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Chapter 94: Deus EX

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Deus EX!”

Tenebria who was still sitting on the sidelines spoke those words. And when Tempus heard them, a vein popped on his head and he strongly clenched his fists.

“Don’t screw with me! Deus EX is a power… a state of brute instinct and destructive force. Since the beginning of time itself, there have only been 3 Gods that were able to achieve that state. It requires a complete empty mind. You’re saying this girl’s mind is empty?”

“Almost. You are correct, it is a state hard to achieve. One must focus on their instincts alone and ignore everything else. The surroundings, the sounds… and think of nothing. No complex strategies, no ‘what if I throw this punch or that feint’. But right now, in Milla’s head there is only one word engraved. Kill!”

“This freak show has gone long enough! I will accelerate my body 10 times. I will kill her with speed!”

Covered in a bright green aura, Tempus dashed towards Milla with a frightening speed. He threw so many punches that he gave off the feeling that he had multiple arms. However… none of them landed. Milla perfectly dodged all his attacks with paper thin difference. Various ghostly afterimages of her were formed. Regardless if it was a punch or a kick, Tempus couldn’t land a hit at all.

“Curse you! Stay still… and Eat this!!!”

Tempus tried twisting his body and doing a roundhouse kick, but Milla once again vanished and appeared behind him. The loli took a moment to analyze her own body, the heat that it was emitting and the blue flames.

“If you’re so fast that just means I just have to stop time again. You’re finished! TOKI WO TOMARE!”

Once again the flow of time was stopped. This time, Tempus didn’t want to play around anymore and charged towards Milla with full speed. And just when his punch was about to connect… the loli stopped his fist with her tiny palm.

“Impossible! You… you can move after all!?”

“The same trick won’t work twice on me. Now burn.”

In the next moment azure flames ignited from her palm and engulfed Tempus.


Because of the pain he felt time returned to normal.

“It hurts… it f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ hurts!!! These flames… why can’t I reverse them? Why could you move… don’t tell me… you’re actually burning the concept of time itself!?”

But the loli didn’t answer. She took another look at her palm, before declaring:

“Okay. I guess I got used to this power. Playtime is over now.”

And with that the lolis’ brutal assault started. She leaped and closed the distance between them in an instant. A strong punch hit Tempus right in the face and sent him flying. The shockwave created was so strong that even the ground which was made by the gods started to crumble. But the loli didn’t stop there.

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She pursued the flying god and circled behind him, landing a powerful kick in his back.


Tempus was propelled straight into the air. Milla continued her pursuit. She flew at a hight greater and then nose dived with her fists forward crashing into Tempus and forcing him into the ground. The whole floating island started to crack from the impact. The dust didn’t even get the chance to clear as it was forcefully blown away.

Milla grabbed Tempus by his deer antler and smacked him on the ground left and right, creating crater after crater, before eventually tossing him away.

This is absurd… how can she be this strong? I… can’t even defend or restore myself… calm down. She threw me away now… find some cover and…

But before he could even finish his thoughts, a tiny hand was placed on his shoulder slowing down his momentum.

“So… how do you like the feeling? To not be able to react to your opponents’ moves?”

Cold sweat ran across Tempus’s face. But before he could answer that…

“I told you… I won’t forgive you.”

Milla slammed the God onto the ground again. As she stood above him she wrapped her hands in the blue flames.


And started punching in his chest. With each hit, the crater they were in became bigger and bigger. Tempus couldn’t react at all. Because of the speed he was getting hit, his body could only twitch and release spasms, vibrating from the impact. His face became more and more distorted and convulsing repeatedly.

As Tenebria was still observing them a few of the other Gods that felt the pressure approached her.

“Is that really a mortal?”

“She totally looks like a monster.”

“Unreal… such brute strength…”

“Te… Tenebria-san. Aren’t you going to stop them?”

“I can’t.”

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“But if this continues then…”

“I can’t. With her current mindset, there is no stopping her. As long as those flames keep fueling her… she is probably just as strong as me. I have the advantage of not having a mortal body… but if I step in it would only shake the God Realm even more. That goes for all of you, too. If any of you try to interfere… she will kill you. None of you are a match for her.”

As Tenebria was giving her warning, with one more strong punch, Milla completely made the floating island break up into large floating pieces. The spot were they were previously was filled with smoke. And when it cleared, the only visible thing was Milla floating, holding Tempus by his neck. His body was severely injured. He looked exactly like a ragdoll.

“Well? Was that enough for you to get off your high horse and stop looking at mortals like trash?”

Milla tossed him on one of the floating rocks. Tempus couldn’t move anymore.


“What was that?”


“I can’t hear you.”

“Sorry… I’m… sorry… please… forgive me… spare me…”

“It looks like you learned your lesson. But… no. You wanted to hurt my family. I told you before. No matter how you beg for your life, I won’t spare you.”

Milla pointed her index finger in the same manner as if her hand was a pistol. Azure flames started to gather at the tip forming an energy ball.

“Milla! That’s enough! You don’t have to kill him. You’ll only get in more trouble.”

“Stay out of this, Tenebria. You said yourself that the only rule here is that gods can’t kill other gods. I’m mortal so that doesn’t apply to me.”

The loli looked straight at Tempus. And without any hesitation at all…

“It’s over. Take this! [Azure Dragon Strike]!”

A burning blue flaming dragon head attached to a snake like body appeared. It generated countless electrical sparks. All the debris vanished the moment it made contact with it. And the blast was headed straight for Tempus. However…

“This, I can not allow!”

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A voice was heard. It didn’t come from any direction. It felt like it came from the sky, but when Milla looked up… a purple laser beam fell from the sky and clashed with her attack. The two blasts cancelled each other out and Tempus survived. All the Gods started prostrating themselves, Tenebria included.

“You’ve done it now Milla. The one true God that governs all, the creator of all, the Almighty One… is here.”

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