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Chapter 78: Dark Elves?

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub


Currently the brainwashing slime was placed on Lorina’s head and had it’s jellyfish like tentacles in her ears and mouth. Of course, occasionally it would remove it’s tentacles from the mouth so the target could breathe. Melron was observing as Lorina’s cheeks were red.

“Well, sis, do you feel like your body is burning up while your lower abdomen is numb? That’s a symptom of you getting turned on. You can still act arrogant now, but soon you’ll be reduced to a dog begging at my feet!”

“Dream on!”

“Why don’t you just give up already and do all of us a favor? You’re only making yourself suffer. How long do you think you can keep that attitude?”

“Forever! My body… my body belongs only to Her Highness!”

“Huh!? Don’t tell me you actually developed a thing for females. That’s insane!”

“She is the Demon King of Insanity after all. So what if I’ve gotten a little insane myself? Her Highness is everything you aren’t!”

“Kek. Well, just keep dreaming. This is just the first day after all. Eventually you’ll become a sow and beg for my c̲o̲c̲k̲. I can’t wait to see your face when you break!”

We followed the path the Empress told us to stay on. We only encountered monsters on the way, but they were so weak that as soon as they felt my aura they ran away as fast as they could. Sue was in my shadow and I was riding Felicia. She got used to having me on her back, given how originally she always blushed and kept her face in her palms. But now she takes great pride in it.

With my enhancement magic we reached the elven border in a day, just as predicted. Sure, I might have gotten here faster on Fenrir, but I was trying not to stand out. Felicia’s stamina deserves some praise, that’s for sure. We eventually entered a forest but… the elven lands weren’t what I expected.

The trees in the forest… felt wrong. I mean the leaves were dark purple and the trunk was a light grey. It gave a sinister feeling. According to the map this place is called Duskwood forest. I can’t shake the feeling that some sort of disease is lurking amongst these trees.

“Your Highness… someone is watching us.”

Felicia was right. Since we entered this forest I also felt a pair of eyes watching. I got off her back and we continued slowly. Maybe the elves discovered us. That’s good. In fact, if they try to attack us I can blow all of them at once and ask for the fastest route to their royal palace. It wasn’t long before an arrow came flying and pierced the ground right near my feet. And soon after a small barrage of arrows came from the trees.

“[Aqua Shield]!”

Felicia casted her spell to protect herself. As for me… I didn’t even bother dodging. Their marksmanship was good, but now I have dragon scales. These are plain iron head arrows. As soon as they hit me, all the arrows bounced back as if they were hitting a wall. I yawned, hoping that this would make our attackers reveal themselves.

And it worked. Some people came out of the forest bushes and from the tree tops. Roughly 20 people surrounded us. Both males and females. But I was surprised. Their skin was rather dark. Light brown to be more specific, like when you get a tan. Were they dark elves? Does this world have such a thing?

“Don’t move!”

Felicia was getting ready to draw her sword but I raised my hand to signal her to stand down. I don’t know why they looked so angry. It seemed that a conversation was possible, but judging by the atmosphere I wouldn’t say that it would be amicable……

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I’d rather avoid burning them down for now, though. Well, I still need to show them who is actually in charge.

“I am the Demon King of Insanity, Milla Walpurgis! I have come to destroy the royal family. If you don’t want to share the same fate, point us to the royal palace and step aside!”

The bunch of people stirred up when I declared so. Felicia let out a small smile. They all must be impressed by my awesomeness!

“Oi, you! You’re just a little girl. Quickly tell us the truth!”

A vein popped up on my forehead. I know I am a loli, but I’m getting tired of this reaction. I released a huge amount of bloodlust and my aura unleashed a strong pressure. Some of them ended falling on their knees. Eventually I stopped and continued.

“Believe me now?”

The group openly flinched. They started whispering among themselves. I waited for a bit, but eventually it got tiresome. I don’t know the condition Lorina is in, so I don’t have time to take things slowly.

“How long to you plan on standing around talking!? Hurry up and guide us. Do you want to be destroyed!?”


Several people of the group leaked out woman-like screams. Even the males, kek. The leader lowered her bow and arrow.

“I, I understand……I will guide you to the Dark Elf village. Our chief will explain what you want to know. You only want to know about the elven royal family, right? Could I have you promise that you won’t lay a hand on the residents?”

Hmm… that statement picked my interest. Why would they want me to meet their chief? Are dark elves different from the rest? Well, it’s the best lead I got so far, so let’s play along.

“Hmph……Naturally. I have no interest in small fry.”

While expressing a smile of relief the leader started to guide us. A different elf uneasily asked her a question.

“C… can we trust these guys!?”

“We have, no choice but to.”

“But to guide such a dangerous bunch to the village!”

“You saw how strong she is. What can we do!? It’s better than her burning down the forest. Let’s leave the rest to the chief.”

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I wonder who this chief is? I really hope he isn’t a douchebag like that prince.

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