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Chapter 62: Goodbye, Milla?

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“[Geo Dark Bolt]!”

I unleashed lightning after lightning to fend off her tentacles. But at this point we were at a stalemate. I kept blasting and she kept regenerating. I didn’t know any spell strong enough to blast all of her body. And my mana isn’t infinite. Eventually I’ll just get tired.

“Onee-chan, get back. I’ll blast that thing away!”

Odin was preparing to fire her spear, Gungnir.

“Odin, don’t!”


“Although I’m sure you’ll make a big hole in it, it will just fill up quick and absorb your spear in the process. You’ll only make it stronger!”

“Then… is there really no way to stop it?”

Come on brain. Think. There has to be a way! Sealing it would be pointless since history would just repeat itself at some point. I need something that can completely pulverize this thing. But what?

“Odin, can you drop the temperature in here?”

“Onee-chan… I don’t understand.”

“This thing will just absorb magic. But if you can make the air cold and the ground would freeze naturally, then it won’t be able to absorb that ice since it doesn’t contain magic. In the end, this thing is a liquid form so we can…”

“Slow it down if it sticks to ice. Okay! I understand, onee-chan!”

Odin extended her hand and like a huge air conditioner she quickly released a chilling aura and dropped the temperature. It didn’t take long before the ground was freezing cold. And just as I predicted, this giant slimy monstrosity started to get stuck on the ice. We couldn’t freeze it, but it’s enough to slightly slow it’s advance.

“Onee-chan, this won’t hold for long.”

I know already. I just need some room to breathe. Now think. What can I do to stop this thing. Maybe if I combine that… no, there’s not enough room in this mountain. Melt it away with heat? No. That won’t work either. I’d have to use One with the Sun for that. But it’s the middle of the night now so the activation condition isn’t met.

And then it hit me. The human brain is amazing. It will use your instincts to give a solution. If I use “THAT”… I can kill her. But the price for something like that… I closed my eyes a bit and remembered my time here. All my servants, Grace, Lorina, my daughter Himeko, Momoyo and Shiori. All my loved ones will suffer. Everyone will be killed. I never was a family guy… but this is my family. This is my home.


I took deep breaths. I made my mind up. To protect my loved ones… I’ll do whatever it takes!

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I floated down near my friends and looked behind. I didn’t want to worry them too much so I tried displaying a smile.

“Grace, I’m sorry… but this is the only thing I can think off. I’ll leave you in charge from now on…”

“Milla-nee… what are you saying?”

“Odin, Persia… I know it’s a lot to ask… but please keep my home safe. Don’t let anyone ruin it.”

“Milla-nyan… what…”

“Sorry guys. This is… goodbye!”

I extended my right hand forward and supported it with my left hand. I didn’t chant any spell because I didn’t know the words. But I saw it’s magic circle. With my photographic memory seeing this once is all I needed to make it work. The symbols started to appear on the formation.

“What kind… of language is that? I don’t recognize any symbol…”

While Ornis was being confused and all…

“NONONO! Why is it you know that!? Impossible!”

It seems the pseudo Goddess understood what I was doing. She sent various tentacles at me. But it was too late.

“It’s over. [Delete All]!!!”

Tenebria’s magic. The first spell she used on me. Although I had no idea what it symbolizes, I figured out that it was a power even beyond God Slayer magic. The power to erase anything. But indeed, it lived up to it’s name. Delete All doesn’t just destroy your enemy. It also destroys your own body. Tenebria was a God. She didn’t have a physical body. She only took the appearance of a loli since it was easier to talk to her like that. The power of the Gods is still beyond my understanding.

A huge pure white blast emerged. The tentacles that were aiming me vanished in an instant. The beam got bigger and bigger, devouring everything in in it’s path.

“Curse you! Curse you! Curse YOOOUUUUUU!”

The Goddess tried to resist the blast, but it was no use. She too, along with Corruption were engulfed in the light and completely erased. When the spell was over, I ended up blowing a path till the other side of the mountain. But it didn’t matter. Everyone was safe now. And my life… was over…

She did it! Milla-nee did it! Against all odds she managed to find a way to destroy that thing. Although the spell she used was different from Origin magic. But that doesn’t matter. Now we can finally go home and get a well deserved rest. Or that’s what I thought. What happened next… nobody predicted. The moment she lowered her arms, blood gushed out from all over her body. It was like a water balloon with holes… and my mistress fell on the ground.


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I rushed as fast as I could to her side. Odin and Persia followed shortly.

“What’s with these wounds? Why aren’t they healing?”

In the next moment Odin fell on her knees.

“No way… her magic circuits… are gone…”

“What do you mean gone?”

“I mean gone… That spell she used… destroyed her circuits…”

“There has to be a way to save her!”

Is this what Milla was trying to say? When she said… goodbye? No! I can’t accept such an outcome. We still need you! I still need you! I already thought I lost you once. I can’t lose you a second time!

She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t move. And her eyes slowly closed themselves.

“Milla-nee! You can’t die! You hear me? You can’t! Don’t close yours eyes! Shake it off. Please…”

My tears… my voice… could she hear them? This… can’t end like this… someone… anyone… please save the one I love the most.

◇ ◇ ◇


The Demon God was holding her hands in her hair and ruffling it around.

“That was reckless! Milla, I know you have the title of Demon King of Insanity, but that’s too much even for you. Honestly, that photographic memory of yours is troublesome. Even I didn’t expect that you could replicate my attack after seeing it only once. Crazy. Baka!”

She hoped off her throne and started shaking the orb she used as a TV to watch the mortals.

“Baka! Baka! Baka!

Were you expecting me to save you? I can’t. I really want to help you out but I can’t! I broke too many rules already. If I make a move again, the divine law enforcer crew will notice it. I need to lay low for a bit. But even so… you can’t die. This world would be too boring without you in it.”

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The small loli God shook her head left and right and folded her arms.

“I can’t save you… but I can’t let you die either. I guess it’s not interfering if I let some information slip into one of your friends’ head. Totally by accident. Yeah. That should be acceptable. As for if you actually live or die… that will all depend on your resolve, my cute little Demon King!”

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