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Chapter 13: The Reason Behind the War and 2nd Bath

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

I was currently taking a bath in Odin’s castle. Her bathtub was almost the size of a small swimming pool. After the situation calmed down, Odin kept her word and let me have a bath. Grace struggled a bit to pull me away from her embrace. It was quite scary.

“Is the water temperature to your liking, Milla-nee?”

“Yeah. It’s really pleasant!”

Odin insisted to bathe with me. Honestly, I racked my brain too much for this idiot. I thought she wanted to trick me, but in the end, it turned out that her mind is twisted. I ordered her not to lie to me. Even now it’s hard to believe my ears when she told me she just wants to be by my side.

This girl is Demon King of Wisdom. Even if she gathered all her knowledge from battles, she has a wide variety of information and spies. This could be a chance to get some answers.

“Hey, Odin. I have some questions. I want you to answer them, no matter how weird they might sound.”

“As you wish!”

“How did this war with the humans start? Why did the demons attack them?”

“That truly is a weird question. Maybe it’s because you are young. Milla-nee, we didn’t attack the humans. For a long time we were at peace. They are the ones that attacked us. We didn’t start the war. They did. We only responded to their aggression.”


Could this really be true? No. It has to be. Odin can’t lie to me. This is a shock. I recall the Demon God’s words: “everything those church bastards told you is a lie”. I wanted to hear the hole story.

“Odin, tell me everything you know about how this war started!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Empress Eclair Olympia was sitting alone in her room, crying and tightly gripping her pillow.

“Why is this happening?”

The Empress was a proud woman. She ascended to the throne through sheer hard work. She was in her mid 30’s. But she recalled her past glory. When she managed to unite humanity under a single banner, she was happy. After years, she could finally bring order. An everlasting peace. Crimes would be punished, nobody would go hungry. That was the bliss she desired to achieve.

But fate wasn’t so kind with her. The church of Holy Light made all her achievements meaningless. The church gained it’s fame fast. They started by healing various diseases that magic couldn’t heal. They called it the miracle of the Goddess. The people started to worship the church and it’s teachings. Then, one day the Pope had a vision. The Goddess told him to make his own military units. The holy knights. The Empress didn’t want to allow for units to be formed if she didn’t have control over them. She wanted to oppose, but couldn’t.

The people supported and trusted the church too much. If the Empress were to be against it, then the people might start at riot. She didn’t want to rule with tyranny. So in the end she allowed it. Little by little, she became trapped like a bird in a cage. The word of the Pope became heavier than her own. She who worked so hard,was reduced to a puppet ruler. She hoped that with the summoning of heroes, one of them would be pure and could help her. But her hopes were crushed, as the heroes sided with the church.

“All because of greed…”

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Greed was the reason the war started. Xenovia continent was filled with demons. But the population wasn’t as big as the humans. Resources and treasures. Xenovia was considered a gold mine. If the demons are killed, than all those ritches would belong to the church. If the church can get it’s hands on it, their rule would be absolute.

“Humans… are just as evil as the demons. No. At this point, they are worse than them. Why… why can’t they see this is wrong… ?

I don’t want to be part of this. Oh, God… if there truly is a God out there, please, help me break these shackles and punish the wicked priests. Save our land, before it’s too late!”

◇ ◇ ◇

I listened to Odin’s story. The Demon God was right. The church is rotten to the core. With all that said, I’m glad I could cut ties with them. Even from the start I didn’t want any part of this. I guess I’m grateful that I became a loli. My classmates were all morons. Why didn’t they stop to think about it? Summoning magic only works one way. I knew this when I summoned my servants. So unless there was someone back on Earth to resummon us… there is no going back home.

Fools. They rather listen to Ren and play hero than using their brains. Well that just makes things easier for me. I just need to kill Ren and burn that church to ashes. I will only be satisfied when they suffer the same way I did.

But for now I want to relax. I was working too hard lately. And now I have the chance to have some fun.

“Odin, listen closely. I order you not to move until I say you can!”

Her body stiffened. Unlike Grace who was just extremely loyal, in Odin’s case a compelling force was applied by the collar around her neck. Well, given that I broke all logic she knew, she probably will obey me even without it. But it’s more fun this way!

“Milla-nee what are you… mph!?”

I stole her lips before she could finish her sentence. Odin’s face started to become red, but I ignored her. I kept pushing and rolling my tongue in her mouth. It was as if I was exploring a cave. First I inspected her teeth and gums. Then I went and licked the inside of her cheeks. And finally I went for her tongue. Odin’s resistance started to fade and we both started rolling our tongues around. Eventually we separated for air, and a string of saliva was formed between our lips.

Odin was rather shacking and her face was deep red now. Did she actually get excited just from a kiss? Let’s see what other faces she can make, kuku!

“Milla-nee… that was… this feeling in my body… I…”

“It’s all right, Odin. Now that you belong to me, I will show you all sorts of stuff. I will properly train that s̲l̲u̲t̲-body of yours until you learn what true pleasure is. As long as you are mine, I will give you all the love you want! Right now you aren’t the Demon King of Wisdom. You are my empty headed s̲l̲u̲t̲.”

“What? But… that’s…”

“Tell me, what do you want right now?”

I could just force her, but that would be boring. I want her to say it. I want to engrave in her head and body that she’s my toy.

“I… want to feel good!”

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“Then, you know what you have to say, right?”


She looked down in the water. Probably her pride as a Demon King was holding her back. Do I really need to force her?

But then, she lifted her head, licked her lips and gulped loudly. And:

“I am nothing more than Milla-nee’s empty headed s̲l̲u̲t̲. Please, love me, my beloved sister!”

Wow. She was like a dog in heat. As soon as she said that she was breathing heavily and panting. But regardless, I made her say it. In all her years, Odin never experienced the pleasures of the flesh. She always relieved herself through battle. That’s why she got h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲ from just a kiss.

“Then, shall we continue in your bedroom?”

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