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[Arc 4] Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Kids Turn

Su Gagi was able to open up another two mana rivers with Chu Shen’s help. Afterwards, Chu Shen found the other teachers to help them open up their mana rivers as well. Some of them, like the mage teachers, could only open up one.

This was because their magic source, the dantian, was filled from them connecting their previously opened mana rivers, major meridians. They could only open up one more mana river with the mana they had inside their magic source. It was actually similar to a martial artist breaking through to the next level in that regard.

All of them, however, were able to become Rank 4 mages with a few becoming Rank 5 mages. Not one was able to become a Rank 6 mage. Chu Shen not only opened their mana rivers, he also opened their mana network or minor meridians. This way, all of them were battle mages. Though of course, these new battle mages would need to expand their mana network. As of right now, they were only Rank 1 warriors.

Afterwards, Chu Shen became a bit flustered. Just how was he going to open the kids meridians? They were only nine years old at most! Well, besides the fourteen year old kids he had seen before. As for the others….

This was going to be tough. They needed the kids to sit very still and concentrate hard as well. Just how were they going to convince them to do that? Chu Shen found this problem abnormally difficult. Finally he brought it up to Lucas.

Lucas, upon hearing the idea, smiled at him. “That’s all you need to do? Don’t you know in my universe they called that school? All you have to do is give them a treat and they’ll fall right in line. How about I make them a little toy and if they do as we ask we give them the toy? I could make little action figures or dolls. I bet they would love that.”

Chu Shen just gaped at Lucas for a while. Now that he thought about it, it seemed like such a simple idea. Why didn’t he think of that. Finally, he nodded at Lucas. “Alright Lucas, you go ahead and make a sample of each kind of toy. Then we can use it to motivate them while you make more.”

Lucas nodded. “Okay then. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Chu Shen had to wait twenty minutes before Lucas came back with two small dolls tucked under his hands. Chu Shen quickly walked over to him, impatient to get started. “What took you so long? The fabricator only takes a minute to make something so trivial.”

Lucas shrugged. “Well, it wasn’t as easy as you think. I had several models already preloaded onto the fabber. The only problem was it required some materials we just don’t have. I had to design them on the spot and replace the materials just to make it. Than I went ahead and made each one have a slight variation in it’s face and body so that every child will have a unique one. They should like that.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Fine then. Let me get the teachers, they should be able to help us get the kids together.” The teachers were concerned about the abilities of the their students but were put at ease from the dolls that Lucas had made.

Working together, they brought all of the students to an empty courtyard. Once there, Chu Shen explained to the kids that he would be need their help with something and if they did they would get a toy, which he showed them. All of the kids seemed excited.

All except the two teenagers at the back. The boy seemed to be angry and the girl was depressed. Both were in complete contrast to the other happy kids. Chu Shen knew why they felt that way. He had asked the teachers after seeing them around the camp. They were the two disciples that caused the sects downfall.

One could imagine the kind of suffering they were going through mentally. The other kids had put up a sort of mental barrier, blockading off those painful memories. However, they most certainly did distance themselves from the cause of those memories.

Isolated from most comfort and without any support besides each other, it wasn’t a wonder the two teens became depressed. As for the anger, it was understandable. To have seen such bloodshed and yet no one seemed to be doing anything about it would cause anyone to be angry. Especially when such pointless things such as passing out dolls was introduced.

After the students were informed, they all left back to their various rooms. Except for the two teenagers. Chu Shen had asked them to stay. Eventually Chu Shen approached them.

“So I understand that the Rising Tide Sect was destroyed because of you two.” Chu Shen said matter of factly when he stood in front of them. Upon saying so, the girl burst into tears while the boys face became red with anger.

He jumped up, shaking his fist at Chu Shen. “What do you mean we caused the destruction of the Rising Tide! We had nothing to do with it, it was those other sects that destroyed the Rising Tide! Not us!”

Chu Shen nodded at the boys outburst. “Well, that might be true. Except they only attacked the Rising Tide sect because you were in it.”

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The boy just stood there, his hand clenched into a tight fist. Chu Shen watched him before he suddenly nodded. “Alright you two, I decided. Now, the other kids are all too young to grasp the true meaning of what this is, but you guys can.

I can unlock more mana rivers inside you and unlock your mana network as well. That is, if you are up to it. With the newfound power you can grasp, I believe getting revenge on the Ice Dragon, Golden Palm, or Asura sect would be easy.”

The girl looked up sharply as soon as Chu Shen mentioned unlocking more mana rivers. The boy seemed to become even more agitated after Chu Shen mentioned revenge. For a second it seemed as though he would snap. Finally, he calmed down.

He faced Chu Shen. “How can we know what you say is true?”

Chu Shen shrugged. “Well, if you ask the teachers they can tell you I already unlocked extra mana rivers in them. If you don’t believe you can trust what they say, then there is nothing else I can do to prove to you that what I say is true.”

The girl spoke up this time. “Is it dangerous at all?”

The boy swiveled towards her. “What do you mean ‘is it dangerous’!? Even if it was I would still do it! We both saw our mom die because of them!”

The girl sniffed before facing Chu Shen. “We will do it. No matter the cost.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Well, it won’t actually cost anything and it’s not dangerous either. All I want is promise you will not reveal what I do to anyone except the teachers and your classmates here.”

They both nodded without hesitation. Chu Shen smiled “Excellent! Now, I do believe we should introduce ourselves. My name is Chu Shen.”

The boy smiled. “I’m Aslo.”

The girl looked away shyly. “I’m Chrissa.”

Chu Shen clapped his hands. “Nice to meet you Chrissa and Aslo. I believe we will be good friends.”


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