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A Chapter where the Heroine Reflects on the Importance of Childhood

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Author: TrashyHuman Original Source: Scribble Hub

Safety wasn’t a simple word for Jennifer. It had a very important place in her heart. And it’s perfectly understandable. After all, from the very moment she had been transported to Ulte, her life was lacking safety.

When she appeared she was greeted with a very big and pompous reception and, god knows, it was truly a heavenly stroke of luck for both Jennifer and humanity that she was in an inebriated state at that time and had little control over her own behavior.

The people that had summoned her didn’t care for her own personal circumstances, previous identity or her will at all and forcefully assigned her the heavy burden of a hero.

How heavy was the title that was placed on her shoulders? For countless generations already there had been many summoned heroes. All of them with no exception had to put their life on the line to protect the whole of humanity, putting endless amounts of effort into the monumental task.

On Ulte, humanity didn’t mean simply the human race. No, Ulte’s humanity was the amalgamation of many races, big and small, with billions of people and hundreds of thousands years of history and development of their cultures and societies.

To protect humanity meant to protect all of these people and all of that history, to be the wall separating the life and death of an entire civilization and be the decisive factor of whether a new era would come or not.

Being a hero came with the kind of responsibility that Jennifer just wasn’t ready or willing to take up.

And the very first moment that she appeared on a completely new planet in a completely foreign universe to her, the very top of the country she was summoned to wanted to push the huge responsibility on her shoulders without any question or concern for her own opinion.

During her stay in the castle, there hadn’t been a single soul that even bothered to doubt whether she would become a hero or not.

Jennifer wasn’t an idiot. She could easily see what kind of burden was placed on her and, because of it, her, at that time, neutral opinion on humanity began to fall at the speed of a comet.

All she desired, all she yearned for with all her heart was just a little bit of safety. She wasn’t a strong person who could weather all tribulations that Fate threw her way. She wanted to escape, disappear and seek out the safety she deserved.

And, miraculously, she got her desire.

A person of mighty influence, great personal power and deep wisdom, Lachersia Luster, was willing to protect her. Jennifer would never accept the help if that person had any hidden intentions and Jennifer was very good at seeing through people’s intentions. But Lachersia only wanted to help Jennifer because of a strange and wonderful bond they were able to nurture in a very short time.

And so, Jennifer found her safe haven. She found a place in the new world where she could experience happiness and joy every day.

But of course, there would be those dissatisfied with how things ended up. But of course, there would be those that wanted to selfishly drag Jennifer out of her place of safety.

Jennifer didn’t have a strong understanding of the concepts of justice, morality, right and wrong. She didn’t understand why something was considered right while another thing wrong but when she found out about the intentions of those people, her heart screamed at how unjust those people were, how wrong what they were doing to her was.

Because her memories from the previous life disappeared, Jennifer was a very pure person from a certain point of view. Her emotions were simple and her responses also lacked the shadow of worldly experience.

In a way, she was a child. When a child suffers an injustice, they want justice, but more than that, they want vengeance. When they get hurt, they want to bring tens, hundreds, thousands times the pain they suffered to those who hurt them.

What made Jennifer different from normal children was that she had both the means and the ability to carry out such self-gratifying payback.

Thomas Laras was a man with a big heart. That is, if you word it kindly. If you word it right, he was a gigolo.

Back when he was a young man he had pursued dozens of women. His passion knew no bounds and his hands reached women from many backgrounds.

With time, he became more mature and he settled down. He no longer pursued worldly desires and he took his duties as a Duke very seriously. The territory under him prospered and the people loved him.

Still, his past inevitably caught up with him. He had many wives and concubines and his children couldn’t be counted on both hands. Naturally, there was a great struggle for succession where any and all means were used.

The Duke had a weakness. There was once a commoner woman that he became interested in. At first, it started out as a momentary desire, a fleeting passion, a game. But later it evolved into the only time in his life that he had experienced romantic love and emotional attachment.

Their love bore fruit and the two had twins. Unfortunately, the woman he loved died during labour but the twins came out healthy. The Duke had no heart to despise the twins for their mother’s death. In fact, as they were the only thing that his lover left him, his affection for them grew day by day.

Because of the strife in his family, he couldn’t simply introduce the children into his household. He couldn’t even leave a single hint of their relationship to him. That was why he sent them to a village close to a big forest where he would usually go hunting. He even sent two adventurers loyal to him to look after them as they grew up and he periodically visited them while being disguised as a merchant.

He spent a lot of money and resources and effort to make sure that the twins grew up well and safe.

And this morning, he received the news that the village that the twins were at was burned to the ground with the twins missing.

People tend to prioritize their offsprings over themselves, was what Jennifer had understood during her time in Ulte. It was a strange observation that she couldn’t sympathize with, but Lachersia said that this observation was correct.

Unlike Earth during middle ages, Ulte had advanced magic that was fairly accessible and the rate of mortality among the populace was very close to that of the first-world countries from Earth in modern times. Children with the gift for magic or spell-casting could easily earn large sums of money and even if they had no such talent, with good enough education they could still make it big.

That was why it was fairly normal in general to have 1 to 3 children in a single family and put the resources in them. Which, in turn, caused the society to put a lot of emphasis on childhood and the ideas of valuing and treasuring children. As the various goods and services targeted towards children made more money, those ideas became more and more deeply rooted in the society of many human countries, Trelos-Agapi included.

That was why Jennifer was very happy when she found out a very fun secret that the leader of the faction opposing them had when she tried to dig up dirt on him.

She weighed the pros and the cons and the likelihood of her plans going astray, she had consulted with Lachersia a lot and they decided that their little plan might as well work and save them the trouble of dealing with the pesky nobles.

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