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Chapter 91: Milla vs Tempus Part 1

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Insolent mortal! You dare touch a God?”

I couldn’t care less. Anyone that wants to hurt my family is an enemy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a God or a snail. You played with fire, mister. Now it’s time to get burned.

“Hmm. I’ve seen through all your abilities the moment I saw you. A power that apparently you believe makes you invincible for 1 minute. Well then, naive mortal, let me have a taste of that power. And in return I shall show you the difference between a god and a mortal.”

I extended my hand and fired off a huge flamethrower. But the moment it got close to him it vanished into thin air. Damn. This is similar to my fight with Death… but different at the same time. This guy isn’t accelerating my spells. He’s…

“Figured it out? I turned back time. Magic means nothing before me.”

Well in that case it’s time for him to face my fist again. I rushed straight at him and landed another punch in his face.

He wobbles a second, but quickly spins his body and returns the punch. One punch… two punches… ten punches… it quickly escalated into a fist fight. My flames and his green godly aura. With each clash shockwaves were made that could change the landscape around us. Both of us were on the offense. We didn’t bother dodging or guarding. We just dealt punch after punch, until…

“You’re quite good, but… feel the force of a God.”

He suddenly became faster and landed a barrage of fists on my tiny body.


He sends me flying a few feet and I collapsed on my knees.

“Do you realize the difference in our powers now?”

“Difference… you say?”

He felt confused at my words. He thought he got me good. But on the contrary, I jumped into the sky and then came crashing into him with a burning dropkick.


A flaming explosion was generated because of that, and the God was brought down on one knee.

“Sorry to break it to you, but I didn’t feel a thing!”

But I didn’t stop there. Now that his face was near my level I grabbed his white costume and continued my combo with a headbutt. He staggered even more. Now is the time. I wrapped my hands in burning flames and unleashed my fists.


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I was moving at great speed. I even lost track of how many punches I was landing. But right now he looked like a punching bag. No. Even less. He was a ragdoll being constantly struck by my flames. Eventually I gave him one strong punch and blast him away creating a huge creater in the ground.

I still stayed alert. I knew that this won’t be that easy. When the dust cleared, I saw him standing there without a scratch. Without a scratch… wait!? I clearly saw him getting bruises during my combo.

“I must commend you. I never thought there was a mortal that could hold his own against a God. But it seems you realized it a little late. Just like I turned back your magic… I can do the same with injuries. Any damage I take is immediately reversed. Do you understand what this means? It means you can’t win. Besides…”

He got closer to me and drived his palm straight into my stomach, piercing through my scales. I violently cough blood.

“Your time is up. I know that this power of yours only lasts for 1 minute. This is the end.”

My flames that were wrapping my body faded away and my hair returned to it’s crimson color. But just as he was declaring that, I violently grabbed his arm.

“What’s this!?”

“My time is up, you say? Did you really think that just because you are a God of Time, you get to decide when MY time is up? Naive.”

Power returned to me. My burning flames, my orange hair… my heat was even stronger than before!

“Impossible! Your power… it can’t last more than 1 minute!”

“Hahahaha! This is so funny!”

“Tenebria… did you involve yourself again?”

“Nope! Tempus, you read Milla’s power wrong. The 1 minute time limit is only true on Earth. Milla’s power comes from when the sun is at its’ peak. And on Earth the sun stays there for roughly 1 minute. But this is the God Realm. The sun never sets here. The sun is always at it’s peak. Which means…”

“I can use this power indefinitely, you piece of s̲h̲i̲t̲!”

I grabbed his hand so hard that I almost felt like breaking it. He tried throwing another punch at me but I caught it with my other hand.

“This… this still doesn’t make sense. What about the cost!? I can clearly see in your mind that the price for this power is your memories. But why are you the same? Nothing changed!”

Tempus’s eyes were looking at me from head to toe, trying to figure out what was going on.

“This… Damn you! Tenebria, you did interfere!”

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“What? Since the moment we stepped foot on your floating island I haven’t lifted a finger. However during our journey here… that’s another story. When I helped Milla whitstand all the gods’ divine pressures I might have left a small order inside her. ‘You are able to use all of your powers in the God Realm with no consequences’ or something like that.”

“Why you… if I mention this to the divine law enforcers…”

“Shut the f̲u̲c̲k̲ up!”

Tenebria looked straight at Tempus and released a huge amount of bloodlust. It wasn’t even close to the time she fought me. I’ll say this over and over. Lolis are scary when they’re angry.

“Tempus, measure your words carefully. With all your control over time, I’m still stronger than you. And remember, in the God Realm there is only one rule and that’s ‘Gods are forbidden to kill other gods’. I didn’t break any rule. So if you wanna make a fool of yourself go ahead! Or suck it up and listen to your big sis for a change!”

Tempus turned his gaze back on me.

“Tsk… regardless, it’s still my win. Your mana will just run out eventually and I will always restore myself.”

Are you guys done talking? This guy is a moron. He didn’t even realize just how much my heat raised in the meantime. You really think you’re untouchable?

“Eat this!”

I fired a tornado of golden flames. It was so strong that it engulfed him completely.


He eventually broke free from my grip and took a big jump escaping the tornado.

“Darn it. That one really hurt. But I told you before it’s…”

But before he could finish his sentence he analized his own body. It did heal, but at a much slower rate than before.

“I figured out how to deal with you. The solution is rather simple. To beat an opponent that’s constantly healing you just have to damage him faster than he can regenerate. Get ready to eat my fists!”

I leaped towards him once again, but this time…

“I’m done playing games!”

He vanished. I didn’t even blink. I didn’t take my eyes of him, not even for a second. And before I realized it, I received 3 consecutive kicks in the back.

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I was sent tumbling on the ground and crashed against a rock. What just happened? When did he get behind me? No matter how fast he is, I should have still been able to see him make a movement. But that didn’t happen. I didn’t catch a thing. One moment he was there, and the other he disappeared.

“I’ve been going easy on you so far, but that’s over. This joke has gone far enough! I’ll make you regret the day you were born, foolish mortal!”

Not good. This really isn’t good. I thought I was actually winning… but this guy… was actually holding back. This… is far from over.

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