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Chapter 30: Meeting

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

We left Felicia rather confused. When we left I look behind only to see her being surrounded by many curious people. Cleo kept smiling. She knew my sexual orientation. I wanted to tell her it was an accident. Taking Felicia for myself wasn’t something I intended. But as a Demon King, I didn’t want to look pathetic so I went with the flow. Maybe I will invite her to my castle to straighten things up.

When we arrived home, Grace was standing in waiting with a letter in her hand. I quickly take it as to see what Ornis wanted with me. I broke the wax seal and began to read it.

“Fellow Demon King. Our continent is currently facing a crisis. Humans have invaded our land and have already taken control of one of our villages. Their numbers are great and we must take action. That’s why I, Ornis Balmund, here by summon you for a War Council. Transportation will follow this letter shortly.”

I couldn’t help but twitch. It was a short letter, yet so many questions popped in my head. One silly question I had is how the post system works here. Why do letters travel so fast and yet it took me lots of time to get from one territory to another? I couldn’t figure it out. But right now, I wasn’t curious of that.

The letter says that the humans have taken over a village. That should be impossible. I personally knew the heroes. They shouldn’t be strong enough to do something like that. I mean seriously, one giant fireball from me should turn them all to ashes. Did they win with numbers? I don’t know about other villages, but mine are prepared to at least hold of an invading force until reinforcement can arrive.

If the other Kings wanna start a war, I need to think of a way to kill Ren myself and take Shiori before someone else messes with my plans. I need strategy.

“Grace, I’m not going. I have other things I need to do.”

“You cannot decline. Milla-nee, a War Council isn’t a Blood Ball. For whatever reason, it isn’t something you can’t attend. If you were to miss it, Ornis himself would kill you.”

“Oof. Fine… then let’s get ready and…”

“You have to go alone.”

“What? After all that’s happened between me and other kings, you actually want me to go alone? I don’t want to be alone with those bunch of murderers.”

“Milla-nee, a War Council is a sacred meeting. It involves the fate of the continent. Nobody would dare try doing anything to you, especially under the eyes of Lord Ornis. If anything else, you will have Lady Odin by your side.”

True. Odin was my property now. And she is considered the 2nd strongest Demon King. Well, I better listen to Grace. She never let me down so far.

“Okay. Then I’m leaving you in charge, Grace. Remember…”

“If the humans you described will come in contact with our land we shall only capture them.”

Good maid. Well then, I guess I’ll just make some preparations and issue some orders until the transportation comes, just to be on the safe side.

As the letter stated, transportation soon arrived and took me to Ornis’ castle. It was imposing. Because I was also on the humans side I can safely say that it was similar to the royal palace back in Olympia. We weren’t allowed to bring servants or guards with us. I felt a little uneasy. But as a maid was guiding me around, I managed to spot Odin and headed straight for her. I jumped at her and of course she welcomed me with open arms.

The maid was rather surprised. Since the War Council wasn’t held in the same day as our arrival, we had to spend the night there. I asked the maid to let me and Odin stay in the same room. She was rather startled as something like that has never been requested before. But since both me and Odin wanted it, the maid granted our request. I really didn’t want to stay by myself. I know Grace said I got nothing to worry, but I couldn’t feel at ease. At least with Odin I could sleep better. Her b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ make a nice pillow. Once we were alone, I wanted to ask her something.

“Hey, Odin, what’s exactly all this about? Why is this War Council needed?”

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“Onee-chan, I’m not sure if you are aware but this time it’s a large scale invasion. Normally military from 1 land can’t cross into another. Each King must respect the territory of another. But, since the continent is at risk the first object is to unite our forces and collaborate. Temporary casting those walls aside.”

I see. As expected, each king treats his land like a country. So of course they would feel threatened if someone else would march their armies onto their land.

“The second is to discuss which way to deal with the invaders. Do we chase them away? Do we kill them? Do we march into humanity land and exterminate the whole race? Personally as long as I get a good fight, I don’t care what happens. I will just follow my cute little sister!”

“You’re making me blush.”

“So, what are you going to do? If they vote to exterminate the humans, that will include those that you want to deal personally with. Even if you take the front line, in the midst of so many soldiers, finding the ones you want will be like finding a needle in a haystack.”

“I really would like to handle everything by myself, but I lack the army to deal with the whole human fleet. And taking command of other troops seems impossible. It really is a predicament. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which direction the debates will go tomorrow. Worst case I’ll just nod and smile and take action behind their backs.”

“Kyaaa! Onee-chan, you’re so cool!”

“Let’s get some sleep for now. Come on. We’ll sleep together.”

I thought I would spend a quiet night, but I barely slept. I wanted to use Odin as my body pillow, but I ended up being hers. Odin was a very deep sleeper and extremely clingy. She kept pushing my head into her breasts. This time I did have air as she didn’t push me all the way in, but as you would imagine, it’s hard to sleep in such a situation. I really am glad sleeping and food are optional for High Mazoku, or else I would have been a zombie long ago.

In the morning a maid came after us. It was time. She guided us to a large room. The room was empty. Dead empty. There was only a big round table with 12 chairs. Ornis and a few of the other Demon Kings were already sitting. I shifted my gaze to Miraluka. I wanted to kill that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ so badly. The moment we made eye contact her body shivered. It was clear she was afraid of me. Although my memory is blurry during the time I used Berserker Mode, I remember giving her a strong beating. You think you’re scared now? Just wait. One day I will make you feel so much pain to make you repent for everything you did. For now I controlled my emotions and made sure to sit next to Odin. One by one all 12 Demon Kings gathered. It was time for this meeting to start.

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