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Chapter 10: Visiting the Land of Ice

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

The Blood Ball was a success. I managed to make my position known. Everyone learned a lesson. Try and screw with me, and I’ll squash you like an ant.

I wanted to let them know that magic and physical strength aren’t the only forms of power. What is magic? If we think about it magic is divided into the 6 basic elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light and dark. Usually every person has a main element. Mine is fire. That means fire magic is easier for me to cast. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t use other elements. But other elements need more cast time and cost more mana. Then, there is the category called null magic. It sums up every spell that isn’t based on the 6 elements. For example… lightning or physical reinforcement spells.

To cast a spell all you need to do is visualize it’s circle formation. Most spells have easy circles so remembering one isn’t that hard. But there were 2 reasons I learned so many spells so fast. First is that I come from another world. Being exposed to anime, movies and other modern videos, imaginating stuff was like second nature to me. The other reason was because I was one of those more uncommon guys that had a photographic memory. Just like when you take a picture, it was enough for me to see a spell in a book once and it would become imprinted in my memory. And both in my mansion and the old forest house I spent quite some time going through the library. But this skill was a curse back on Earth. It helped me go through manga and novels fast. But when it came to ero-ero stuff it really took a while for me to stop thinking of the image. I remember how some girls with slowly lift their skirts a bit. And let me tell you, a person like me had it rough. The image would flash over and over causing me a boner sometimes. My memory is partially to blame for my old “otaku freak” status. Oh well, that’s all in the past now. Moving on.

And finally there was one more type. The lost category known as Origin magic. Basically it’s the magic of Gods. In the past there were mortals who could use it. The Demon continent founder was the last recorded person who was able to use it. A book said that for a mortal to use Origin magic, he must be blessed by a God. Although the exact process was lost, from my understanding you borrow power from the God. When I first met the Demon God, she said her Origin magic was blocked. So she can’t directly interfere. But if I am the one that’s forming the bridge, I guess the Demon God can lend her blessing to me through that “tunnel”. She did say she’ll also give me a small gift. I started to wonder if my spell mashing, aka Origin magic, was that gift.

Well, regardless, I understand why it was such a big deal. Just one Origin spell drains me hard. And the Gods are supposed to use it infinitely. Well, maybe if I display my magic, I will get some piece and quiet. I thought that people will leave me be after the ball but…

“Oh, come on! Just one more drink! This wine is said to be one of the best. It would be a shame to waste it! Come on, let’s drink it!”

I was currently sitting in a carriage. And right next to me with her hand around my shoulder, Odin kept shoving wine in my face. Seriously, ever since I finished dealing with Vacheron she got very clingy to me. I wasn’t 100% mad, as she kept pushing her right boob on my cheek. And let me say it, her boob was very soft. But I really need my space.

Across us was Grace, who tried to signal me not to refuse. Back home, I left Cleo in charge or everything during our absence. Right now we were headed to Odin’s castle. We agreed yesterday that I would come visit to discuss more matters. Although I don’t know her motives yet, I decided to tag along. If by some chance I can make her my ally things might be easier. Oh, and it just so happens that we are neighbours. We share a common border now, and her capital city was rather close. So it wasn’t that long of a journey. It only took 2 days by carriage. Sometimes I miss cars.

It was the first time I saw snow since arriving in this world. The weather changed suddenly. I can’t help not noticing how well this place resembles norse mythology. The houses, the land, everything had a rather viking feeling to it. But I couldn’t let my guard down. I still don’t know what Odin is after. This might as well be another trap. Before leaving, Grace told me everything she knew about Odin. If it is true that her destructive power is equal to Ornis, then I need to be cautious.

Eventually we arrived at the castle. It was like a fairy tail. A pure white castle fitting for a princess. Obviously it was way bigger than my grand mansion. I was impressed. It was only missing a moat. But with this weather I guess it would be pointless. I took a step forward so I could see the inside, but a really big and fast shadow lunged at me.

I reflexively jumped back and avoided the tackle. I quickly took a battle pose, but Odin put a hand on my shoulder as to stop me.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that! I forgot to tell you about my dog. I let him play around the castle and eat any intruders.”

“It’s okay Fenrir, they are friends.”

As you can guess by the name, Fenrir was a giant wolf. Calling it a dog is totally inaccurate. It was as big as a modern tank and it had various runes tattooed on it’s fur.

“Milla you look like you want to pet him. Go on! It’s okay now.”

Wha…?! No! I don’t want to get near that thing. Where did you get the idea that I wanna pet a huge wolf? I guess I should play along until I figure her out. I took a few steps towards Fenrir. Dang, he’s scary. His fangs are sharp. This wolf could kill even a High Mazoku in one bite. As I drew closer, Fenrir lowered his head. The moment I extend my hand, he pushes me down on the snow and starts drowning me in saliva.

“Hey… ahahahaha, stop licking me! It… hahaha… tickles! And you’re drooling too much!”

“Oh, my! This is the first time my Fenrir is so friendly with a stranger.”

“Could you tell him to get off me?”

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“Yes, yes! Fenrir, that’s enough. Please let Milla stand.”

The wolf finally stopped licking and took a few steps back. It was still wagging his tail though. I wonder what I did to make him so happy. What does he see in me?

“I’m sorry for that, Milla. I will arrange for a bath so you can clean up.”

“I would appreciate that.”

“Oh, but I do have one small request. If you are going to take a bath anyway, before that how about you and me have a friendly match?”

Bingo! I knew she was planning something. This could be it. Grace told me about her unique Territory Sovereign ability. Since I am a Demon King she can’t enslave me, but she can still make me obey 1 order at best. Was that her goal? Does she plan to use me for something? I thought that I could make her my ally, but I guess it won’t be that easy.

Now, what should I do? I have no obligation to accept her request. Could I win? No. I couldn’t imagine beating her.

“Odin, why the sudden hostility? Did you invite me here just to pick a fight?”

She became flustered and started swinging her hands randomly.

“No… That’s not it. It’s my way of getting to know you better. After all, a brawl is the best way to get to know someone’s true nature!”

Is she for real? What kind of logic is that? So instead of shaking hands you punch someone in the face? Oy, get some common sense, you s̲l̲u̲t̲!

I pondered for a while. My brain was overclocked to max. I started analizing various scenarios. And then it hit me. I let out a devilish smile.

“Okay, Odin. Let’s have a match!”

Because I came up with a solution, regardless if I win or lose. You want to mess with me, b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲? Bring it on!

I did it! I didn’t think I could convince her to fight me. But this is perfect! She really is an insane person. But the fact that Fenrir went as far as licking her is proof that she is special. Fenrir hates strangers. Even if I told him it was okay he would still be vigilent. But he treated Milla the same way he treats me.

Milla is a new Demon King. She probably doesn’t know my strength. There is no doubt that I’ll beat her. And then… The order I want to give her is rather simple: “Let me stay by your side, always!”

But still, something feels rather strange. I can’t get over her smile. It’s the same smile she had when she dealt with Vacheron. Before I realized, my hands were shaking. At first I thought I was just too eager. But a chill ran up my spine. Does she have a way to defeat me? No. That’s impossible. Then why was I scared?

Territory Sovereign is an ability that only works one way. If I lose, it won’t affect me at all. I had all the advantages. So why was I so nervous? Even when I challenged Ornis, I wasn’t afraid. Was it because I already knew I was going to lose? That must be it. Milla, you truly are absurd! Out of all my battles, this is the first time I can’t predict the outcome!

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“So, Odin, let’s start this thing already. I really want a bath now!”

“Alright! I can’t wait any longer either! Here I come, Milla!”

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