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[Arc 4] Chapter 114

Chapter 114
Warriors Techniques

“So who is Su Gagi?” The five adults stood up upon hearing Chu Shen ask this.

Most of them were puzzled. Who exactly was this kid? He was using a defense technique that wasn’t part of their school but he was familiar with one of the teachers. However, other adults became shocked. These were the ones that saw Chu Shen before he left.

The wagon driver that had thanked Chu Shen when he had rescued them earlier turned towards the other people. “I would like to introduce this young man to those who do not recognize him. He is the young master that helped us while his friend stayed behind.”

Immediately everyone’s eyes lit up with recognition and they looked at this young kid with newfound respect. This was the person that saved them? He was the one that, with his servant/friend, killed their pursuers?

One of the adults on the far right cupped his hands and bowed towards Chu Shen. “Greetings. It is an honor to meet you young master. This humble one is Su Gagi, the teacher for the warrior students here.”

Chu Shen nodded. “It is an honor to meet you as well Su Gagi. I wish to talk with you about a couple things. Could you please follow me?”

“Of course young master.” Chu Shen dismissed his Cancellation Armor and walked off to towards the side of the road. Su Gagi followed him. The other adults were puzzled. What did they have to talk about?

Su Gagi himself was confused, though he didn’t show it outwardly. Chu Shen stopped and Su Gagi stopped beside him. Chu Shen turned towards him. “So, Su Gagi. I heard you are the one that teaches warrior cultivation techniques.”

Su Gagi nodded. “Yes, I am the one who teaches them.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Great, I never really studied warrior cultivation techniques. Would you mind sharing them with me?”

Su Gagi frowned. “Young master, are you a battle mage? If you are just a mage, I would not recommend you trying to learn these techniques. Any mage who has tried to do so before has either made no progress or killed themselves on accident.”

“Don’t worry, I am a battle mage.” At least by your definition, I am a battle mage. Chu Shen thought inwardly.

“Alright then young master. I will go ahead and share with you the warrior cultivation techniques. I warn you though, do not attempt to advance a rank if you are not prepared mentally. You must be steadfast in your convictions, otherwise the pain will distract you and cause your mana to deviate and destroy your body.”

“I understand, please teach me.”

Su Gagi sighed and started sharing with him the cultivation technique of warriors. “Warriors are born with a mana network. It is a series of small streams we use to send mana outside our bodies. However, these small streams limit our rate of absorbing mana. So warriors have learned how to expand the streams inside their mana network.”

“Essentially, all we have to do is make the streams bigger. However, that is a very tough job. How we accomplish it is by absorbing mana and dispersing it evenly inside our mana network without holding any inside our magic source.” ”

“Eventually our mana network will then become over saturated with mana, causing it to swell up like a balloon causing intense pain throughout our body. Though we do not know the specific reason, we assume it is because of the mana network expanding.”

“Eventually cracks will appear on the mana streams as it is forced to expand. After it is stretched to a point where it just below snapping, you stop absorbing mana.”

“Instead you must absorb the mana into your magic source and then spread out thin amounts of mana throughout you mana network. This thin amount of mana will then nourish the cracked and stretched mana streams. The body will then heal itself, making the stretched mana streams permanent and the body becomes even stronger.”

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“Later on, each warrior must repeat this process. However, as the mana streams have already expanded once, it requires even more mana to expand again. As a result, the pain becomes worse with each step. The body becomes even stronger as well though.”

Chu Shen nodded. All of this actually made perfect sense. As for the whole ‘we do not understand the specific reason for pain’, he did. Master Qin had previously explained to him about backlash of certain techniques.

It was because Qi would leak through the meridians and into the body. Then the body would become overloaded and could burst from the extra energy. This was the reason for the pain behind this technique. However, it was a very interesting cultivation technique.

“Thank you Su Gagi. Now, do you have a specific cultivation technique for your warrior students?”

He shook his head. “Well no. There isn’t any technique to cultivation. Instead there are some tips that teachers give. Schools are mostly about giving advice on cultivation and training them in techniques and how to fight. Other than that, schools give students resources and weapons.”

This was actually how all schools worked, including schools for mortals. Mortal schools could give advice on studying and learning along with providing tutoring or calculators. However, the actual learning was up to the student.

Chu Shen cupped his hands and gave a slight bow to Su Gagi “Alright. I think I am done talking about warrior cultivation but thank you for your time, Su Gagi.”

Su Gagi bowed. “It was an honor to talk with you young master. I will leave you then.” He walked back towards the other adults by the wagon. Upon arriving, they swarmed around him. Obviously they were very curious about what Chu Shen and Su Gagi had been talking about.

Master Ti Wu appeared in front of him. This was his soul form that couldn’t be seen by others unless he wanted them too. ‘So Master Ti Wu, what do you think of their cultivation system? It seems unique.’

Master Ti Wu immediately nodded. ‘I like it a lot. It is actually a lot like the Void King technique except it floods the entire minor meridian system with mana instead of just circulating through it.’

‘It has a stronger nourishing effect to the body compared to normal cultivators, but compared to the <Void King> technique, it still lacks power. With one breakthrough, it is equal to five circulations of the <Void King> technique but the Void King technique can be repeated multiple times. That is why it is superior. However, the benefit to discharging massive amounts of Qi is the true benefit of such a system.’

Chu Shen nodded. While he had some similar thoughts, Master Ti Wu was obviously a better judge. He even found several things that Chu Shen hadn’t seen, like the fact it strengthened the body.

‘So Master Ti Wu, should I learn their cultivation system?’


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