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Chapter 28: Wrapping Things Up

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I provided Momoyo with a pair of clean underwear and a Japanese kunoichi1 1 piece style dress. With her metal limbs, she didn’t actually need gloves or shoes. They were tougher than regular armor. After all they had Lorina’s stamp. So I decided that a kunoichi dress is best to only cover her body.

Momoyo couldn’t believe she had limbs again. She spent a few minutes trying to stand on her feet and move her arms around. As you would expect, it took some time to get used to the feeling.

“It really is… a strange feeling… but it also feels that my body is different… somehow.”

“You noticed?”

“Milla, did you… do something else to me?”

While sitting on the bed on my belly with my hands on my cheeks, I slightly point my finger to a corner of the room.

“There’s a mirror right over there, sweet cheeks.”

“Wha… don’t call me like that!”

For a moment she blushed. Then Momoyo slowly started walking towards the mirror. Her limbs were functioning well. They were now fused with her. That means unless she’s cut again, they won’t come off. When she saw the reflection in the mirror she shouted:

“What the hell did you do to me!?”

The reason why she was so shocked was most likely because her skin color.

“I totally look like a gyaru2 now!”

Yup. Her white skin has changed into a tanned light brown color. It actually suited her light grey hair.

“What? I think you’re charming.”

“Would you please stop making fun of me? Change me back.”

“No can do. The color came with the other package I added.”

“What… did you do something else?”

“Why not check your status card and see for yourself?”

At my words Momoyo rushed to the drawer near the bed. I made the maids put all her belongings inside. She quickly took out the card the church gave us and looked at her stats. Of course, with my eyes, I didn’t need a card. I could clearly see the beautiful changes I made to her.

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Name: Momoyo Nakano
Age: 16
Race: Lower Mazoku
Class: Assassin
Strength: A+
Agility: S+
Endurance: S-
Magic: A+
Luck: B
Overall Rank: S-

“This… does this mean…”

“You’re no longer human? I’m afraid so. I had to make you a Mazoku for various reasons. First, a human wouldn’t have been able to survive the process. 2nd, demons hate humans, even in my land. It would be hard to convince them to accept you. But this way there will be no issue.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“Consider it a lesson, prez. I promised to restore you and give you power. And I did. But you didn’t ask me how I was going to do it. Are you still gonna be gullible like you did with the church? Don’t go trusting people blindly. In this world, that mistake can get you killed.”

Momoyo lowered her head. She clenched her fists. I guess she understood what I was getting at.

“Are you at least going to keep your word about saving Shiori? Or do you plan on doing something to her too? Cause if you were lying I swear I’ll…”

“Calm down prez. Like I said, Shiori is important for me too. I won’t harm her. And besides you turned out quite well.”

“So… why did you change my class?”

“I didn’t.”

“Can you give me a serious answer for once!?”

“I’m telling the truth. Yes, I did turn you into a Mazoku, but your new class and your new stats… I had no control over them. I don’t understand it myself. Mazoku are stronger than humans so the race change explains your new stats. But the class change is a mystery.”

I didn’t know why her class changed. And to be honest, I don’t care. What’s next is the biggest test so far. I clapped my hands. The doors to the room opened. Tengu walked right in and kneeled before me. I looked at Momoyo to check her reaction. She twitched and made a scared faced. It’s to be expected. Tengu was the one that took her limbs. But Tengu is my military commander. Eventually, these 2 will have to get along. Tengu spoke.

“Lady Nakano, please forgive this worthless skeleton. I was unaware of your connection to Her Highness. I know an apology isn’t enough, but I do hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.”


“Momoyo listen. I’m not cruel and I understand revenge better than anyone. So I’ll assign your training to someone else. But Tengu is still my commander. I need to make sure that on a battlefield you 2 can cooperate. I haven’t decided for a punishment for Tengu yet. You pick it.”


“I’m saying as long as it isn’t the death penalty, you can choose how to punish Tengu. Or ask him for a request. So tell me, prez, what will it take to make the grudge go away?”

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Momoyo pondered for a moment. I know it’s hard. I know it’s not something you can forget. It’s a wound. The wound might heal, but the scar will never go away. Eventually, prez spoke:

“Tie his hands and legs and make him do 10 laps around this castle.”

I tilted my head. I couldn’t believe what prez said. Was that all she wanted?

“With his limbs bound, he will have to crawl. He will get a taste of the way I felt these past days. I can’t think of anything better… so if he does that, I am willing to cooperate with him.”

