[Arc 4] Chapter 113

Chapter 113
Camp Out

Chu Shen appeared on the edge of the road. Glancing around, he spotted a horse-drawn wagon parked in a small clearing not far from the road. Smoke trailed upwards from the other side of the wagon. Lucas and the kids were visible on the other side.

It was two days after Tai Ju had attacked him. He had run out of the forest and back onto the road after he had ran three miles away from where they had met. Then he started running to meet up with Lucas.

Of course, he called Lucas with his comm telling them the Asura Sect had stopped their pursuit. He mentioned that one of the Agni Asura had gone mad and may come after them so to be careful. However, Lucas could take care of a lone Rank 5 Assassin fairly easy. Especially since their invisibility was neutralized with their scanners.

Lucas and the teachers had decided to stop and camp on the side of the road. Since they no longer had to flee for their lives, it was better to let the kids rest for a bit then continue pushing them.

For the past two days, they had stayed beside the road. Chu Shen sniffed the air. The smell of cooked meat filled the air. Lucas and the teachers would catch some normal beasts from the surrounding area for food when they were hungry and coincidentally, they were cooking some now.

Chu Shen’s body seemed to became a streak of light, coving the five hundred feet in the blink of an eye. A couple of the kids jumped as Chu Shen suddenly appeared between them. A thud sounded as air compressed slightly from his speed making everyone glance over at him

Lucas was in the middle of serving meat from a large metal. He didn’t even look up at Chu Shen. Instead he used the ladle he was stirring the pot with to dish out a couple hunks of meat. He threw the bowl towards Chu Shen, who caught it without spilling anything.

Chu Shen nodded at Lucas before immediately started eating, not even taking the time to sit down. For the past two days, Chu Shen had only eaten some dried meat. Compared to the meal they were having, it was severely lacking.

After Chu Shen had two bowls of meat, he finally wiped his mouth and sat down beside Lucas. Lucas had given up his job of dishing out food to one of the teachers who passed out food as well. They had just gotten started so there was a lot of kids lined up.

Lucas sighed. “Well, what do we do now? I mean, what’s the plan? We scared off the Asura Sect like we planned but what’s the rest of the plan?”

Chu Shen sighed as well. “I don’t know exactly, but first I need to talk to one of the teachers. First i’ll go ahead and talk to those teachers about learning the warriors technique for expanding their meridians. After that, we need to set up a more permanent place for these kids. Then I can start helping them with opening their meridians.”

Lucas smiled at him. “You know, you really are a bit too kind.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “It’s a better character fault then some others.”

“Agreed. Anyways, I believe that if you ask around, you should find an appropriate teacher to help you with the warrior training.”

He nodded. “Well, I’m off then. See you later Lucas.” Lucas nodded at Chu Shen as he stood up and went over to the teacher dishing out food. The teacher glanced up at Chu Shen and gave him an annoyed glance.

“Go and wait in line. No cutting alright?” Chu Shen almost tripped when he heard that. Of course, he did look young but this was just too much. Not even recognizing the person that saved them all, twice! Truly the legendary tales of ‘having eyes but not recognizing Mt. Tai’ weren’t exaggerated at all.

There truly was blind people in the world. Chu Shen shook his head. “Uh, no. I am not here for food. I wanted to ask where I can find the teacher that can help me with Warrior cultivation techniques.”

The teacher glared at Chu Shen. “Wait until i’m done serving food before you ask that. Can’t you see i’m busy brat?”

Chu Shen finally couldn’t take it anymore. “What kind of tone is that to the person who saved your life! Twice actually!”

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The teacher immediately reacted. “Daring to raise your voice to me brat! And to claim that you are the savior!? How bold of you! See if I don’t spank you silly for that!” He raised the ladle in a threatening manner at Chu Shen.

Chu Shen sighed. The people of this world not being able to sense the cultivation level of others sure was a hindrance. He thought back to when he scanned the assassins and warriors sent by the other sects. He had to admit, there was some benefits to him though.

Chu Shen didn’t feel like arguing though. Immediately, gray samurai armor appeared around Chu Shen. Intricate designs were visible on the armor. The surrounding kids gasped in shock and the teacher stumbled back slightly. He pointed his ladle at Chu Shen.

“H-h-how? None of the students know such a technique!”

Chu Shen rolled his eyes. “Because I am not one of your students you blockhead! Sheesh. You would think getting older would help you learn somethings but nope. I guess everyone can still be thick headed no matter their age.”

The teacher nodded rapidly. “I guess you are the savior then. My apologies for not knowing but you were only with us for half an hour. As for warrior cultivation techniques, ask for Su Gagi. He should be over there with the other teachers.” He pointed towards the wagon.

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, thanks.” He started to walk over to where the teacher pointed at. The teacher watched him for a minute before one of the kids bumped him in the side with their bowl.

“Um. Can I please have some food mister?” Her big round eyes looked up at him with an irresistible pleading stare.

The teacher shook his head to clear it before smiling at the girl. “Of course, here you go.” He was normally very sweet with such young ones. However, he was also strict about following the rules, which was why he got so upset with Chu Shen when he broke them.

Chu Shen walked up on a group of teachers all talking with each other. He hadn’t gotten rid of his <Cancellation Armor> since he didn’t want to repeat what had happened with the other teacher.

Upon seeing Chu Shen, all of them stood up. Chu Shen looked at them for a second. “So who is Su Gagi?”


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