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Chapter 8: Check Mate!

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

In that moment, all eyes were fixing me. And that’s exactly what I wanted. If I were the old me I probably would be shaking and wetting my pants right now. But the current me is different. Why did I give 2 warnings before? The Demon Kings had to obey a set of rules. It’s said that these rules were passed on by the Demon God. A Demon King may not attack another Demon King. There are only 2 exceptions to this rule. A so called friendly match. Sparring between 2 Demon Kings is allowed, but killing is prohibited. The 2nd exception was the warnings I gave. If a Demon King damages the pride and honor of another, the other party must issue 2 warnings. If both warnings are ignored, then harming the aggressor was allowed.

But I didn’t plan to get physical with this guy. Although our stats are similar I don’t have the confidence to take him on. No, what I wanted was to destroy his image. I wanted to make him look like a fool. Humiliation was what I prepared for him.

“Vacheron, you jump to conclusions way too soon! Allow me to educate that tiny brain of yours!”

This idiot just stood there with his mouth wide open. Careful, or you’ll catch flies. He wasn’t expecting such an attitude change in me. Well, I don’t care.

“All you did was to insult me on this day of celebration. You say that beastmen are trash, that I have no pride by associating myself with them. But that really is ironicall coming from you!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

God, this s̲h̲i̲t̲ head is so dense. Fine, I’ll slow it down a notch for you.

“Is it really that hard for your brain to understand? I don’t see your harsh words as insults at all. You say I have no dignity, but at the end of the day, wasn’t this land yours before? You say you gave it to me out of generosity, but by your logic, you just dumped your trash in my hands. So let me get to the point. You’re not insulting me. You’re insulting yourself. I don’t see the beastmen like you do. They are quite useful and I’m getting along quite well with them. You aren’t damaging my pride, but yours. In the end, you’re just attacking yourself, and it’s very funny.”

It was then.


An applause could be heard from somewhere.

Odin was clapping her hands. People were looking at Odin with a blank expression. Seeing that, Odin tilted her head and smiled.

“What? Her words are right.”

She continued to clap her hands.

“It’s just as Milla says. This territory belonged to Tigre and now he shows up and starts bad mouthing it. That only means that Tigre is a hypocrite and is only insulting himself.”

“You… stay out of this, Odin! It’s none of your business!”

“Sorry about that, geezer. I was just purely moved.”

For some reason it seems that Odin wants to be my ally in this. Very well. If she is sharp enough to grasp my intention, that’s good. I could see for a short moment a small grin on her face. It’s like she was telling me “Go on. Rain hell on this idiot.”

“There is a bigger issue at stake. I and Milla made a contract. In exchange for the land she must pay me 10,000 gold coins. The pride of a King doesn’t allow for debts. Little girl, do you deny what I just have said?”

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“Only half of it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!? Are you mocking me?”

Good. He’s starting to boil. His face was filled with anger and his teeth were tightly clenched. Let’s move on to the main act.

“Not at all. It is true that we have a contract. I won’t deny that. But I didn’t say I wasn’t able to pay my debt. That’s why I said you jumped to conclusions too fast.”

I snapped my fingers. From under one of the tables a gooey liquid crawled out and made it’s way to me. It was my lovely slime, Sue. She quickly took her humanoid form and from within her she handed me a big bag. I took it from her, opened it and placed it at Vacheron’s feet.

“This is…!?”

“10,000 gold coins as we agreed. Feel free to count it.”

He lost his voice. His body starting shaking. He never expected me to pay.

“And with this our business is done.”


“I beg your pardon?”

“How did you manage to get this amount in such a short time? It should have been impossible.”

I wonder if this idiot thinks before he talks.

“I am sure you noticed the glass cups and bottles used here to serve our drinks. They really are amazing and make great containers. Of course, they can be used not just for wine serving and drinking.”

I snapped my fingers again. This time Grace approached me carrying a special glass vial with a red liquid on a tray. When everyone saw it they all gulped.

“Im… possible! Phoenix Tears…!”

Bingo. Even back in my old world there was this legend that Phoenix Tears can heal any wound. I have Phoenix blood in my veins. Although they are called tears, that bottle is basically my blood mixed with a catalyst. This item was supposed to be lost, because wood, silver or gold were really bad container and couldn’t keep it’s magical properties. There’s a reason why every fantasy mmo puts potions in glass vials. Phoenix Tears can heal any wound, disease and status alignment as long as your heart is still beating.

“Yes. This glass contains Phoenix Tears. I am sure you all know by now, but it’s quite valuable. All I had to do was sell one glass and thus I seccured the funds I needed.”

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“That can’t be! If such a transaction would have happened we all would be aware.”