I see. It was a sound argument actually. I snapped my fingers. Strings appeared and tied Tengu’s arms and legs. Out the shadows, the spider girl Irina appeared.

“Ara, Ara! Lady Milla, tying up a man isn’t as fun as tying up a woman.”

“Leave your hobbies aside for now, Irina. As for you Tengu, you heard Momoyo.”

“Understood. If this is my punishment then I will carry it proudly!”

I nodded. Well, I hope this way prez will be more at ease. I turned to Irina.

“Irina, I’ll put you in charge of training Momoyo. Teach her how to fight.”

“But I already know how to…”

Before she could finish her sentence I flicked my fingers similar to a forehead flick manner. The air pressure gathered made a shockwave similar to a bullet. It scratched Momoyo’s cheek before making a a crack in the wall behind her.

“You don’t. Everything you know is useless. When you’ll be able to dodge that in your sleep, then you can say you’re ready. Remember prez, I can take your life without moving a muscle. So if you want to help me save Shiori and get revenge, make sure to listen to Irina. Okay?”

“I… understand…”

Good. Now I need to find someone to fix the crack I made in my wall. I acted on impulse cause I wanted to look cool but… I don’t want cracks in my home.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the heart of the demon continent, there was one castle that outshined any other. It would be comparable with the Olympia Empire grand castle. This castle belonged to a person that many would consider the strongest man in the world. Rank 1, Demon King of Despair, Ornis Balmund. Inside his throne room, he had an unexpected visitor.

“Today is the day you shall fall, Ornis. I, Raxos, shall claim your title as the strongest Demon King!”

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“Let’s just get this over with. I have more important matters to attend to.”

Ornis often received challenges from demons that wanted his rank. He himself allowed anyone who wanted to fight him. This was his way to announce “I am the strongest. Come and die, if you want.”

“I hope you remember the rules you yourself have set. Anything goes, and that includes magic items.”

“Yes, yes. Come at me however you wish.”

“Hehe. Then I will use this.”

Raxos pulled out from his pocket a strange small goat statue, and then he crushed it in his hand. A magical aura was released all over the room.

“Hahaha. I figured your secret. You are the strongest because of your mana. But if I seal your mana away, then there’s no way you will be able to survive against someone as strong as me. I trained my body for 250 years to achieve this form. You can’t win against perfection.”

Raxos was a cyclops. Standing 2.5 meters tall, he was a bulky cyclops. He only wore pants, so that he could show off his upper body like a bodybuilder. His weapon was a giant club that could easily squash a human like an ant.

“Here I come.”

Raxos charged forward and quickly approached Ornis. He put all his might into swinging his club. But Ornis didn’t move at all.


The club stopped before it could touch Ornis. And the reason for this was because Ornis grabbed Raxos by the wrist.


Raxos struggled to free himself from the Demon King’s grip. But Ornis just applied more pressure and crushed his wrist. Just like a piece of paper you would tightly grip before throwing it into the trash.

“Aaaaaaaa! S̲h̲i̲t̲… My arm! Why… I sealed your magic!”

“Did you honestly think that you are the first one to try and seal my magic? You said you trained for 250 years. You can train for 2500 years and you still won’t match me.”

With those final words Ornis threw a single punch and completely turned Raxos into a puddle of blood. Ornis turned around and sat on his throne. A man in black robe with a simple mask on his face stepped out of the shadows and kneeled before him. Ornis scratched his head and addressed the black robe.

“If only these challengers would be at least at Odin’s level I could get a proper workout. But all I get is idiots who throw their lives away, trying the same tricks over and over.”

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“It can’t be helped, my king. After all, you never spare any challanger, so nobody is able to spread rumors that such tactics won’t work against you.”

“Death is fitting for their foolishness. Anyway, make sure to clean the mess.”

“Your will.

I also have some important news to share you.”


The black robe and Ornis exchanged a few words.

“So, the filthy humans have finally decided to invade us with all their might. They even dared to conquer one of our villages. This calls for a War Council. Send word to all the other kings. We must gather immediately. We must discuss how to properly deal with them.”

“Understood, my king!”

The black robe then disappeared into the shadows again. Ornis was left alone and talked to himself.

“I know what that so called holy church is really after. But if they get their hands on it, life itself will cease to exist. The founder gave his life to seal it. If the humans are seeking death, then I shall grant it to them!”

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  1. The female counterpart of ninja.
  2. Japanese equivalent for gal.

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