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Chapter 77: The Plot

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Well, Melron, it seems your plan actually worked. I don’t feel so bad for spending all that gold now.”

“Yes, father. It was well worth it, now that Lorina is back with us.”

“How is she?”

“She is still under our sleep spell, but she should awaken in the next 2 hours. Needless to say, we have already restrained her. She didn’t come with us willingly, after all.”

“That child is so stubborn. Can’t she see that this marriage is the only way for our family to keep the throne?”

“Speaking of that father, even if we have her, she won’t be willing to exchange vows. So I would like your approval to use ‘that’.”

“My son, do you realize what you are saying? Although the results are remarkable, it’s a slow process. It will take time.”

“That shouldn’t be an issue. If we plan the wedding according to every single law we have and all the customs, it will take 10 days to organize everything. 10 days is enough to change her attitude. And besides, haven’t you yourself used it on mother?”

“Hmm… very well. Get it done then.”

“A wise decision, father!”

When Lorina woke up, she found herself tied with chains against a wall. Her memory was blurry. While working at her forge alongside Himeko, the elite elven Shadow Squad suddenly appeared and attacked them. Normally, there wasn’t an elf that could match Lorina in terms of swordsmanship. And Himeko had the Void Blade, an ancient relic. But because it was an ambush, they managed to put Lorina under a sleep spell. And given their agility and numbers they managed to pull quite a number on little Himeko.

“So you’re finally awake, big sister.”

“Melron… this time you’ve gone too far.”

“I’ve gone too far? It’s you who went too far, you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!! We were supposed to get married and succeed the throne. I was supposed to be king! But you simply ignored your duty and ran away!”

He took in a deep breath and apparently tried to calm himself down.

“But it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re here now.”

“My answer is still the same. I won’t marry you. I’m warning you.”

“Warning me? What kind of position do you think you’re in?”

“It’s because you’re my brother that I am giving you this warning. If you lay a single finger on me, Her Highness Milla Walpurgis won’t rest until she scorches every tree to find you.”

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“Haha! Our spies said that the little girl went in the desert. Nobody comes back alive from there. And even if she does, we sent a very capable mercenary. By the time she’ll even notice your absence it will be too late. Once we have your consent, she can’t do anything anymore.”

Lorina’s eyes were gazing at Melron’s hands. He was holding a sealed jar. Inside the jar was a weird monster. It was called the brainwashing slime. Although it was called a slime, it looked more like a jellyfish. But since it had the same liquid-solid state as a slime, it was called a slime. It was specially bred by the imperial family.

It would slowly put it’s tentacles in your ears and mouth and slowly release it’s feromones. It would alter the chemicals in your brain and have an aphrodisiac effect on your body. If the body will go in heat way beyond the point of masturbation, to a level of lust beyond normal, then the brain would force the target to copulate with the first person of the opposite gender they come in contact with. And during the act of sex, the final substance that the slime leaves inside kicks in. Absolute love and obedience for the person you had sex with.

“I… will never break! Her Highness will come for me!”

“Hou? Let’s see how long can you keep that attitude. The moment I take your p̲u̲s̲s̲y̲, will be the same moment we exchange our wedding vows, haha!”

◇ ◇ ◇

“Why have you brought so many with you!? The deal was that you could use my body whenever you wanted! I didn’t agree to spectators!”

Empress Éclair wasn’t happy that I brought Felicia and Sue along. Honestly I would’ve loved to take Grace with me, but she and Odin are the only ones I can entrust dragon mom to. She needed to learn our ways… and I managed to slip from her hugs that way.

“Calm down, Claire.”

“It’s really rude to call me by such a nickname.”

“You’ve gotten your authority back, haven’t you?”

“Yes. The new church was disband. The people turned to me again.”

“Then I can call you however I want.”

The Empress couldn’t really argue.

“Now listen up. We need to reach the elven capital. Give us a map and directions.”

“What are you planning?”

“They took something from me. I just want to take it back.”

“Why do I feel you won’t stop just there? I don’t want you to get humanity involved in your personal struggle against the elves. You look like a different person so of course I am worried.”

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“Would you calm down already? Nobody will know that we came from here. You won’t be connected at all.”

I can understand her concerns, but I don’t intend to make a flashy entrance anyway. I just want to sneak in and get out. Reluctantly, the Empress showed us a map and untraveled routes we could take to reach the elves without being noticed by the humans. With Felicia as my steed and if I enhance her speed with my magic we should reach the border in roughly a day. From there, finding the elven capital should be easy. Get ready, bastards. There’s a reason you shouldn’t play with fire. But you guys did more than that. You spilled gasoline all over and are juggling with matches. I’ll burn you to the ground if I have to.

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