“I never said that I sold it here on the demon continent. I sold it to the King of Alvira. He had a paralized daughter and said that he would give anything to the one that can cure her. I provided a cure and he gave me the money I needed.”

“You had contact with humans? They are even worse than the beastmen. Even standing in the same room with one is a great disgrace. Are you insane, woman?”

“Ha… Hahaha!”

My laugh took everyone by surprise.

“Of course I’m insane! I’m the Demon King of Insanity! I was given a task that even you admitted was impossible. You bare your fangs at me on this night of celebration and you expect me to be sane? It’s thanks to my Insanity that I have the guts to do stuff you wouldn’t do! ”

He was scared. I could see it in his eyes. He came here to corner me, but instead, he ended up in my web. And now it’s time to end this.

” And you out of all people have no right to tell me not to come in contact with humans!”

“What… is that supposed to mean?”

“My cute slime has quite the talent in gathering intel thanks to her ‘fluid’ form. Sue, why don’t you show him that thing that you showed me?”

“As you wish, mistress!”

From her body a small sphere the size of a tennis ball emerged. She put it on the floor and from that sphere a 3D holografic video was displayed. The scene that was unfolding before everyone made some drop their glasses. But my eyes were still focused on Vacheron who dropped to his knees.

The recorded images shows Vacheron raping human females. Demon Kings hate humans. So they started to throw scornful gazes at him. Compared to me who only sold an item and didn’t personally have any human contact, Vacheron’s deed was far more disgraceful. The special task I gave Sue was to sneak into his castle and find any dirt I can use against him. She performed quite well. I need to think of a reward later. After the recording ended I leaned forward and whispered to Vacheron.

“Did you really think the likes of you can try and tie me up? You were playing with fire and just got burned. Now be a good boy and suffer!”

I turn around towards the other demons.

“Fellow demons, I must apologize for all the commotion. Today was supposed to be a a day of celebration, but you all ended up getting caught in this argument. I can only hope that you can continue to enjoy yourselves and overlook this.”

Odin had a big smile on her face. As for the rest of the Kings I felt that they nodded when I said that.


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A shallow voice came behind me. When I turned around, Vacheron was back on his feet.

“… Kill. I’LL KILL YOU, B̲I̲T̲C̲H̲!”

He snapped. He drew from under his robe sleeve a dagger. He lunged at me. The distance between us wasn’t big. Only about 10 feet. He closed that distance in an instant. But as soon as he was standing in front of me his dagger hit the floor. That’s because right now a hand was strangling Vacheron’s neck and he desperately gasped for air.

“That’s enough, mongrel! You have brought nothing but shame to our race. And when someone hits you with the truth you act like a savage!”

“Your… Highness… guah… Ornis! Please let me… explain!”

“If you ever bother another King in such a manner again, I personally shall end your pathetic life. Now get out of my sight.”

He put strength into his arm and threw him like a ragdoll right out the door. I was frozen. I couldn’t see his movements at all. But not just me. Everyone present was shuddering. The amount of hostility released from Ornis was breath taking. This guy is a monster among monsters.

“Lady Milla, I am sorry for the rudeness you have been showed. Please accept my apology in his place.”

I turned around and looked him into the eyes. Although he had a small smile his eyes were still threatening. It’s like they were telling me ‘let’s end this circus now, or else…’

“Yes, Your Highness. Let’s leave the past behind.”

Is all I could say.

“Good. Fellow demons, the night is still young. Let us resume our ball.”

He picked up a glass of wine.

“Let us hold a toast for our host who is kind enough to forgive the events that happened!”

Each Demon King picked up a glass. They didn’t dare to object and shouted in unison.

“For our host and for the Blood Ball!”

And so the night continued and I managed somehow to overcome my first obstacle.

◇ ◇ ◇

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It was, an infinite darkness.
As far as the eye can see, there was only darkness.

There was only one spot of light were a throne floated. And next to that throne there was a young girl. She was the Demon God.

In this place where past, present and future mixed together, the Demon God danced happily.

“Ahaha……AHAHAH, Hahaha”

Her voice was sweet and her smile could melt your heart.
She spun around. She walked with light steps.

“The best, really the best! Fufufu, you are a child that does the absurd! You are the best, Milla!”

The Demon God was happy. She had never met a person like Milla.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable! To think that she would move my heart! Even when she tried combining 3 spells I reflexively lent her my strength!”

The Demon God allowed Milla to use Origin magic because she was deeply moved.

Smiling. Sneering.
The Demon God’s steps resounded in the soundless space.

“You’ve earned a little rest now, but don’t let your guard down. Your journey has barely started. As long as you keep entertaining me, I will always look after you, my cute little Demon King!”

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