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Chapter 60: I Want to Be a Loli Again

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“So, Tenebria, what’s going on with me?”

“Before I get to your situation, it’s better if I start from the beginning.”

Tenebria started to tell me a story that happened many years ago. About how the Founder gave his life to seal that black slimy thing. She says it’s called Corruption and it’s purpose is to devour life itself. Also it seems it was some sort of wish maker. That’s the only way the seal could be broken. That’s what the Pope was trying to do. Make a wish.

“Wait. This doesn’t add up. What wish could he have possibly made to put me in this situation? I mean… aside from prez and Shiori nobody knows who I really am. And wasn’t my body still supposed to be back over… Ouch!”

Tenebria started stepping on my foot. It hurts. Hey, you’re wearing high heels, you know. What’s the big idea?

“You’re annoying. I haven’t finished yet. So shut up and listen. I need to explain about the God system next. You should be on your knees and praise me. This is information that mortals aren’t allowed to know.”

I could only nod and keep listening to her. Lolis sure can be scary. So next up she started to explain about Gods. There was indeed a supreme existence that governed the universe and all dimensions. Tenebria referred to this one true God as the Almighty One. He created the so called lesser Gods to ease his work. Not that he couldn’t do it himself. He could be everywhere and had infinite power. But nobody actually knows why he created the lesser Gods. Each lesser God was assigned to a planet and race to look after. They were truly immortal beings.

“Wait, Tenebria.”


“The first time we met you said that without the demon race you would cease to exist.”

“Did I? I guess I did. Can’t believe you remember it though. Well… it was a lie. I just wanted to put pressure on you and scare you. Even without the demon race I will live on just fine. My role in this world would just be more weird as I would need to think if I should create new ones or actually let them go extinct bla bla bla…”

This loli God… is really something, that’s for sure.

“And now on to the next issue. You know I am always referring to the humans’ Goddess as a pseudo Goddess. Well, that’s because she isn’t a real Goddess. I told you that the Almighty One creates us Gods. But she is a made up Goddess. Back before the Olympia Empire was united, there was the so called old church who worshiped the true human diety. But with schemes, fake miracles and dirty tricks the Pope managed to create a new church with a fictional Goddess. 3 years after the Empress made her empire, the new church had replaced the old one completely. So people started to believe and worship a Goddess that isn’t real. Until she eventually manifested because of all the countries praying to her.”

“I… had no idea things can go that way…”

“Just think for yourself. Your world has a large number of religions, yet you are all a single race. Do you actually think all your gods are true ones?”

Wait! I actually never thought about that, but if Tenebria is telling the truth… then although there is only one God appointed to us… we have no way to determine which religion is correct or if there is even a right one. I wanted to ask more but Tenebria just squeezed my hand as if she wanted to break it. Au! Why is she still holding my hand, by the way? I guess she doesn’t want to reveal more than the bare minimum.

“And now, back to that fake. Unlike us, she doesn’t have true immortality. If the people one day would stop praying to her, she really will die. And that’s her fear ever since she was born. Paranoia. So, like a snake she whispered in the Pope’s ear. She told him with visions about Corruption. About the wish maker. In exchange for placing her wish, she promised she would make the Pope a God. But that was a lie.”

“That old fart got what he deserved in the end. But… what was his wish?”

“True incarnation. With her divinity, although incomplete, if she could descend on earth physically then she could become immortal from time’s point of view. So the next step is to secure her ‘combat immortality’. And that’s where you come in. Or get out to be exact.”

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“Are you saying what I think you are?”

“I’m afraid so. Since your soul hasn’t fused completely with Milla… she kicked you out and took your place. With her divinity and Milla’s Phoenix Resurrection she can atain true immortality.”

This is bad. This is really bad. I couldn’t believe my ears. If you were standing next to me you could probably hear how fast my heart was beating.

“Tenebria. If she really is that evil why didn’t you or the true human Goddess do anything to stop her?”

“Trust me, I would love to erase her. But there are 2 issues with that. One is the rules set. Although fighting between Gods is allowed, killing is prohibited. She may be a fake but sadly her divinity level makes me unable to kill her. And the second issue is… even if I or anyone else were to kill her… after a while she would just spawn back because the humans still pray to her.”

“But wait. The rules you keep talking about… don’t they apply for her too? How is she able to block you… au au au!”

She squeezed my hand again.

“Enough with the questions already. Your small brain would explode if I tried to explain all the divine matters.”

“Then… can you stop squeezing my hand? Why are you holding my hand to begin with?”

She slightly blushed before answering me.

“~Hmph~… Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not holding your hand cause I like you or anything… I’m doing it to keep a leash on your mouth, baka!”

Did she just go into dere mode again? Regardless, Tenebria took a deep breath and continued.

“Anyway, that fake recreated a body for you, messed around with the system in this place and restored the memories you should have lost when you faced me. She practically gave you a ticket back home so she can claim Milla’s body.”

I felt like I was about to faint. But everything starts to make sense now.

“Tenebria… is there a way for me to go back?”

“Since she is incarnated now, the barrier she put against me is gone so I can use my full authority again. I can send you back, but you’ll have to kick her out. Even if it’s for a short moment if you overpower her she will be forced out. But are you sure you want that? You can stay here. You never wanted to be summoned. You can live a normal life again. And I’ll be frank. It’s because your inner conflict that she managed to find you, so maybe it’s better to stay here.”

My inner conflict… she’s talking about the dream I had. So the voice I heard back then was most likely the pseudo-Goddess. My fear of what would happen if I tell Grace the truth. Would she still be loyal to me? Would she follow that woman’s orders now?

I took a few moments to think, before firmly answering Tenebria.

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“Send me back! Stay here? For what? My true family… The ones I love are back there. Why should I stay here? Just so I can be another gear in this f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲d̲ up world? Besides, Milla entrusted her body to me! I won’t let that fake have her way. But also… I trust Grace. Even if she won’t serve me anymore… she won’t abandon me. I don’t know how to put it in words…”

As I clenched my fist, Tenebria displayed a huge grin before bursting into laughter.

“Hehe… Hahaha! I knew it! You’re simply the best. You never cease to amaze me. It seems that you finally understand who you really are and accepted your feelings.”

Tenebria brought her hand close to my face and open her palm wide.

“Now go, my cute little Demon King. Teach that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ a lesson she’ll never forget!”

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