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Dragon Princess Chapter 13

Aww… this chapter is so heartwarming. My rating for this novel definitely raised with this chapter. I would have been disappointed otherwise if the author took the opposite route.

Just a kind reminder, if you wish to support Project Gender Bender but do not have the capital to donate towards our cause, you can also show your support by disabling your Adblocker while reading on Re:Library. Every little bit adds up and builds a mountain 😉

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Dragon Princess Chapter 12

As Phase 2 of Project Gender Bender, I’m actually thinking of inviting other like-minded translators who do Gender Bender series like me to host on Re:Library. Thus expanding our selection of Gender Bender webnovel and bringing us one step closer to the Gender Bender Haven we all desired.

One of the translators I’m thinking of inviting is Estelion Mamoritai who does Wiseman, Game Addict, and Afternoon Nap, but I seem to recall Estelion Mamoritai being a machine translator with bad English skills, that’s half of the reason why I stopped reading Afternoon Nap and refrained myself from reading Game Addict.

If I am to invite Estelion Mamoritai, I believe there is a need to hire dedicated translation checker and editor to manage his work before we can publish them on Re:Library. That seems like a lot of work and investment in itself, considering how many unedited chapters had Estelion Mamoritai already published. 😬

What do you think, should I make the call to invite Estelion Mamoritai or nay?

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Dragon Princess Chapter 6

Work has been getting busy and I often find myself getting back home at around 7pm in the evening these days. Adding on to that, the workload on Re:Library is also increasing ever since putting my plans into action. The only relief I got from all these is that Dragon Princess has short chapters for now, so I am still somehow managing despite the busy schedules.

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