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Chapter 93: Milla vs Tempus Part 2

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub


This wasn’t good. Tempus was seriously beating me to a pulp. I can barely defend myself. This doesn’t make any sense. At first I can clearly see his fist coming straight for me, I prepare to guard and in the next second it vanishes and hits me from a completely different direction. He was punching and tossing me around like a doll.

“Give up already. You can’t win this. If you get on all fours and beg for forgiveness I will overlook this disrespectful manner of yours.”

“Shut… up! You think I’m gonna let you have your way? I’ll never stop!”

“Then I will keep making you suffer until you’re unconscious. I can’t kill you, but I can break every bone in your body.”

I gotta figure his trick, or else I’m done for. One with the sun keeps me going, but my mana isn’t like his. Eventually my power will run out. I once again looked closely at him. And once again he vanished. However…


Just like a horse, I kicked blindly behind me, and surprisingly my kick landed in his gut and sent him flying a few feet.

“Tsk… how did you do that?”

“Even if I can’t see you, I kinda learned your combat rhythm. You always pretend to come straight, but always get behind my back.”

Maybe if I can adjust my movements a bit…

Once again he came straight for me. A barrage of fists came at me from random directions, but this time, I blocked all of them and shoved my burning fist straight in his face.


Yosh! I can handle it.

“Insolent whelp! I tried showing you mercy, but that’s over now!”

The next moment, before I knew it I was hit so hard that I ended up rolling on the ground. What just happened? This time he didn’t move at all. I never lost sight of him.

“Do you see now? If I want I could end you in an instant. Well, from your perspective, that is.”

As Tempus walked slowly towards Milla, the world has stopped moving. Time was his domain. He had the power to completely stop time.

“This is my world. A world where only I exist. If I wanted I could chop off your head without you knowing. From your perspective, it would suddenly fall on the ground. I wonder what should I do with you? Should I tear your clothes, break your limbs?

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No. You were insolent and dared to challenge a God. A mighty blow is the only suitable punishment.”

And as Tempus was preparing to deal the blow, he suddenly stopped his hand a few inches from hitting Milla.

“Did my eyes deceive me!?”

The reason why he stopped is because Milla’s index finger started to twitch. He suddenly jumped back and took some distance.

“No. I’m not imagining it! She… moved. How can she move? Is she doing that subconsciously? Absurd! This is my world. Can… she even see me?”

Tempus once again allowed time to flow.

“Mortal… could you see me just now?”

But the crimson haired loli didn’t respond.

“I asked you a question! Did you see me!?”

“Who knows.”

“You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲… it doesn’t matter!”


In the next moment a huge shockwave formed around Milla. Bruises appeared suddenly all over her body and the impact literally broke her out of her One with the sun form.

Milla staggered and was desperately trying to keep standing on her feet.

“I won’t let you off so easy. I will make you suffer. For the ignorance you are displaying, I won’t stop with just your maid. I shall claim the lives of all your personal servants! And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

This time Tempus didn’t stop time. He clenched his fist and charged towards a pathetic Milla. Or so he thought. The moment he wanted to drive his fist into her… his fist only hit a ghostly figure similar to an afterimage.

“What’s this? Some sort of last resort trick?”

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Milla was now standing behind Tempus, in the same wobbling state. Tempus once again approached her. 1 punch, 2 punches, 3 punches. Milla dodged all of them with her eyes closed. At this point she clenched her tiny fist and hit Tempus in the stomach, creating a jet stream shockwave behind him.


He staggered for a moment. Milla’s body was starting to emit heat and light. It was totally different from her previous heat. And the light was pale blue. It gave the impression that Milla was being wrapped in blue flames.

“You’ll kill everyone close to me? Don’t screw with me. I ain’t ever gonna forgive you!!


Milla’s scream soon transformed into a vicious roar similar to her dragon voice. The blue flames burst violently around her. Her crimson hair also turned blue, being engulfed by the flames.

“Heh… hehehe…… ahahaha!”

Tenebria was displaying a smile as bright as the sun and laughing. But it wasn’t an ordinary laugh. It was a laugh filled with pride.

“You did it! Milla, you actually did it! You’ve surpassed every possible limit… you’ve achieved something no mortal was capable… that power… a limited number of Gods ever achieved it. And I know what your otaku brain is thinking right now and I will admit it is similar, but totally different. But go on… say it! Say it with all your might!”

As Milla finally opened her eyes, her emerald and crimson eyes were shining strongly… she also had an expression filled with rage. And then… she opened her mouth:

“Migatte no gokui!”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you should’ve finished me while you still had the chance. Because right now, you can’t beat me anymore. Get ready….”

The loli suddenly disappeared from where she was standing. And like a mist appeared right behind Tempus. And in the next moment, 3 invisible punches hit Tempus and sent him flying.

“…. Because no matter how much you beg for your life, I won’t spare you.”

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