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Chapter 76: Reunion and More Troubles

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Woof woof!”

“Okay, okay! I missed you too boy! Would you please stop licking me already? It… hehe… tickles.”

As soon as the whole incident was over and everyone was safe, they all jumped on me. Everyone was really relieved that I was still alive. Seeing their faces again made me happy too. But the group hug was a bit overkill. Shiori, prez, Grace, Irina, Odin, Cleo, Sue, Teri… you get the picture. It was too much. It took me an hour to calm everyone down. And now Fenrir got on top of me and started licking me all over. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am getting used to these drool baths. Eventually I managed to calm everyone down.

“My, my. So this is the family you mentioned, sweetie. It sure seems nice that they all love you.”

Everybody directed their eyes to the voice that came from a busty blonde woman. I told mom not to interfere. And she kept her word. She let me handle everything.

“Milla-nee… who is that?”

“My mom.”

Question marks could be seen on everyone’s faces. I probably need to explain everything properly.

“But, Milla-nee that’s not…”

Crap! Danger! I moved with lighting speed and placed my hand on Grace’s mouth. Dragon mom lacks common sense. I got to know her quite well. If anyone were to say I’m not her daughter, she could kill that person on the spot. Grace, please don’t play with fire.

“Grace, she’s my mother. Understood? She’s my mother!”

Grace nodded her head obediently. Phew. That was a close one. To avoid any other troubles like this I cast Recollection on everyone present. It’s a spell that lets me send my memories to another. It was faster this way. Now everyone present could understand what I went through. Cause the last thing I need is for dragon mom to go on a rampage.

“So, listen everyone. This is my mother, Katalina Leviathan. You are to treat her with the utmost respect. She doesn’t know our laws and ways, so please make sure to properly guide her and look after her.”

Mom softly giggled and waved her hand at everyone. Let’s hope they all get along. Cause I’m starting to get tired of defusing various situations.

“Grace, please have someone fix the hole in the castle.”

“Of course, but… Milla-nee, what exactly was that guy after?”

To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe I should have asked who hired him after all. But I was really angry so I ended up killing him. Well regardless, I have a few ideas. First, he said he was hired to destroy the castle. There are 2 possibilities for this. First, it might be that some other Demon King wants to trample on my pride. I have to say, not everyone has accepted me and they look at me like a joke.

The other possibility is that this was just a diversion. Something to distract us. To keep us focused in one place. In which case, something else might have happened somewhere else. Let’s be honest, it’s weird to ask only for the castle to be destroyed. There had to be a point for making so much ruckus. But guess I will figure it out later.

“Don’t mind it for now Grace. Let’s just relax for now. I really want to take a bath.”

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“As you wish.”

When I wanted to go inside, Teri approached me.

“Your Highness… Tengu… he got hurt because of Teri. He tried protecting Teri… Teri really is sorry…”

“There’s no need to worry Teri. I’ll have someone to bring him to me and I’ll put him back together. You did your best, so don’t blame yourself.”


With that out of the way I thought I could finally go inside, but that didn’t happen.


That voice. There’s only one person who calls me that. Himeko. But it was pale voice. As I turned around I saw her. Covered in bruises, bleeding from her forehead and barely standing. She was using her sword as a cane. Before I knew it my body was moving on it’s own. I quickly supported her loli body against mine.

“Himeko! Are you alright? Quickly, drink this!”

Without hesitation I took a bottle of Phoenix Tears and gave it to Himeko. Her wounds healed at fast rate and soon she was good as new.

“Himeko, what happened?”

“Ambush. While training, Lorina… got kidnapped…”

My eyes went wide.

“Heavily armored elves. They put Lorina under some weird spell. Tried to protect her… too many…”

Okay. That means that theory number 2 is the right one. Death just wanted to distract us, so the elves can take Lorina away. So this was all the work of that no good prince I met months ago. I should have killed him on the spot. But back then we were at war with humans. The last thing I needed was to fight a war against 2 opponents.

“Don’t worry, Himeko. I’ll chase after them and give them hell.”

“Already gone. Teleport crystals.”

Oh right. Elves are the one that make those things so it’s natural for them to have some. Darn it. That’s annoying. But don’t think you are safe. Nobody screws with me. I don’t care if I have to kill every last elf. I’m gonna take Lorina back. First those guys sent Melina to her death and didn’t even lift a finger to try and rescue her, and now they wanna take one of my women? Screw them.

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“Himeko, get some rest for now. I’ll take care of this matter. I’ll make them pay for crossing me. Total annihilation.”


Okay. I might have exaggerated a little. I’m not gonna destroy an entire race. Only those directly involved with this. Since I need to move fast I’ll teleport back into the Empress’s room. Olympia is way closer to the elves than here so I should get there faster. I’ll ask cuttie Claire for a map and route. Normally I would want to have my way with her. Since we made that deal, I didn’t get the chance to use her. And looks like I have to wait some more.

“Okaasan… help me!”

While I was lost in thought I didn’t notice that dragon mom came and grabbed Himeko into her embrace.

“Such a cute girl. Sweetie, you didn’t tell me about such a cutie. I wonder, does this make me a grandma? Nevertheless I’m so excited!”

“Okaasan… help…”

Himeko extended her hands as if wanting to escape from her grip. I simply shook my head. Sorry, darling. You have to put up with it for now. I can’t break mom’s happy smile, so be a brave girl and endure.

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