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Chapter 12: Another Strange Situation

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I can’t believe she still wanted to fight. But I couldn’t go along with her. Excluding the spells and physical enhancements I used, Phoenix Resurrection alone costs a s̲h̲i̲t̲ tone of mana. I was tired. I couldn’t afford wasting any more. Specially since right now I tried visualizing a new spell. Yup. You guessed it. Right as we speak I am trying to make another spell mash up. I was holding my hands behind my back so that she couldn’t see it.

Odin was staring at me, until she finally nodded and agreed to stop.

“Then, it’s my win!”

As soon as Odin declared that, the ground, the snow started to glow in an azure color tone. A huge pentagram with Odin’s Demon King crest was displayed under our feet. I could see Grace trying to run to me. She shouted something, but I couldn’t hear her.

From the ground blue chains manifested and they started charging at me. But I was ready.

“Sorry, Odin, but it’s actually my win!”

I placed my hands together and a small dark and red-ish sphere formed. It started emitting black sparks. I thrust my hands with the sphere on the ground. Dark electricity started to run through the pentagram, and the chains that were headed towards me, stopped.

“[Geo Matter Reflection]!”

“Wha… this is… Origin magic! What are you…?”

Before she could finish her sentence, the chains changed their direction and were headed straight for Odin now. The chains wrapped around her legs, arms and torso, restrained her completely.

“Did you really think I wasn’t aware of your Territory Sovereign?”

The spells I combined this time were: Reflection. As it names implies, it bounces an effect back towards the caster. Source Matter, a spell that let’s me trace and analize any spell. I needed to use it so I can get a full gasp of Territory Sovereign. And the most important one, Geo Forge. It was the advanced version of Modeling. I needed to alter the effects of Territory Sovereign. I made it so that the order I wanted to give would be permanent.

“I command you, become my slave!”

When I said those words, Odin’s body was enveloped in a strong white light. When the light and pentagram faded, I noticed that Odin was on her knees and a subtle crystal collar was placed on her neck. In other words, she was my puppet now. I could change even her personality. I could make her act like a bimbo, I can shut down her brain and treat her like a doll, I had complete control over her. But right now, I wanted to see her despair. I spent almost all my mana with that stunt. Come on! I don’t know what you wanted to order me, and I don’t care. Let me see your reaction!

“This is…”

Here it comes!

“… absolutely… THE BEST!”


I couldn’t help but tilt my head and open my eyes wide. Odin was smiling. She was happy. Did you hit your head or something? Don’t you realize you’re my property now?

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“I’m so happy! You really are absurd! To turn my Territory Sovereign against me… but this is the best outcome possible!”

Wha… !? Is she playing dumb? Is she crying? She’s acting like someone who found their lost dog after weeks. But, the circus didn’t end with just that. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her embrace.

“Hey, Milla, your maid calls you Milla-nee? Can I do it too? Yes, let’s be sisters. I never had family before. This feeling is good, kyaa!”

Let go, you moron! I’m not immortal. Your boobie face hug is too dangerous. My whole head was being sucked in between her valleys. I couldn’t see the light at all. Scary. Too scary. I’ll seriously die from lack of oxygen. It’s not a bad way to go but… what the f̲u̲c̲k̲ am I saying? I don’t wanna die a second time. Once was enough. Someone help me!

Back in Falkrum city, the lamia Cleo was facing a mountain of paperwork. Milla left her in charge while she was visiting Odin.

“Oof, this would be easier if Grace-senpai, was here.”

Ever since the Blood Ball, the beastmen submited all sorts of requests. Rumor spread fast how Milla defended the beastmen. Letters of thanks, requests for employment, even requests for autographs were sent. Also there were the papers for taxes and laws that still needed to be enforced. It really was a big bundle. But it was a task that her creator gave her. So she didn’t complain at all.

“Irina, you realize I can sense you, right?”

The spider girl, Irina was standing upside down on the ceiling.

“Ara ara! As expected of Cleo. I really can’t get past your reptile senses.”

“Irina, could you be more serious? And try not to leave your web everywhere. I’ve been getting complaints from the maids that you accidently wrap them in your threads.”

“Oh, it’s no accident. I’m doing it on purpose, hehe! They make such cute faces when all their mobility is restricted.”

As you probably could guess, Irina was into bondage. Like a true spider she loved to tie up her pray.

“So, what do you want from me?”

Irina crawled down from the ceiling and stood in front of Cleo with a serious expression.

“As you are currently in charge, I have something to report to you.”

“Go on.”

“A human ship has landed on our shores.”

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Cleo’s gaze turned stiff.

“Are you certain?”

“Ara ara! Cleo-chan, I spread my web all across our land and I placed it in such a manner that nobody will even notice it. Do you think I would mistake if someone trips and snaps one of my threads? Besides, I saw them as they were putting up their tents and establishing a camp.”

“For humans to dare walk on the same land as mistress, it’s unforgivable.”

“True. So what shall we do about them? Should we send someone to contact lady Milla?”

“Irina, how many are they?”

“I can’t say for sure how many, but it’s no less than 150 and no more than 300.”

“Such a small group. Our total military power is made out of 2000 soldiers which have been trained by Tengu himself and in Falkrum city alone we also have another 500 for public order and law enforcement. Their number isn’t a threat. We don’t need to bother lady Milla with something so small.”

“Then what shall we do about them?”

“Tell Tengu to gather the centaur squadron and have them move to the beach. They should arrive there in a day.”

“Just the centaurs? You know that squadron is only made of 50 units, right?”

“You really think more is needed? Cavalry will always win over infantry. If you also add the difference between a humans’ power and a centaurs’, then it’s no contest at all. And besides Tengu will go with them and they’ll also have weapons and armors forged by Lorina.”

After successfully creating the glass cups and bottles, Milla kept her word and made Lorina the royal blacksmith. She provided her with a bigger shop and forge. Needless to say Lorina was thrilled.

Cleo paused for a moment, licked her lips and then continued:

“No prisoners. No mercy. Kill them all!”

◇ ◇ ◇

“Hero Nakano, our men almost finished setting up the tents.”

“Very well, captain. Thank you for your hard work. Once all the tents are up establish a perimeter, and then let the men rest. It was a long journey.”

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Momoyo Nakano was leaning on a table while looking at a map of Xenovia. Her group finally arrived on the shores of the demon continent. The mission was straightforward. Gather as much intel about the enemy and return home. There was a small village near so they decided to start from there.

Momoyo was rather surprised. While the men were busy with the camp she went earlier alone in that village. She covered her face with a cloth and her hair with a hood. She saw the beastmen. But what shocked her the most, was that they were no different than humans. They had families, they worked the fields, they had jobs like the humans. The 2 races were very similar. If they live so peaceful, why did they need to attack the humans? Why don’t the 2 countries avoid each other and just maintain a neutral relationship? Something didn’t feel right.

But, in the end, she just wanted to finish this mission as soon as possible so she could return to Shiori. When they said their goodbyes, Momoyo became even more reluctant to go and leave her.

“It’s alright, Momo-chan. I’ll be fine. We all agreed to help, so we must do our best and go home together!”

Shiori was right. She had to do her best. As the class president she has to work harder than the rest. Right now, she wanted to focus on the task at hand so that all of them go home. Momoyo knew she had to play her part in this war.

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