[Arc 4] Chapter 112

Chapter 112
A Brothers Agony

Tai Ju swung his left foot over the horse’s saddle and jumped off the horse using it’s side like a springboard. He shot towards Chu Shen, drawing his sword in one fluid movement.

“SMILING LIKE THAT AT TAI MIN’S DEATH! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!” Tai Ju’s sword light up with silver light, becoming covered in lightning. He swung his sword at Chu Shen’s neck, aiming to behead him with one blow.

Chu Shen immediately became shocked at the sudden attack. Just what was this guy’s problem to attack someone like this? Utilizing <The Stars Dance>, Chu Shen avoided the blow, appearing ten feet away from the crazed Agni Asura. His body shield flickered into being, becoming a black shield around his body.

Gu Lan glanced over at the surprising scene. He sighed. Of course he understood that even the most cold hearted assassin would feel something after their brother died before his eyes. Of course, a true assassin would still put probabilities of success above their own emotions.

If Tai Ju needed to take his frustrations out on a Rank 4 warrior, that was understandable. However, it was indeed a bit embarrassing for an Asura Sect member to attack a Rank 4 warrior.

Gu Lan frowned. Make that a Rank 3 warrior. Surprisingly that Rank 3 warrior was already healed from his attack, and his body was also abnormally strong, making him think that kid was a Rank 4 warrior. How odd. Anyways, it wouldn’t matter when he was dead.

He turned a blind eye to the attack and rode even faster down the road. The other Asura glanced at each other but followed the Vajra Asura back towards the sect. Tai Ju’s horse stayed where it had fallen on the side of the road, from the force of Tai Ju’s kick.

Chu Shen faced Tai Ju. He held up his hands. “Whoa! I didn’t do anything to you so why are you attacking me? I mean, is this how the Asura Sect does things now?”

Tai Ju turned towards Chu Shen from where he had landed after attacking Chu Shen. “You smiled.” Came the cold, bone chilling voice from behind the demonic mask.

Chu Shen’s face became puzzled. “Huh? What does me smiling have to do with anything?”

“IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT!” Tai Ju screamed as he seemed to turn into a bolt of lightning. He shot forth at a speed that was near incomprehensible. Chu Shen reacted just as fast though. A circular shield made up of gray energy appeared before Chu Shen. Obviously this was the <Universe Shield>!

Tai Ju slammed into the shield, making it crack but it didn’t break. He stumbled backwards, blood coming from his forehead from the impact. His body shield finally flared to life. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT! NONE!” Tai Ju screamed as he swung his sword at the shield in front of him.

The shield dimmed for a second after being struck by that sword. Then it became even brighter, the cracks from earlier repairing themselves. “MY BROTHER JUST DIED! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SMILE!”

Tai Ju seemed oblivious to the fact that with every swing of his blade, the lightning on it dimmed and his enemy grew stronger. After the fourteenth blow, the lightning seemed to have disappeared entirely. Unconcerned, he continued bashing his sword against the circular shield with no mana infused into it at all. Ironically, this made the shield start to weaken even though the blows themselves were weaker. For a full minute he savagely beat the shield reinforced with his own mana. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT! NO RIGHT TO MOCK HIM! NO RIGHT TO BE HAPPY!”

Tears trickled down past the Agni Asura’s mask and into the folds of his clothes. His vision became blurry but he continued lashing out at the object keeping him from the one who disrespected his brother’s memory. Suddenly, the <Universe Shield> broke, shattering into pieces before fading into motes of gray light.


Chu Shen had taken off while Tai Ju had been smashing at the <Universe Shield> like a wild animal. Of course he wasn’t going to fight him! That was a Rank 5 warrior, the equivalent of a Martial Warrior. He himself was a peak Rank 3 battle mage, the equivalent of a Level 9 Martial Practitioner.

That was a difference of two ranks or two stages! Of course, Chu Shen had taken on a Rank 5 warrior before and won but that was when the Rank 5 warrior had been weakened. If he fought now and used all of his techniques, revealing his null Qi, than he could win and fairly easily at that since he was consumed with grief and rage. Without logic, it would be easy to lay traps for Tai Ju.

He had many trump cards on his person. His body’s strength was on par with a Peak Rank 4 warrior. His null Qi allowed them to fight on even grounds when it came to mana/Qi. His techniques were advanced ones that were more powerful than their ‘parlor tricks’, as Master Ti Wu had said. All of these were trump cards to use in life or death situations.

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However, so what if he did kill the rank 5 warrior? There was still two more Rank 5 warriors just down the road that were much more cool headed. If he fought them, he would probably be severely injured even if he did win. Not to mention that Rank 6 warrior.

The Rank 6 warrior was too much for him to handle right now. If Chu Shen fought with him, he could put up some resistance. Enough to last for a minute or two. However, he would still die in the end.

To sum it all up, whatever the outcome of this fight, he would die. The perfect example of a lose-lose situation. So why should he stubbornly fight and reveal his secrets when he didn’t need to?

It would be better to take the opportunity to escape from that berserk Asura while he was obsessed with destroying the <Universe Shield> than to fight and die. Using <Comet Travels Through>, Chu Shen had already ran over three hundred feet away  whenever he could no longer supply Qi to the shield.

Luckily as a true martial art, it could hold it’s form for a while even without him being connected to it. As a result, Tai Ju bashed at the shield for another minute before it broke. He was so consumed with grief and rage that he didn’t even notice the abnormal Qi that made up the shield that Chu Shen had conjured.

His head swiveled back and forth, looking for Chu Shen. Unfortunately, Chu Shen was already a quarter mile away inside the forest. “AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Tai Ju screamed as he realized that he had been tricked.

As Chu Shen escaped from that dangerous situation, he heard Tai Ju’s blood curdling scream and shivered. The last thing he heard as he rushed to meet with Lucas was the words Tai Ju screamed.



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