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Chapter 29: Unusual Military Inspection

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Around 2 days passed since I handed prez to Irina. I was sitting in my bed. I really missed my bed. It felt that I couldn’t get a moment of rest lately. High Mazoku don’t need to eat or sleep, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get tired. I just wanted to be lazy for once. Right now, I made Cleo give me a belly dance. Because she is a lamia, she has a certain elegance and can twist her body in ways you couldn’t imagine. Just like a typical belly dancer, I made her wear a veil over her face and some jewelry. She was really good at it.

As for the music part, 3 maids were playing in a corner of the room. Normally they are used only to instruments like pianos or violins. But a belly dance is more exotic. So it took quite some time for them to get used to drums and flutes. I created them with magic. I could have made Lorina craft them, but it was difficult to explain, so I just used the images I had about them in my head, gathered some materials and remodeled them. Nevertheless, my maids were quite capable and with a little trial and error they managed to learn using them. They actually enjoyed learning new stuff.

Knock Knock

Aww, come on. Can’t I get a moment of rest?

“Come in.”

Grace entered my room.

“Milla-nee, how much longer do you plan to sit in bed? It’s almost evening.”

“And your point is?”

“You really should take a stroll through the city. Making public appearances puts the people at ease. If you walk casually then they know there is nothing to fear.”

I don’t follow that logic. Maybe it was a side effect of all the laws I gave. Well and the fact that I kept visiting Lorina and kept going back and forth from one land to another. Still…

“Don’t wanna!”

“Milla-nee, it’s not healthy if you become a couch potato. If you don’t get up I must take some drastic measures.”

“We both know I’m the master. You can’t touch me, Grace.”

“True. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Grace waved her hands and a gust of small wind was created. The wind twirled around and snatched the pillow from under my head.

“Wha… No! That’s not fair. Give it back!”

“Will you get up?”

“No. I need at least 16 hours of bedtime.”

“You already had 4 hours. That’s more than enough. Milla-nee, you’re not a cat.”

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Grace started tugging the pillow as if she was ready to tear it apart.

“Aah… okay, okay! You win. I’ll get up. Just don’t hurt my pillow!”

Grace then smiled as if signaling her victory. I know what you guys might think, but I love my pillow. It’s so comfy and there is no way I am giving it up. I’ll have to punish Grace later. Spanking her a̲s̲s̲ should remind her who’s in charge. And so, reluctantly, I got out of bed and went for a stroll.

I was outside but didn’t actually know where to go. I didn’t have any particular business this time. Lorina was probably busy with Himeko and her shop. Irina was training prez. Hmm… I wonder how Tengu is doing. I didn’t see him after prez issued his punishment. He didn’t argue with it at all either and complied. Whether or not that made Momoyo more at ease is something I can’t tell. I never seen the military barracks or the way my army is training. Yosh! Let’s do that then. Let’s go and see the troops.

The military barracks were at the outskirts of my town. They needed to use terrain to train, practice magic and perform drills. When I arrived, a centaur rushed over to greet me.

“Your Highness, it is an honor for us to have you here.”

“I think I saw you before. Weren’t you in the lead back when you killed the humans?”

“Yes! My name is Felicia. I am the captain, under Lord Tengu’s guidance. It makes me happy that you remembered someone like me.”

“Speaking of Tengu, where is he?”

She jolted a bit and her horse tail started fluttering.

“How should I say this… Lord Tengu came covered in dirt. He was proud of his clothes, so for today he left me in charge so he can wash his clothes. It would be troublesome for him to appear naked.”

“Couldn’t he just ask someone specialized in using cleaning magic?”

“He wanted to manually wash them, as he takes great pride in them.”

“I see. Well in that case, you show me around.”


Felicia slowly turned around. I still felt like being lazy from morning, so it hit me. Why walk when I can ride? Felicia only took a few steps, but I slightly glided and landed on her back.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

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“No… it’s not that, Your Highness…”

For some reason, her face was bright red. Does she have a fever or something? Well, regardless, I lightly spanked her horse a̲s̲s̲ to signal her to start moving.


She placed her face was in her palms and started to slowly walk.

Back on Earth I never had the chance to ride a horse. I lived in the city. Sure, I had some relatives at the countryside, but I rarely visited them. I didn’t ride Felicia like a lady with both legs on one side. I sat in a cowboy manner with each leg on a side.

As we strolled around the training ground I could see it was well organized. It was divided into different sections. A group was training with weapons, another in hand to hand combat, another in casting magic and so on. When I passed by, everyone has gotten a little stiff. They would respectably bow before me, then as if they got a sudden energy boost they trained with even more vigor because I was around. I don’t know if they were doing it to impress me or just so I won’t punish them for slacking. The armory was also clean and fancy. Lorina is really doing a good job with the military weapons and armors.

One thing I couldn’t help noticing though is that some were looking strangely at me and kept whispering. Especially the other centaurs.

“Felicia, is there something on my face? Everyone keeps staring at me.”

“It’s… not you, Your Highness. They are most likely… looking at me…”

I tilted my head in confusion. I didn’t understand. Why would they be looking at Felicia?

“Your Highness!”

Someone was calling me. When I turned around, I saw Cleo rushing towards me. It’s rare to see Cleo outside. For a moment her cheeks blushed.

“You really are bold, Your Highness. I didn’t expect you to do such a thing in public.”

“Okay, can someone let me in on the joke? What’s up with all of you?”

Felicia only placed her face in her palms again. While Cleo, cleared her throat and said:

“You don’t know, Your Highness? Centaurs only allow their soul mates to ride on their back. So… with you on her back everyone is gossiping that you are her pair. Your Highness, did you get on her without asking permission? I am in no position to judge you, but riding her is similar to r̲a̲p̲e̲ in a centaurs’ eye.”

Oh, crap! I didn’t think of that. I think I read a similar plotline in a manga. Come on, otaku brain, why didn’t you trigger an alarm? Oh well. What’s done it’s done I guess.

“Felicia, tell me one thing. Do you like someone?”

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“I’m asking if you have a lover or a crush.”


I got closer and wrapped my arms around her neck.

“Then it’s settled. You’re mine now.”

Nom Nom

I started to nibble her ear.


Felicia made all sorts of faces while Cleo who knew how I swing could only laugh. I removed my lips from her ear, and looked at Cleo.

“So Cleo, you needed something from me?”

“Yes. Grace-senpai told me to bring you back to the castle.”

Aww, come on! Grace, first you want me to go out, and now you wanna bring me back in? Make up your mind already. I’ll thoroughly have to spank her a̲s̲s̲ tonight.

“You received an urgent letter. And the sender is Lord Ornis Balmund himself. Please come back.”

I jolted. Ornis Balmund. The strongest Demon King. What could he possibly want with me? Another plot? I barely made it out in one piece after the last one. I hoped off Felicia’s back.

“Let’s go, Cleo. Seems we have work to do.”

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