[Arc 4] Chapter 115

Chapter 115
Ti Wu’s Joy

‘So Master Ti Wu, should I learn their cultivation system?’

Master Ti Wu looked at Chu Shen blankly for a second. ‘Should you learn their cultivation system? YOU IDIOT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF YOU SHOULD BE CALLED MY DISCIPLE WITH THAT KIND OF QUESTION! You stupid brat!’

Chu Shen flinched as Master Ti Wu started yelling at him. His head started pounding as his loud voice echoed inside it. Master Ti Wu looked at him before sighing.

‘Do you not understand what this system is! It’s a unique cultivation system that allows one to use an attack far greater than should be possible for their cultivation level. Expanding the meridians just once can lead to you using an attack five levels stronger than your current level. If you keep on expanding your meridians, than attacks five stages above yours is not out of the question!’

‘Sure it might waste all the energy inside you in doing so. But everything has a price to pay. Don’t you understand? Normally such a boost of power would come at the cost of crippling your meridians or destroying your arm. To only be exhausted and still have that kind of might…. It is unthinkable!’

‘So many warriors would sell their arm for that kind of thing. Not to mention that using your null Qi, you can quickly refill your Qi by absorbing other people’s energy. So using such strong attacks repeatedly, so long as you have Qi to absorb, isn’t out of the question! To be honest, if the Void Sect had this cultivation system, I guarantee that it would have not gone down so easily.’

Chu Shen finally started getting it. This cultivation system was practically tailor made for him! Unleashing an attack far beyond his level and being able to do so limitlessly and without backlash. Such a technique….. Was truly frightening.

Chu Shen nodded. ‘Alright master, i’ll get started right away then.’

Master Ti Wu nodded. ‘You better. I’ll protect you and guide you while you do. Go away from the the group though, we don’t want them to hear you screaming in agony.’

Chu Shen nodded and quickly dashed away, using <Comet Travels Through> to surge forward with blinding speed. After he was a half-mile away, he stopped beside a large tree. He sat beneath the tree after scouting for primordial beasts.

Finally he started absorbing Qi. It surged into his dantian which was slightly drained from using . After it was full, he controlled his Qi to surge into his minor meridians. Not a single bit of Qi was left inside his dantian.

As Chu Shen kept absorbing Qi, an intense sensation came over him. His entire body started to itch. He continued absorbing Qi, ignoring the sensation. His meridians were filled to the brim and he had to fight every second to prevent his Qi from going back into his dantian.

The itching turned into a pinching sensation as time went on. At this point, one of his minor meridians cracked. Chu Shen let out a grunt as an intense burning sensation completely engulfed his left arm.

‘Keep it up Chu Shen! You can’t be distracted! Keep going!’ Ti Wu yelled at Chu Shen.

Chu Shen gritted his teeth and continued on. The burning sensation spread from his left arm to the rest of his body as his minor meridians started cracking. By this time, Chu Shen had already started screaming from the pain.

As the minor meridians cracked they started becoming bigger. At first it was barely noticeable. Soon though, they became fifty percent bigger around. Several cracks were in every single minor meridian. The burning sensation became so strong, that Chu Shen could have sworn he was inside a fire.

He could barely think straight. However, he kept absorbing Qi and containing it inside his minor meridians. Master Ti Wu was kind of shocked at the willpower that Chu Shen showed.

Chu Shen had just enough clarity of thought to realize that his meridians, which were now twice as big, seemed to have reached their limit. Anymore and they would shatter. Remembering what Su Gagi had said, Chu Shen stopped forcing his Qi and allowed it to flow back into his dantian.

Then he let a trickle of Qi to permeate all of his minor meridians. He observed his minor meridians with his spiritual sense. Using the trickle of Qi as fuel, his meridians repaired themselves. Growing new walls, his minor meridians fixed the cracks and gaps inside it.

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After he was done, Qi surged into his body and expanded his dantian. It was only a very slight amount though, not letting him advance to Martial Practitioner Level 10 from Level 9. It was from the widened minor meridians, allowing more Qi from the outside to flow into him.

Apparently this was how warriors expanded their dantian afterwards. Chu Shen however, wasn’t interested in such things. He got to his feet, sweaty and shaky from his painful experience.

Master Ti Wu faced him. ‘Well, how was it?’

Chu Shen shook his head. ‘It was definitely painful.’

‘Well, if you didn’t have a Void Constitution it would have been a lot more painful. Remember, your body doesn’t reject Qi otherwise it would have been twice as painful.’

Oh yeah. Chu Shen shrugged. ‘Well, I’m glad I don’t have to go through that.’

‘So you brat, are you ready to advance to a Rank 3 warrior? Right now you are only a Rank 2 warrior.’

Chu Shen paled. ‘Uh. I should get back before Lucas starts worrying. Bye master!’ Chu Shen left for the campsite quickly.

Master Ti Wu laughed and laughed as Chu Shen ran. ‘Aw man. I haven’t had so much fun since the Void Sect disappeared. Honestly, watching that pained expression brings back so many memories.’

Countless faces contorted in pain flashed through his mind at the moment. He became slightly gloomy at the memories of his former students. A moment later he shook his head. No use remembering the past. Right now he had a new student to tortu- ahem. Teach, a new student to teach.


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