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Chapter 108: Odin vs Ray Part 2

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“More… More… show me more of your strength! Why aren’t you enjoying this?”

“I found other ways to entertain myself. Not just through meaningless fights.”

“Meaningless you say? Let’s see how you feel about my sword!”

“That sword might be powerful, but you will never be able to use it like it’s original owner! DEEEYAA!”

The two clashed right in the middle of the dome. Odin didn’t show the slightest sign of impatience inside her heart. She brandished her spinning spear and swung it down diagonally. Ray barely managed to block it.


As though to thrust even more despair at Ray who changed his expression, Odin stabbed the right arm holding the Xyphos. Ray’s right arm was easily separated from his body.

Ray who was laughing like a maniac up till now was put in disorder. And then he was staring at his arm dancing in the air with disbelieving eyes.

Odin reversed the tip of the spear she swung up and swung it down at the defenseless left arm of Ray.


The right arm fell on the ground, followed by the left arm slightly later. It was a magnificent offense that almost made one believe that Gungnir was a sword instead of a spear. Everything happened in only the blink of an eye.


Ray raised a never before heard scream.

Surely Ray hadn’t been injured this deeply for a long while. It looked his mind couldn’t catch up with dealing against the unexpected damage.

Now is the time if I’m going to deal him the finishing blow.

Odin pointed the tip of her spear at Ray’s chest.


But just when she was about to pierce his chest, Odin’s instinct told her of the danger.


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Along with Ray’s shriek, 7 floating jewels suddenly appeared behind him and fired several streaks of light. The lines of light split further at midair, bent, becoming several hundred streaks of light that rained down straight on Odin.

“[Ice Shell]!”

Odin quickly wrapped herself in an ice shell similar to a turtle shell. All the beams collided with her defence.


The shell that was protecting Odin’s’s body was smashed. The destructive power passed through Odin’s’s body but thankfully she managed to mitigate the damage. It wasn’t lethal.


An impact that felt like it was making her internal organs into pulp attacked Odin.

“Fufufu, you actually made me use this ability! Marvelous! This is my most prized plundered ability!”

“So you still have that kind of trump card left……”

“Yes, the Falling Stars──An ability taken from a monster. The Flying Serpent. The Flying Serpent is a rare monster, surrounded by 7 jewels like this. I encountered such a monster and took its power. These jewels automatically discover the enemy and shoot them down. It will sweep away all the enemies. You never had any chance of winning!”

I was able to barely defend against those lasers. Who would have thought that after losing his arms he can still act like that…

“Hou!? You can still stand?”

Onee-chan… I’m going to use what we developed together. From here on… there’s no turning back!

“[Full Burst]!”

As soon as Odin said that a ridiculous amount of magic power was released. The ground inside the dome froze completely. Even the air itself felt like it could freeze.

“No matter what you try, you won’t escape my lights! Perish!”

Once again lights fired from the 7 jewels and split into many streaks, all headed towards Odin.


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Alongside her battle cry, the speed that Gungnir was spinning increased drastically to the point that the cold air generated a tornado around Odin. When the lasers wanted to pierce through it would have appeared that light itself froze in midair. But more and more beams kept coming towards her. Even with her new defense she couldn’t absorb all the impact.

She was still being hit. It was an intense pain as though her nerves were directly caressed. She gritted her teeth against that pain and endured it with all her will.

Don’t falter. This pain means nothing compared to the thought of making onee-chan sad if I fall here!

Odin put strength into the tips of her toes and pushed back the pressure of light with her spear. And then she advanced for a step, then one more step. Step after step.

If she collapsed, she would betray Milla who believed in her. They trained together for just such occasions. To never make the other sad.

“This can’t be…”

“You’re nothing more than a cheap copy. You take others’ powers, but you don’t take their skills. The original owners would use those abilities in a far superior manner. You never took the time to master any of those abilities, and that will be your downfall!”

“Why… why won’t you fall?”


Odin managed to push through and circle behind Ray. She slashed downwards unleashing a torrent of ice, completely freezing the 7 crystals and Ray’s legs.

“No way… I can’t… be defeated…”

“With this──”

Odin took a stance and the Gungnir was shining brightly emitting red sparks.

“It’s over!! [Gungnir]!

She threw her spear at a tremendous speed, and it completely pierced Ray’s body. Moreover, it caused an explosion on the level of a nuclear blast. The dome managed to withstand the impact. But after the explosion, the dome shrank. And it covered Ray’s body completely, taking his soul in the process.

As for Odin, she was heavily wobbling and panting. Fenrir hurried to support his master.


“It’s okay boy. I’m alright. I’m just tired. Full Burst is a technique that releases all my power at once, allowing me to achieve great freezing power and enhancing Gungnir’s strike. However, onee-chan’s flames are still too hot for me. Out of our 50 sparing matches, I lost 49. The one time I actually won was when onee-chan was during her period and was feeling… weird. But honestly, these guys are no joke. If after a fight like this… this is how you end up when you win… I can’t imagine what it means to lose.”

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“You’re right boy. I won and that’s all that matters. I’m just going to need some rest now. Let’s hope Milla also found what she was looking for and will return to us soon. She’s been down there for quite some time, but if there’s one thing I know, no matter what challenge awaits her, there’s nothing Milla can’t do!”

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