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Chapter 110: The Nightmare Kings’ Power

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Master, why did you force teleport me back? Lady Odin was weakened from her fight with Ray. I could have captured her soul.”

“I couldn’t take that risk. My warrior in the Spirit Pit was defeated. That shouldn’t have been possible. I don’t know what that did, but I felt a very powerful force in there. So the destroyer asked me to change the strategy.”

Kyron got close to Glenn, and then he pierced his chest with his palm.

“Guaaah!!! Master… what…”

“No hard feelings, Glenn. You have been a faithful servant, but the destroyer requires one more powerful soul for the next phase. And your soul is the safest bet. Ki”

The light of the Oroboros started to envelope Glenn, leaving him lifeless. Then, Kyron once again faced the altar.

“Oh, great destroyer, I have completed your request. Now, unleash your might!”

A violent purple tornado emerged from the altar and engulfed Kyron.


Kyron let out a painful scream when he was struck by the tornado, followed shortly by a maniac laugh.

“Ha… Hahhahaha!!!”

Ugh… what just happened? How… long did I space out for?

“Oh good! It seems you’re back.”

“What the hell did you just do to me?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Seriously!? Not this again!”

“Oh my. I guess it happened again.”

I really don’t want to imagine ever becoming like this airhead. I don’t wanna become a Dory.

“You just said all sort of gibberish words. I didn’t understand a thing!”

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“Oh yeah! Good. That means you learned it.”

“I’m just about at the limit of my patience here.”

In that moment when I got angry, small pitch black lightning sparks were emitted from my hands.


“Do you get it now? You learned it. Let me explain. The Nightmare Kings’ power is different. Most magic puts pressure on the body. But, for this magic, the pressure is put on the brain. You become the Nightmare Kings’ vessel. You summon him in your body to be able to use his power. Why do you think I suffer from short term memory loss? It’s from the strain. However, there is a small workaround.

Clear Mind. It’s something only someone with our photographic memory can do. You basically take a picture of the information, and lock it into a portion of the brain you don’t have access to. But it’s still there. Subconsciously you can access the knowledge, but since you aren’t directly thinking of the spell, the Nightmare King won’t take control of your body. It’s the art of knowing without knowing. This way, the pressure put on the brain is somewhat manageable.

That’s what I did to you. Everything I said… I was force feeding your brain the knowledge needed to call upon the Nightmare Kings’ power. It has no element, but at the same time it isn’t non-elemental either.”

Okay… I think I get what she means. It has a weird sense though. I don’t know how, but I feel I can use this power.

“I still can’t believe you’re me though. How can you even time travel? Won’t the Gods interfere?”

“Don’t worry. Although it is a form of time travel it was done with summoning magic. Besides, the spirits know the Gods won’t mess with me. I surpassed all of them years ago. To make it easier to understand, they’re afraid of me. But it’s their fault I had to scare them. After all, in they future they don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“I can’t tell you. I almost let out a spoiler. I told you, there’s a limit on what I can reveal. I really don’t need the Almighty One on my head now.”

“Won’t I get stronger than him?”

“I lost to him at arm wrestling when we made a friendly bet. Take that as you will. And I thought I told you not to ask many questions.”

“What’s with that crazy dragon sword? Is that made by Lorina? What’s up with the dragon head? I thought mom was the last dragon.”

“Fufu. You’re me after all. I guess putting a lid on your mouth won’t work. True. It was forged by Lorina. I can’t tell you it’s name or origin though. But I can tell you, that the dragon species has been saved and a few have resurfaced in the future. After all, I rule them all. And this sword is the most powerful weapon in existence.”

I looked once again at the other me. It does look like she can do all sorts of insane stuff. There was so much more I wanted to ask, but I noticed her body starting to become ghostly.

“Darn it. It seems the spirits can’t keep me here much longer.”

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“Wait! Do you know by chance where this Kyron guy is hiding? If so, please tell me! I’m tired of his attacks. I want to take the battle to him!”

“Yeah. I know where he is. I saw the place when I crushed that things’ soul.”

She touched my forehead with her index finger and with memory link she transferred the coordinates to me. Seems this guy is located on a crescent moon island between the demon continent and the mainland.

“One last warning. ‘That’ one spell. Only use it if there is no other choice. It’s the only spell that requires a chant, but if you lose control of it, the world will be engulfed in eternal darkness. Try to beat your enemy as fast as possible to avoid using the Nightmare Kings’ power for prolonged durations. And also… enjoy these days Milla. This time period… will truly be the most beautiful period of your life.”

“What are you…”

But before I got the chance to finish my sentence she vanished in light particles. What did she mean by that? This time will be the most beautiful? I was grateful for her teaching me this power, although I’m a bit confused about how to use it. But I guess in a fight I can make it trigger. Given her warning, this isn’t something I should practice with either.

The castle also started to disappear. I was surrounded by fog again. Thankfully the spirits showed me the way out. At least now I know where this Kyron dude is. I can take the fight to him.

Once I got back up I immediately wanted to tell Odin about what happened, but I found her in a wounded state. I quickly gave her a bottle of Phoenix Tears. I’m glad I still have a stock of these.

“Onee-chan… you have a different aura around you. It’s more sinister than usual…”

“Yeah. I still need practice with this. But this power… I need it right now. Odin, let’s head back for now. I want to have another meeting with everyone. I know where to find the culprit behind this. I’m done with all these attacks. I won’t be his prey any longer. This time, we will be the ones doing the attacking!”

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