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Chapter 11: Demon King vs Demon King

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“[Geo Flare]!”

A huge fire ball formed in my palm and I sent it flying straight at Odin.

“Childs play.”

Odin clenched her fist and punched the human sized ball away as if it was no big deal.

“My turn. [Ice Nova]!”

I could only describe that attack as a f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ laser beam. It was strong. If that thing hit me I was sure to get frozen in an ice block. I placed my hand on the ground and chanted.

“[Volcanic Wall]!”

As it’s name implies, a wall of flames formed in front of me blocking the high speed laser. I struggled. Her attack almost penetrated my defense, but in the end my flames managed to contain it. This is the worst match-up. Our main elements are complete opposites. Well, I won’t throw the towel just yet. It’s not often I get the chance to go wild.

I revealed my wings and went for the sky. When Odin saw me, she also manifested a pair of dragon wings made of ice and followed me. I couldn’t tell if those wings were made with magic or if they were her actual wings. Let’s try getting physical. I lunged at her and started a sky fist fight.

Each time our fists clashed a shockwave was formed. I punched as hard as I could. As fast as I could. No! Not yet. This is nowhere near my limit. [Accel Boost], [Boiling Blood]. I activated 2 advanced tier spells. These were body enhancement spells. My movements became faster, my punches became stronger. Odin was taken back for a second because of the change. I managed to breach her defense. My fist lands in her stomach.


She coughed violently. This was my chance. I wrapped my fists in flames and took that chance.


The speed at which my fists were punching left small after-images. Waves of flames were flying with each punch. Her gut, her chest, her face, I hit all of them with my barrage. Odin was twiching like a punching bag. I put flames in my feet and strongly kicked her. She fell to the ground. A large crater was formed from the impact.

It wasn’t enough. I knew that I couldn’t win with just that. I needed another follow up.

“[Solar Lance]!”

I created a lance of flames above my head. It was as thick as my waist and longer than my height. I threw it down at Odin. It’s speed was tremendous. When it hit, it made a big explosion.

Was that enough? I should have damaged her quite a bit.

“Hmph… haha… ahahaha!”

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I could hear a laughter. When the smoke cleared I could see Odin standing without a scratch at all. But what was more scary was that behind her, an ice dragon head attached to a snake-ish type body was floating. It was similar to a chinese style dragon.

“I should praise you, Milla! You made me activate my Nidhogg! Let me give you a little advice. Magic won’t work on it. He devours it.”

So that’s why my lance had no effect. That feels like cheating though.

“What’s with that face? You should be proud. Normally this guy appears on his own to deal with any small fry that I can’t be bothered with. But he didn’t appear from the start. I had to call him. Milla, this means I acknowledge your strength!”

“Making a compliment in the middle of battle… You seem rather confident. If that thing eats magic that just means I have to…”

“Drawing a sword? Hahaha! You truly are scary. You came to a conclusion in an instant. Splendid! Come at me!”

I wish I had my own weapon. This sword is just something I randomly picked from Lorina’s shop. I took this cause it matched my tiny loli body. Let’s try this.

As soon as I charge the dragons’ head makes it’s way to me. I try slicing it but that ice is as hard as metal. I ended up jumping and gliding around to avoid it’s mouth. But, Odin, you shouldn’t have revealed the secret to me that easily.

After taking some distance I swung my sword again… and shattered it’s head. I spun around, twist and do the same thing with it’s snake body. I didn’t wanna risk his head growing back. For the first time during our fight, Odin was shocked.

“You… how did you do that?”

Yeah, right! You think I’m as dumb as you? I only sticked my tongue out in a childish manner. If that guy ate magic, that means I just don’t have to fire it. I imbued my sword with magical energy, but only kept it inside the sword. The force of my blow wasn’t enough to slice him, but like a giant hammer, the force was enough to shatter it.

I didn’t want to lose my momentum so I ran straight for Odin. This time, I covered my blade with flame. It was a true fire sword. But Odin didn’t move. She raised her hand and created an ice sword to meet me. When our swords clashed another huge shockwave was formed.


I could only see a flash of her blade, like a trail of light. I tried to move my body to meet her swing.

“A perfectly good counter!”

I use all my strength to react to her strike, but I was still blown away.

“Was that your limit just now?”

“I’m not done yet!”

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I don’t know why I kept fighting. I could surrender any moment I wanted… but I guess I was having too much fun.

“Come at me again and again if you want.”

I charged once more.

“Fumu. This speed is far superior.”

I was evolving. The more I fought Odin, the better I could control my power. Fighting her was different than fighting Grace. Grace always deflected my attacks, but Odin is meeting them head on. With her I could go a step further. I wanted to break any limits this body has. This body was dormant for 200 years. It’s the first time that I actually feel that it’s awakening.


I release my strike against Odin’s. I manage this time to ward off her blow.

“You’re actually a big deal, huh? Don’t stop now, Milla! Let me know you more and more. Show me what you’re made off!”

10 strikes

20 strikes

100 strikes

Gradually my swordsmanship reached it’s peek. If anyone were to witness our fight, they probably couldn’t follow all our swings.

When our blades crossed, the earth shaked and if the blow was deflected the snow was blown away from the force.

But eventually, Odin put more pressure into her swings and snapped my flaming sword. And she also sliced me in half.


The one who screamed was Odin herself.

“What have I done!? I put too much force! This… This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

But as Odin was about to burst in tears, both my half body parts were engulfed in flames. And from the flames I emerged in one piece. Phoenix Resurrection. As long as I still have mana I can’t die. I will be reborn on the spot and all my wounds will be healed. When she saw me, Odin felt relieved.

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“Milla, I am sorry. I really didn’t intend to go after your life!”

I wanted to shout at her. A Demon King isn’t allowed to kill another Demon King. If it were anyone else other than me, then that blow would have been it. Show some restraint you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲. But I’ll have my way with her soon, so I let it slide.

“If I were to die from just that, I couldn’t call myself a Demon King, now can I?”

“Magnificent! Then, shall we continue?”

“No. In the end I can’t match you. I was giving everything I had, but you still held back. You probably aren’t even using half your power.”

“That’s not true! Just now I squeezed 50.001% of my total power. You made me use more than half my strength. You are the only one who pushed me this far even since my last battle with Ornis!”

How the f̲u̲c̲k̲ did you come up with that number? Did you just make it up? And what’s with that sudden attitude change? You slice me in half and now act like everything is ok. Show some remorse at least!

“Regardless, I am no match for you. I surrender.”

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