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Chapter 9: Inside the Ice Queen’s Heart

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I recall when I was born in this world. No, it would be more accurate to say when I was created. I had no parents. When I first opened my eyes all I could see was pure white. A large field covered with snow. I was just a little girl, wearing rags, yet I wasn’t cold at all. It was like my body was made for freezing temperatures.

The very first years of my life were harsh. In this cold environment, surviving was hard. But I wanted to live. I ended up in a small village. I tried to seek shelter. At that time, the Demon King of Wisdom was visiting that village. I made my way and dropped at his feet asking for protection. But the response I got was a sharp kick that sent me flying. After that he sent some of his escorts and they beat me up badly. I realized in that moment that the demons don’t care about the weak. If I wanted to survive I had to get stronger.

Covered by bruises, I left the village and ventured into the wilderness. I wanted to live. I wanted to get stronger. I wanted to be the strongest! I spent a good portion of my years killing various monsters and eating them raw. Soon enough, I was able to take on bigger and bigger monsters. The more I killed, the stronger I became. I found myself facing multiple monsters at once and I won. Soon there was no monster that could stand in my way. Everywhere I went, I left only blood. I had the tendency to go frenzy during battle as though wanting to fight to death.

Until the day the Demon King of Wisdom called for me. 500 years have passed since the day he kicked me. And now he offered me a place by his side because he valued my strength. I was infuriated. Why can’t the weak be given a chance to bloom? If I could do it, so could they. I challenged that hypocrite to a duel and in the end I killed him. In that moment, I, Odin Asgardia, was proclaimed the new Demon King of Wisdom.

I then made drastic changes to my new land. I created the grand coliseum for fights to take place. In that sacred ground the weak were allowed to prove their worth. If they were strong enough to pass the trials, I would welcome them with open arms. I offered the weak a chance to grow.

Each Demon King had 1 unique ability. The power exclusive to the Demon King of Wisdom was Territory Sovereign. If I defeat anyone within my territory, I can bind them to me. I can enslave them and even brainwash them if I wanted. And so, as time passed I also ended up being surrounded by strong people. But that wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to be the strongest Demon King. A Demon King is not allowed to kill another Demon King in battle, so I only suggested friendly sparing matches. One after the other, they all fell before me. You could say I am a battle maniac. But crossing swords reveals everything about a person. By battling I discovered various spells and weapon techniques. With each fight I learned, I evolved. Until I hit the wall known as Ornis Balmund.

My strength, my magic matched his. In terms of destructive power we were equal. But his speed, his skills in wielding a weapon, everything about him was too abnormal. He was a level stronger than me. I challenged him 100 times in my life, but the result was always the same. I was defeated. The most damage I did to him was scratching his cheek and blowing away one of his sleeves.

I wasn’t the strongest. I realized it then. I wanted to stay by his side, but he didn’t want anything to do with me. That made me puzzled. He didn’t have the need to be surrounded by strong people. I couldn’t comprehend. In this world only the strong have value. Or so I thought. Until one fated Blood Ball crumbled everything I knew.

It was the 11th month of the year. The New Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis, was our host that night. I noticed things I never saw before. Crystal cups. They were unique. So far I was only drawn to learn about my opponents, warfair, magic and techniques. But this time I hungered for something else. I wanted to know what were these. I wanted to meet the person that made such fabulous items.

And then, I eventually saw her. A young little girl. My first impression on her was average. In my eyes I could only see a child wet behind her ears. Fighting her would be pointless. She’s not at my level. Still, there was something that drew me closer to her. Why were my instincts telling me to approach her? It’s like my body was moving on it’s own. I exchanged a few words with her. She’s just a little girl. Why was I so polite? Why did I invite her to my castle? These glass cups were amazing, but that shouldn’t have been enough for me to get friendly with her.

And then I witnessed the scene unfolding. Old geezer Vacheron picked a fight with her. She respected the demon code. She clearly gave him 2 warnings. She had the right to attack him. I wanted to see her power in action. But that didn’t happen. She defended herself with words, not with fists or magic. It was like I was watching a play. It felt as captivating as watching a battle in my coliseum. I ended up clapping. Before I realized it I ended up supporting her.

As the scene before my eyes continued I was entranced. I couldn’t help but smile. This little girl had crushed Vacheron without lifting a single finger. She was terrifying. My body started to heat up. The same heat that envelopes me when I engage in combat, I was feeling it right now. Why? Everything I thought to be true was shattered by this little girl. People are drawn to the strong. Then why was I drawn to Milla? I’m stronger than she is, so why does this girl move my heart so much? Could it be love? I never had that emotion before. Even when I fought Ornis, I only felt respect.

When I saw her triumph, my brain jolted. My heart is moved by this girl. She should be the one drawn to me since I’m stronger, but it’s me who’s drawn to her. I can’t explain it. But screw it. I don’t care anymore. F̲u̲c̲k̲ all logic! I want to be near her. Normally I would want someone to be under my wing. But this time I want to be owned. I want to be with this little girl. I couldn’t care less about my pride. Tomorrow I must do everything in my power to gain her trust. Today I learned that there is more than 1 type of power. If I follow Milla I am sure I’ll keep learning all sorts of fun things.

I always said I wanted to live, but this is the first time I actually feel alive.

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