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Chapter 95: Punishment… or not

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Crap. One thing just keeps leading to another. To think even with this much power at my disposal… my attack was negated. From the sky a figure descended towards the ground. It was a humanoid body but… it was something like I never seen before. It’s body was big. Roughly 2 meters tall. And muscles on the level of a bodybuilder. But that wasn’t the weirdest part. The body was black. A complete jet black. And across it’s body it was always like he had stars shining like a clear night sky. His body felt totally like a different dimension. His eyes were completely washed in white. No pupils at all. Is this really… supposed to be the one true God?

The moment he landed on the ground he snapped his fingers. A bright light was generated, and in the next second the floating island that I shattered was as good as new. In the next moment he looked at me. He started at me for a few seconds. Then, there was a pale red color shining in his eyes.

Before I knew it I took a small jump backwards and waved my hand as if I was deflecting something. But I couldn’t catch it clearly. The next moment, small explosions trigger behind me. Did he just attack me just by glaring at me?

“So it really is true. A mortal was able to use Deus EX.”

Was that attack meant just to confirm my powers?

“Well then, let us drop the hostilities for now. Young miss, would you be so kind as to stop using that form?”

“You think I was born yesterday? I need it, otherwise you and the other gods would jump at me.”

“I give you my word, nobody will lay a finger on you in my presence. And besides, I’m saying this for your own good too. Your body…”

As he said those words, cracks started to appear on my body. My check… my right leg… cracks as if glass was shattering. My Phoenix Resurrection kicked in and it seemed to have everything under control, but… as soon as a crack was healed, another would appear somewhere else.

“…it reached it’s limits. That power can’t be contained by a mortal body. Gods don’t have physical bodies, but in your case… you’re a balloon that can pop at any moment.”

He’s right. I can probably still fight a bit longer… but my body… it hurts. And if this thing shatters me to the point that not even a hair strand is left… there’s no coming back. Well… if he is the one true God, then I doubt he would lie. So for now… I deactivated my power.

Tempus also had time to slightly restore himself and got on his feet.

“My Lord, I am deeply grateful. Thank you for saving this life of mine. Please… give me the power to punish this mortal in thy name.”

“Calm yourself, Tempus. This mortal hasn’t done anything wrong. She didn’t break any rules.”

“But… even if that is true in the God Realm, she still messed with the flow of time and…”

“Tempus, enough! That isn’t her fault. It’s the fault of the God in charge of her. I hereby declare that Milla Walpurgis is to be allowed to return with no consequences.”

The Almighty One then turned his gaze over to Tenebria.

“The one that must take responsibility, is you Tenebria. You have favored this mortal too much, which has led us to this current situation. That’s why, you are the one that needs to be punished.”

Tenebria lowered her head. She didn’t respond. She couldn’t. She knew that nobody can defy the Almighty One. She could only stand and wait for the blow to be delivered. Mortals have an afterlife, regardless if they go to heaven or heal. But when a God dies… he simply stops existing. Eternal darkness. No memories… akin to falling into a dreamless eternal sleep.

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As God was preparing to get closer to Tenebria…

“Hold it right there!”

I stepped in between them with both my hands extended as if blocking the path.

“Milla, what are you doing!? You’re only gonna get in more trouble. It’s okay… just go back and…”

“No! Listen you, I don’t care how powerful you are! You’re not taking Tenebria away from me!”

“B… Baka! What are you saying at a time like this!?”

I slightly displayed the blue aura I had earlier.

“Haven’t I made it clear? If you use that power again you’ll…”

“Die? Says who? I’m tired of everyone telling me what I can and can’t do. Those things are for me to decide. And me alone! Who says I won’t survive? I am the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis! I am the person that makes the impossible possible! And I’m not handing Tenebria over to you! She… she’s also an important person… she’s practically family too!”

Tenebria quickly turned bright red.

“What are you saying all of a sudden!? Baka Baka Baka! I… hate you!”

“I know that’s not true. Tenebria, you know better than anyone that I never abandon my family, no matter what. It’s just who I am. So you know why I can’t back down.”

I have no way of winning. I know that. But I am confident that I can get at least one punch in. But as I was having those thoughts…

“Heh… hahaha!”

The Almighty One let out a big laughter. What’s so funny?

“Tenebria, I understand why you like this mortal so much! She’s very amusing. It’s been decades since I saw someone with her spirit. But… she is a handful. And I still need to punish you. So… your punishment will be… to reincarnate as a mortal and live a mortal life. You shall live the rest of your given lifespan alongside this girl, and your divinity will be revoked!”

Both me and Tenebria didn’t know how to react. Eventually, a bright smile appeared on Tenebria’s teary eyes. It was probably the happiest smile she ever displayed.

“T… Thank you so much! I gladly accept your punishment!”

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With his hands behind his back the God came closer and bent over as if to whisper something in Milla’s ear.

“Just because I am the Almighty One, doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart. A new Demon God will be appointed, but we will miss Tenebria. But her heart belongs near you. I am the creator of all, and I love all my creation. Such emotions… I was touched by them. Live your lives as you see fit, and let’s meet again when you pass on.”

Tenebria was getting more and more embarrassed and waved her hands around in a panicked manner. She was so cute. Who would of thought that I would actually get to meet the True God. Turns out he really is a nice person.

“Now off you two go. You wouldn’t believe how busy I actually am keeping the universe in balance! I can’t take breaks like this for too long. I wish both of you all the happiness in the world!”

And with those final words he Infinity Snapped us away in small light particles. My time spent in the God Realm came to an end.

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