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Chapter 111: Back to the Future

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub


A beautiful woman with distinctive tanned skin and short blonde hair covering one of her pink eyes was engaged in battle. Like many women, she possesses a mature, voluptuous figure, accented by large breasts. She is very muscular yet still beautiful and has no unnecessary fat, so her body is firm and tight.

She is wearing a white metal uniform revealing most of her body, consisting of a short skirt and long boots that put an emphasis on her muscular legs, finger-less gloves that extend to her forearms, and a small cheast piece similar to a sleeveless blazer that has its hem cut off at the center of her bust, exposing the bottom half of her large breasts and her midriff. She was wielding a large dual sided white axe with golden blades.

“[Rock Avalanche]!”

Giant rocks flew with the speed of bullets, but her enemy felt unfazed. It was almost like the rocks passed through him like a ghost. An enemy that had no armour. Just a glowing entity. The magic emitted from him is anything but ordinary.

“You have impressive power for a mortal, but against me it’s useless.”

“Who are you?”

“Me? I am the heavenly divine law enforcer God Hestellion. I have no quarrel with you or your people. But they did get in my way. My goal is simple. Milla Walpurgis.”

“That’s weird. From what I know Her Majesty has come to friendly terms with the Gods.”

“Friendly terms? Preposterous! She is such an absurd being, yet the Gods indulge her. That is most likely due to fear, not out of respect. But I, a member of the law enforcers, have been granted the power of several Gods. Now, I would appreciate it if you call her here.”

“I refuse!”

“Such a choice doesn’t exist.”

Hestellion slowly started to walk towards the woman, slowly. But, an ominous flame was suddenly directed towards him.

“Hmm? You guys still don’t get it? I am magic itself. I order you, extinguish yourself!”

He attempts ordering the magic, but the flames didn’t disappear and hit him fully.

“Aaargh! To inflict damage on me… how…?”

“Sorry. But my magic is like me. It doesn’t like taking orders from anyone.”

“Your Majesty!”

The female warrior quickly took a knee and bowed her head.

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“Raise your head Aldea. You did well. I’m proud of you, but I’m in a good mood right now, so I’ll take it from here.”

This woman is my current military commander. A girl Odin and Persia both picked up and raised together. And each day I can’t help but say how great of a job they did, raising such a fine woman. At first, it was tricky to make her comfortable with me, but after a night in bed with me, her loyalty was increased 1000%.

“So, you are the so called Dragon Empress. You will pay for all your sins!”

“Why can’t you understand that I have a friendly relationship with the Gods? How many times do I have to teach you guys this lesson?”

“Hah! Even now I sense that you broke the natural order. You were engaged in time travel! Such acts can not be left unpunished!”

True. I just came back from that trip down memory lane. I guess I should thank the spirits for teleporting me right here. Aldea would have had a hard time against him. But these guys are so annoying to deal with. I have more pressing matters. But, what can I say.

“You shall not run amok anymore. You…”

Before he could finish his sentence I pierce his chest with my sword.

“Haha. Fool. You can’t kill a God with… GUuaaAahhh!!!”

His magic power was starting to fade and his body was starting to break apart.

“No… I can’t be defeated… so easy… What… all magic is my ally… why… why…”

“This sword is called Katalina. It’s the strongest weapon ever made. It can even shatter the souls and Origins of Gods. You see? I don’t need magic to deal with small fry like you!”

“Curse you!! Curse YOU!!!”

He then finally dissolved into particles of light. I then stroke my sword and whisper to it “thank you, mom”. Yeah. You heard it right. This sword is actually my dragon mom, Katalina Leviathan. When mom died she told me a sacred ritual. Her skin turned from gold to red and she made me eat her heart. By doing that I became a full blooded dragon and that’s also the reason my body grew into an adult.

However, mom still didn’t want to abandon me. So with Lorina’s help we forged this sword. Her spirit is still in here, watching over and protecting me. She’s always with me.

“Your Majesty… I’m sorry for putting you up with that trouble. I couldn’t stop him.”

“Aldea, it’s okay. That’s an exception so don’t worry. Once Himeko will inherit my throne, trouble like that won’t appear. You will probably be the strongest mortal after that.”

“Won’t you get in trouble for killing a God?”

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“Nah. I’ll just settle a few things with Lucy-chan the next time she comes over for our girls night.”

“Umm… with all due respect, are you sure it’s okay to call Lady Lucifer with that nickname?”

“Sure it is. Lucy-chan is quite cute when you get to know her.”

A specific scenario that happened roughly 5 years ago has led me to hell. Literally. However all the devils and the guardians in hell couldn’t stop me. And contrary to popular belief, in this world at least, Lucifer isn’t a male. She is a female. And she isn’t a bad girl. Hell is a prison and a torture chamber for all the bad guys. Lucy-chan… you can think of her as the jail warden. Her role is to make sure nobody escapes and that they are properly serving their sentence.

And, surprisingly, she was kinda lonely. Most people fear even the sound of her name. Once she met me, we quickly became friends, and occasionally she takes some time off and comes to visit me.

“Anyway, Aldea, let’s head back to the castle. I was in the middle of a war council when I was forcefully summoned on a small trip. They’re probably still waiting for me.”

“Won’t they be mad?”

“Probably. But there’s nothing they can do about it anyway. I could destroy them all in the blink of an eye, so they know not to screw with me. Now… umm… do you remember the way to the castle?”

“Your condition again? Not to worry. I will gladly lead the way.”

I’m happy to have such understanding subordinates. I don’t want to admit it, but my memory loss can be really annoying at times. Whelp, regardless, let’s see what those idiots decided in the meeting.

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