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Chapter 92: Tenebria’s Feelings

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

~ Tenebria’s point of view ~

I am the Demon God. Although my true name can’t be pronounced in the mortal language, I became known as Tenebria. Us gods don’t have genders. We don’t even have physical bodies. I took this form when I first met the mortal Ryusei Homura and transferred his soul into Milla Walpurgis. And ever since then I became attached to this cute loli body.

Giving her the title of Demon King of Insanity was the right choice. She always seems calm and collected, but from this worlds’ point of view, many of the decisions made by that twisted perverted head of hers can only be described as insane. I’ve watched you for quite some time, Milla, and there was never a moment I got bored.

The first thing that shocked me was that you awakened to yuri so fast. You accepted that the morals and teachings of your former world don’t apply here. Even with the body of a girl, you realized you were still male inside and went in that direction. I won’t blame you there, because females are prettier. In this world, except for nobles and well educated people, almost all males are disgusting. They are filled with sweat, stink and even when they do take baths in rivers they fail to clean their c̲o̲c̲k̲s̲ properly.

As I watched your evolution… living your life as you pleased I often found myself laughing and saying words like ‘amazing’ or ‘how did you come up with that’. In truth, that’s the sort of person you are. Someone unpredictable. You’ve always been like this ever since the first day I met you. Always ready to meet the next challenge even if it’s bigger than you are.

At first you realized that you were weak. You asked Grace to start training you. But even so, you weren’t on the level of other Demon Kings. You originally used your brain and your otaku knowledge to overcome the situations thrown at you. I gave you access to Origin Magic, but you used a very unusual and primitive form of casting it. But regardless, you pulled it off.

You managed to melt the heart of not just one, but 2 Demon Kings to the point that they are now your friends and obedient servants at the same time. You didn’t even bother learning your own unique Demon King ability. Your ability should be Madness Enhancement. On your territory, for a short duration, by sacrificing your reason and all forms of defensive abilities, including your Phoenix Resurrection, all your powers will increase times 10. It’s a far superior Berserker Mode. But you didn’t need it at all.

Your unique way of being… well you… has shacken this world. Revenge is something I can relate to. So killing your former classmates, although it seems completely wrong, given that they were scumbags and allied themselves with those church bastards….. they more than deserved their deaths.

With each battle your power increased so dramatically. You grew at a frightening level. But even with all your power, stuff like world domination wasn’t in your mind. No. You didn’t gain power for your sake. You got it for the sake of those around you. It sounds so cheesy… By the power of love and friendship… Blah blah blah…

But all that works for you. You haven’t been corrupted by greed or pride. In fact, it’s because you lack the pride of other Kings that probably got you this far. You just want to live a carefree life. I understand that. Doing lewd things to the women around you, I can understand.

At times I did felt jelous. To think a virgin, can stay a virgin but also have enough skill to please any woman… it sounds unrealistic. I know what lust is, but as a God, I never indulged myself or experienced pleasure. Watching you… I couldn’t help but not think how it would be like to feel your hands on my body… if I actually had a real one. I so wanted to feel your soft hands…

Everyone calls you the one that can make the impossible possible. And it’s true. Since all my years of governing the demon continent you are the first mortal that found it’s way back to me. Moreover you wanted to be friends with me… a friend… I felt flustered. I had mixed feelings. To think that a mortal is asking a God to be friends… my heart softened up.

Gods are supposed to be impartial. But you reached my heart. I couldn’t help it. So I favored you and made lots of exceptions for you. Even when the pseudo goddess peeled you out, I ignored the rules and sneaked around to meet you. Holding hands with you back then felt pleasant, but I still prefer your loli form.

I followed your life, Milla. From the day I discovered you I was always by your side. And I don’t regret a thing. All your battles, all your sex moments, all your happy daily life… I saw them all too. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’ve slightly fallen for you. Now that you are a dragon, there is hardly anyone that can challenge you.

But now, my fear came true. I saw that Milla was planning to use time magic. Normally I should have crashed her spell. But I didn’t. I made a gamble. My brother Tempus once fell asleep. Not because he needed it. He simply wanted to experience it. And because of that… the flow of time got a little bit… messed up. I covered for his mistake back then. And I really thought because of that he would let this slide.

It didn’t turn out like that at all. He called me and Milla here for his precious balance. But I knew the moment he was about to put any of Milla’s friends in danger, avoiding a fight would be impossible. I couldn’t help her during the fight. But I did give her a boost on our way here. If it were me I could defeat Tempus with ease. But a mortal’s body has limits.

And Milla is pushing those limits to the edge. I’ve seen all the possible outcomes of this fight. And among those that Milla actually wins, there is one that stands out the most. If she will actually go that route… it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a miracle. Time is your biggest enemy right now. But you, who has earned my respect… I know you’re going to surpass it. The speed you are struggling against isn’t speed at all. Tempus is stopping time. That’s why you feel his speed is too great and you can’t react at all. In his world of stopped time he can move freely while you are stuck in place, not being able to react at all. But… even time isn’t omnipotent…

I can see just how much you are struggling right now. You are scared. Not scared about the pain or the fact that you don’t know how to counter Tempus. But scared about losing your family. Harness that fear. A predator driven into a corner is the worst type to deal with. Don’t give up! Always remember, my cute little Demon King, you are the best! You are number 1! You are the strongest! Become someone who can stand proudly by my side.

Now go! Endure his beating a bit longer and then fight back. Destroy all logic and release your true potential! Shatter everything that binds you! Ignore all laws… ignore everything! Destroy all! Make me proud, Milla!

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