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Chapter 90: Meeting the God of Time

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

After our special training, I felt that the 3 of them really did grow. So after that day came to end I wanted to get a good sleep. It didn’t take me long to drift into dream land.


Hmm? What the…? I felt like I just hit the floor. Did I roll over in my sleep and fell off the bed? No. That doesn’t make sense. My bed is huge. It’s unlikely I fell off it. But then… what happened?

As I try getting up and rub my eye so I can get a better look around, all I can see… Darkness. Everywhere you look, no matter where you turn… Darkness. This place feels familiar. And my hunch was right, because a voice called out to me from behind.

“Took you long enough to wake up, you slowpoke!”

“Huh!? Tenebria?”

“Of course it’s me. What did you expect?”

“Are we in my dreams or something?”

“No. You’re here physically.”

It’s been a while since me and Tenebria had a chat. Ever since the fight with the pseudo goddess. I wonder what business did she have with me this time. Maybe…

“Did you perhaps bring me here because you were lonely and wanted someone to play with?”

The loli Demon God slightly blushed at my words.

“B….BAKA! Who would do something like that? Hmph!”

She was cute. It was worth a shot.

“Listen Milla, this time it’s serious. You got me in trouble!”

Trouble? What did I do now!?

“I told you this before, but using time magic is forbidden for mortals. When you helped Lorina you broke that law.”

“I like to consider it as more like… bending the law instead of breaking it. It’s not like I turned the world backwards. It was just a single person.”

“Milla, this isn’t a joke. You can’t talk your way out of this one.”

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“So then… what’s the issue?”

“My brother… the God of Time, wants to meet you.”

“Brother? Do gods even have those types of relationships?”

“We were created by the Almighty One from the same shard. Leave it at that.”

Tenebria was serious. She got off her throne, waved her hand and opened a portal.

“This is a great honor. I’m going to take you to the God Realm. So keep your mouth shut and come with me.”

What else could I say. I could only nod and walk through the portal.

When I got on the other side, I couldn’t believe my eyes. If you ever saw the old Disney movie Hercules, I can only describe the God Realm as Mount Olympus. Instead of clouds, there was solid ground with paved roads and all the buildings were made of gold and platinum. And not to mention a sun was shining brightly. Fountains, luxurious trees… it was so beautiful that I almost shed a tear.

“Don’t go soft on me now, Milla. This is just a retreat. A vacation spot. When I’m not watching the demons I often come here too. Although lately, there wasn’t a moment I got bored thanks to you.”

Tenebria started to walk forward and urged me to follow her. On the way, I could see various humanoid figures. Most likely they were other gods. I think we only walked for 5 minutes… and I suddenly fell on my knees.

“Tenebria… what’s going on? My body feels… so heavy.”

“Oh! I forgot about that. In here you can feel the pressure of each gods’ aura at it’s full force. I’m actually surprised you didn’t collapsed the moment you set foot in here.”

She got close to me again and placed her index finger on my forehead. Soon, I felt as good as new.

“That should do the trick. Now keep up.”

As we continued to walk…

“Hey, Tenebria, I’ve felt quite of lot of divine pressures, but none of them are as strong as yours.”

“Hou? So you managed to tell. It’s only natural, fufu. Each god, although given universal powers, has a field in which they specialize. In my case you can think of me as a God of Destruction. There are only a handful of gods that can match my strength.”

“If you’re so strong, why do you care what your brother wants? And besides, didn’t that Death guy I fought a while ago also use time magic? Why is he picking just on me?”

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“It’s a different story. To make it simple for you to understand… there was a mortal that my brother really couldn’t stand. So he made a deal with that skeleton. In exchange for killing him, the God of Time allowed him to use that form of rapid time acceleration. You on the other hand, didn’t receive any permission for your stunt.”

“I get the general idea… but couldn’t you pull the plug on my spell? It wouldn’t be the first time a spell would fail on me.”

“That’s the reason I’m in trouble too. Look, Milla, when we get there, please just let me try to handle things. You keep your mouth shut. The way you talk to a god… well I allow it because it amuses me, but others might be insulted.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be quiet.”

As we kept walking we eventually reached some golden stairs that led to a floating island. When we got up there, I could see a man standing on a throne made of clock gears. He was rather tall and well built. He wore a pure white toxedo with white shoes. Black gloves and a black tie. He has long azure hair that reached all the way to his shoulders and… a pair of deer antlers. No. I’m not joking. They weren’t horns or anything. They were deer antlers. I was surprised when I saw them, but Tenebria did say that gods don’t have physical bodies. They just took the appearance they liked. If I recall she even mentioned that there was a god that loved to look like a tree.

“So, you’ve come, Tenebria.”

His voice was strong and deep. Intimidating.

“Yes, Tempus! And as you requested, I have brought the mortal with me.”

He looks straight at me with disgust. As if he was looking at trash.

“Honestly Tenebria, I don’t know why you are so attached to this one. But regardless, both of you have broken the rules. Time is under my command. This mortal messed with it and you allowed it.”

“Oh it wasn’t that big of a deal. She saved a life. It’s not like she messed with the world itself or anything? Can’t we come to an agreement? I also covered for you when you accidentally…”

“Fine, fine! No need to bring that up. I’ll show some flexibility on my end. But, balance still must be uphold. This girl took time from me to save a life. So, as compensation I too shall take time from this girl.”

“Hey, wait a minute. What’s that supposed to me mean?”

But as soon as I opened my mouth.

“Insolent human! Don’t speak if you aren’t addressed!”

With a flick of his wrist, my whole body became stiff. It’s like I was wrapped by invisible chains. I fell on the ground, not able to move.

“This mortal really is bold. Well, I will overlook it for now. Now, let’s see…”

A small orb appeared in his palm. It was similar to Tenebria’s crystal ball that she uses as a TV. This guy is looking around my land.

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“Yes. This battle maid will do just fine as compensation.”


“Do you want me to explain it? I don’t expect your brain to understand so I’ll put it like this. You saved a life. So I will be claiming this woman’s life instead. Balance.”

What? He plans to take Grace away from me?

“Now let the process begin. It won’t take long.”

“Tempus, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“What do you mean? This is the proper way.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re on your own.”


In the next moment my flaming fist slammed into this guys’ face and I sent him flying a few feet. Nobody, be it the gods themselves… nobody will take Grace away from me. I was mad. I was boiling. I don’t know what he binded me with, but I burned it with all my might. Cause to challenge a god…

“[One with the sun]!”

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