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Chapter 61: Don’t mess with a loli!

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Are you really going to raise your weapon at me? Will you really harm this body?”


Grace was hesitating. It was an enemy she didn’t know how to handle. Just a few moments ago she was observing Milla. Did this enemy take control over her body? Did the enemy only mimic Milla’s appearance? Regardless of the answer, if there was a chance that Milla is still in there, then she couldn’t strike her. The battle maid code forbids a maid to harm her master.

From near the Corruption’s orb, Odin and Persia who were still helping Ornis trying to keep it from breaking apart, couldn’t help not making weird faces when they saw the attitude change in Milla. But they couldn’t rush to help Grace because of the situation they were in.

“Well, if you refuse to follow that order, then I have no choice but to kill you myself!”

Milla extended her hand and fired a fireball towards Grace. Grace had no choice but to dodge. But it didn’t stop there. Another fireball was shot. And another. Fireball after fireball. Grace did her best to avoid each one. Dodging was all she could do. She couldn’t attack Milla.

“Hahaha! Good! I like that! Dance around some more. Let me see you squirm!”

Milla started to shoot even more fireballs. The explosions started to toss Grace around like a ragdoll before she finally hit the ground. Milla started to get closer to Grace and placed herself on top of the maid. She put her hands around Grace’s neck.


Grace made a painful expression. She was choking and gasping for what little air she had left. And also… tears started to flow from her eyes.

“That face is priceless! Good! Let’s take it a step further! Before I choke you… I wanna see your spirit brake. That pretty face of yours… How would it look without an eyeball?”

Milla raised her left hand while her right hand was still putting pressure on Grace’s neck. She gestured that she was ready to pluck her eye out… but her hand slightly twiched and formed a fist instead. What happened next could only be described as stranger than strange. Milla punched herself in the face. She punched herself so hard that she rolled a few feet across the floor, releasing Grace in the process.

“Get out!”

Damn. This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ really did whatever she wanted. This isn’t how a Goddess should behave. You tried to kill my Grace? I won’t forgive you for that. I’m gonna push you out!

“No… Why? What do you think you’re doing?” I granted your wish! I sent you home! Why are you still clinging to this place?”

A disorted voice started to speak. It really was a weird feeling. 2 voices coming out of the same body. And I never experienced something like this either. With 2 souls inside, I really felt cramped. I can’t describe it in words.

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about me! You granted my wish? Who said that was my wish?”

“This body is mine now!”

I was literally fighting myself now. My right hand was fighting my left. My body rolled around the floor and made chaotic movements.

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“You’re nothing more than a fake! If you can’t accept my generosity… I will crush!”

“The only fake around here is you! You’re just a made up Goddess. You aren’t real!”

She probably got pissed when I said that. I could feel the pressure on my soul getting bigger. She was starting to take control. But… you tried to hurt my friends. You took me away from my true family. You’re not the only one who is angry, b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!

“I’ve had enough of this s̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s time to get rid of you!”

“Fool! You don’t have the strength to…”

I didn’t let her finish. I raised the hand I could control upwards and shouted:

“[Berserker Mode]!”

Berserker Mode’s black aura started to cover my body. I let out a strong roar.

“Wha…!? How can you… do this?”

It’s because I know this body better than you. Now get out! My aura was struggling to cover the part of my body that this fake controlled… but eventually, because I caught her off guard, I overpowered her. The moment my body was fully enveloped I screamed from the bottom of my lungs. A shockwave appeared out of nowhere and with it… a yellow ghostly figure was sent flying away from my body.

I immediately cancelled Berserker Mode. The last thing I need right now is to lose my sense of reason. I gasped for air a bit, then quickly turned around and ran towards Grace.

“Grace! Are you alright? Quickly, drink this!”

I pulled a bottle of Phoenix Tears from my shadow and made Grace drink it. All her burn marks and injuries healed in no time.

“Grace… I’m sorry… this happened because of me… I…”

“It’s alright, Milla-nee. You became the mistress I love again, and that’s all that matters to me!”

She pulled my face into her breasts and started patting my hair. Ah… nobody makes me feel so warm as Grace does.

“Onee-chan, I’m glad you are back to your old self… but can you give us a hand? This thing… is falling apart!”

Oh right. Corruption. I totally forgot about that thing. I wanted to get up and go help them but…

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A scream so loud and so high pitch was unleashed that I had to cover my ears. Seriously, if you thought nails on a blackboard were annoying, this sound was 10 times worse. It felt like a scream from those mythical creatures called banshees. The shrieking came from the yellow ghost that I threw out of me.

The ghostly thing flew straight into Corruption. The moment it got absorbed… it created a shockwave so strong that it blew Ornis, Odin and Persia back.

“No! It’s been fully released! But something… feels wrong.”

Ornis was the one that quickly stood up again but didn’t get a good vibe from it. And who can blame him. That black mud… it was almost as if it was trying to make a human shape in the middle. Wait. Don’t tell me…

“AAA! Damn you! I achieved perfection yet you rejected me? You chose this world… then I shall become it’s destroyer. I will devour it all and shape it in my appearance! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!!!”

My hunch was right. That so called Goddess… she merged with Corruption. If that thing gets out of this mountain, there’s no stopping it. From it’s murky water various tentacles started to form… and then lashed at us.

“Whatever you do don’t get pierced by them! Brutal Cutter!”

Ornis issued a warning and at the same time unleashed a barrage of slashes to fend off the tentacles that were aiming at him. Odin also pulled out her strongest weapon. Another one of the ancient relics. The mighty spear Gungnir. Me and Persia were just dodging around.

“Milla-nyan! Watch out! Behind you!”

But Persia’s warning came too late. A tentacle appeared from my blind spot and pierced my body.

“Don’t get near her! She’s lost now!”

Ornis… your shouting isn’t helping. Shut the f̲u̲c̲k̲ up. It’s true that my head felt like splitting apart and all sorts of horror scenes flashed through my eyes. However…

“This s̲h̲i̲t̲ won’t work on me.”

I grabbed the tentacle and unleashed Origin dark lightning to crush it completely. My wound obviously healed thanks to Phoenix Resurrection.

“Impossible! How can you still be sane after that!?”

“Sane? You think I’m sane after everything I’ve been through? I was forcefully brought here, died and came back, targeted, backstabbed, I even had to kill innocent people… I may act logical and all… but the reason this thing doesn’t work is… because I’m already twisted!”

Ornis made a dumb expression since he saw I wasn’t affected by the Corruption while the slimy Goddess was screaming again. This freak show is getting on my nerves. It’s my turn to attack now.

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