shen had him sit in the lotus position before sitting behind him. Using his spiritual sense, he had come up with a route through Su Gagi’s minor meridians on his back to the major meridian in his left arm.

Placing his hands on Su Gagi’s back, he took a deep breath. “Are you ready Su Gagi? Because we begin in three, two, one, now!” Chu Shen sent a small stream of Qi from his body. He had already disabled the nullification ability of his null Qi.

Su Gagi gasped as what seemed to be pure ice cold water flowed into his body. It first appeared where Chu Shen had his hands. He could sense it flowing through his body very slowly.

“Concentrate Teacher Su Gagi, I need you to concentrate. Make your mana flow in your body where mine does.” Startled, Su Gagi realized, he wasn’t really helping Chu Shen.

Su Gagi didn’t really know how to do what Chu Shen needed. He could control his mana, but not very finely. Concentrating, Su Gagi tried to force his mana to follow Chu Shen’s.

Chu Shen was starting to get frustrated. Su Gagi’s mana kept going all over the place. While his mana was in the right general area, his back, it was in over fifty different branches of minor meridians. This just wasn’t going well at all.

‘Fine. If I can’t make him go to the exact area, then I’ll just go straight to the major meridian. He should be able to follow me there.’ With that, Chu Shen had his Qi swiftly flow to Su Gagi’s left arm’s major meridian.

Su Gagi was immediately flustered. He had just starting getting the hang of manipulating his mana internally when that ice cold mana moved to his arm. Attempting to follow it, he manipulated his mana towards his arm.

As he got close to the ice cold sensation, his mana stopped. Something was blocking it. Su Gagi was stunned. This was his body, yet he didn’t even know that there was something inside his body that his mana couldn’t pass through?

“That is the barrier that I told you about. Gather as much mana as possible and force your way past it and you will gain a mana river.” Chu Shen was relieved that it was actually starting to work it out now. Though, he wasn’t sure if it was by skill or by luck that Su Gagi’s mana had reached the major meridian.

Su Gagi obeyed and collected as much of his mana as he could. Controlling it, he forced it towards the barrier. From the way Chu Shen had talked, it seemed as though this barrier was formidable. However, when he barely even touched it, it seemed to disappear.

A slight amount of mana flowed into him, increasing the mana inside his magic source by about ten percent. When Chu Shen saw this he was confused. Why did it seem so easy? But then it dawned on him.

The amount of mana Su Gagi had was already equal to a Martial Scholar. When one breaks through a meridian, all of the impurities are pushed out of the meridian and are stored in the other meridians, making them harder to breakthrough. As a result, the first major meridian is the easiest.

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The amount of mana needed to breakthrough the first major meridian was as much mana as a martial Student had. However, because of Su Gagi being a rank 4 warrior, he had more than ten times that amount. This was a side effect of cultivating an unorthodox cultivation method.

Su Gagi gasped as he felt a river flowing just past his body. This was the mana river! Chu Shen had not lied! He could truly change their talent! Eagerly, he forced the mana river to connect to his body, making it his own. He smiled unconsciously as it went through him.

Chu Shen had been enlightened as to how their cultivation techniques corresponded well together. One could say it was a dual cultivation method that practically defied the heavens!

He sighed. “Su Gagi, I believe we can unlock another mana river, maybe two. Are you willing?”

Su Gagi did not answer right away but instead kowtowed to Chu Shen. “Thank you savior, thank you! You have given me what I have always hoped for, the ability to become a mage. Thank you!”

Chu Shen did not stop him, it was better for thanks to be expressed this way than in other ways. “You’re welcome. Now, should we continue?”

Su Gagi bowed. “Yes, if you can savior.”


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