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Chapter 89: Sensei Milla

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Amazing, you’re amazing, Onee-chan! That beach day was simply divine!”

“Yes! Milla-nyan, you really know how to have fun!”

“Milla-nee, why are we here?”

Currently me, Grace, Odin and Persia were on an empty field near my town. And the reason for that is…

“Possibly………….are you going to do lewd things to us outdoors!?”

“I won’t do something that shameful! Totally wrong!!”

“Why are we here then?”

“Will we sleep on the soft grass, nya? Almost hugging and embracing each other and… touching, nya!?”

“You know…….your strong delusions are quite embarrassing.”

I think I got them used to sex a bit too much. I am a pervert, but not everything I do leads to sex. Does it? Nah… it’s just my imagination.

“…….I ……… Brought you all here for a training session.”

“But, onee-chan, you already can do incredible things. You surpassed us long ago. There’s nothing left we can teach you.”

“True. But this time it isn’t about me. This time, you are the ones getting training. You can refer to me as sensei Milla!”

“Milla-nyan, what exactly do you mean?”

“I can’t be the only one that keeps evolving. You guys need to improve too. I’m going to teach you how to use your powers properly by… well… without actual teaching. I guess it’s hard to understand. Maybe think of it as self-training.”

“Fumu. Self-training???”

I guess they don’t know the word. How should I put this…

“Because its self-training I’m going to teach you how to use your powers. But I can’t explain it with words, so you will have to learn with your bodies.”

This field is the best place for practising because Teri can repair it with ease due to its unique soil so you can go wild without worrying.

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“……………I’ve got a bad feeling about this. So… Milla-nee, what are we doing here, again…….?”

“I said I’d teach you all to use your power. Look in case something bad happens or a new strong enemy pops up, I just want you guys to be able to handle it.”

“I guess, but you alone will be enough won’t you?”

“I won’t deny that. But I learnt something during my trip to the Great Desert.”

Persia’s face takes on a curious expression and Odin and Grace stare at me closely.

“Learnt what?”

“Even if it’s insignificant use everything you have. Doing your best is the highest thing you can do. Even if you have to overturn the will of the Gods, push through with all your might. Doing that gives birth to something irreplaceable. And besides. Just think of your encouter with Death. I might not always be around or make it in time.”

“……Ahaha, I guess you have a point, but… Even if we know that, those things rarely work.”

“Milla-nee, regardless of the reason, if you say you want to train us, then we shall receive it.”

I’m glad I’ve got such understanding girls. But you might have wanted to word that one out a little better, Grace. No turning back now. Receive it. My training.

I extended my hand and a magic formation appeared.

Persia’s eye’s opened wide in surprise.

“…..Wait a sec, nya! You can’t be serious…….”

“Defend against it otherwise you’ll die.”

I fired a jet black fireball towards Persia. It was about the size of a dog house.

Persia immediately went into her hand to hand magic shattering technique stance to find it’s center point and wanted to break it, but in the last moment she jumped to the side instead, dodging it. Good. She realized that although she would have managed to break it, those dark flames would have seriously hurt her hand if it made contact.

A black explosion happened behind her and the green grass couldn’t be seen anymore. I prepared another one. This time I was looking at Grace.

“Hey! Wait wait! Milla-nee, isn’t firing off the lost spell [Purgatory Blast] a bit much for this training?”

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“It wouldn’t be called training if it doesn’t endanger your life, right?”

“What are you saying!?”

“Listen up, girls. Your body gives off its most demonic energy when your life is in danger. When you are about to be killed, your instincts are gonna scream to live and fill you with more power than your usual amount. Your very soul will do everything it can to stay alive. You must harness that power and make it your own. And once you do, the next power surge will be bigger. And so on.”

This is a trick that mommy Katalina taught me, and when it comes to magic, she’s never wrong.

Grace also barely evades my black fireball and her face has the look of someone driven into a corner. Can’t blame her. She’s the weakest of the 3. The scenery behind her is burnt again.

“But Milla-nee, it doesn’t matter how strong my magic gets if I’m dead does it?”

“Of course it does. Use that strength to avoid dying. Use your power right at the moment you are about to die to save yourself. Then the next time you are about to die your power will increase again.”

The mazoku and my beastmen are weak because there is no risk of death. I kinda am involved in that since I provided them safety. Physical training and military magic drills will only get you so far. But in order to increase your power, it’s essential to die to the extent where you don’t die anymore.

I ready another fireball.

“You can do it, Grace!”

“I believe in you but…”

“You can do it. Use everything you got!”

I fire the [Purgatory Blast] at even greater speed.


Grace draws her scythe and deploys antimagic in front of her and covers her weapon in it. She slams the scythe into the fireball with all her might.

“………You ordered me not to die!! So I’m giving it my all. But in case I do die… take responsibility for it….. Heyaaaaa!!!”

The fireball and Grace’s weapon clash. My attack got smaller and smaller and the flames dimmed, but it didn’t lose all its power and eventually it broke through her guard slamming into Grace.


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Grace was engulfed in black flames and got blown away a good chunk. But she was still alive. I’m not that insane as to actually kill her. She’s down, but alive.

Although not perfect she was prepared to die and as such her power almost destroyed my own.

“Alright! Standing still doesn’t work for me!”

Odin generated an ice sword and was heading towards me.

“Get ready, onee-chan!!”

“It won’t work.”

I catch the blade with my hand and shatter it. With my scales something of that level won’t work.

“Recently you used your ancient relic, so your creations became sloppy. You shouldn’t just create it. You should imagine it’s ten times stronger than steel!”

While speaking I thrust my fist at Odin who tries to handle it barehanded.


It seemed like she blocked it for a moment but my strike broke through and connected deep in her stomach.


She collapses on the spot, unable to bair the pain. She was so much stronger than me before. To think that turning into a dragon would create such a big gap… mom sure is scary after all.

In the next moment Persia tried to strike me from my blind spot, but I quickly turn around and catch her palms. As expected, her raw strength still gives me shivers.


“Persia, don’t channel your aura just in your palms alone. Use it in your feet. Use it in your whole body. If you can do that your speed and coordination will drastically increase!”

I twisted my body and gave Persia a powerful kick to send her flying. All of them were improving before my eyes. I could feel their powers growing, even if for short bursts.

“You girls still got a long way to go. But your resolve is good now!”

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I grabbed from my shadow 3 bottles of Phoenix Tears to heal everyone. All of them slowly got up and where as good as new.

“Milla-nyan, I think I finally understand how this training works. I can definitely feel stronger.”

“Hahaha! Indeed. To think I of all people forgot the monsters I killed when I was a child… it was those life threatening situations that made me ascend! Onee-chan, can we go again?”

“I’m glad you are all eager. Sure. Grow stronger for me. Don’t stop until you aim for the top. This day only just begun so let’s see how far all of us can go! This time all of you come at me at once!!”

And so, our special training continued. I make a great teacher, if I do say so myself, fufu!

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